1st Af

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Kishia - June 11

Was anyones first af very very light after their miscarriage?


Carrie - June 11

Yes, mine was basically a spotting at 5 1/2 weeks and then again at 8 weeks.


Kishia - June 12



LC - June 14

I got mine on the 11th for the first time after my mc on 5/6. The first day was pretty heavy and then following days have been fairly light. I am pretty surpirsed as i thought it would be heavy for several days.


Kishia - June 14

I was surprised as well I thougt it would be heavy and it was very very light nothing like my norm.


HeatherR - June 14

I read that as long as it has been 21 days after m/c, then it should be fine that it was light. Its when you bleed before 21 days that you should a__sume its still part of your m/c.


Uju - June 14

Hi, i'm new here, but in order to answer the above question or contribute, I need help in figuring out my exact date of m/c. Everyone writing seems to be pretty sure about their dates etc. Okay, Would it be the first day of bright red bleeding or when the initial spotting started leading up to the m/c, or would it be the day the entire bleeding stopped??? Right now I have some bleeding very much like af but am unable to say if its early, normal or late. Anybody???


LC - June 14

I know the exact date of mine because I had a D&C on that day. I think you start from the day you started spotting and that is the date.....but not 100% sure on that answer.


Uju - June 14

Thanks, LC. I m/c'd naturally. The initial spotting was May 12 which then progressed to mod to heavy bleeding on the 16th and finally stopped on the 25th. I started bleeding again on June 12 just like af, slightly lighter than normal . Will be seeing doc tomorrow cos he asked me to come in. Baby dust to all.....


alex - June 16

I had a m/c on 20 May and started to feel af cramps yesterday. I started to bleed today 16 June - 27 days after m/c but the bleeding is very light. Is this normal and can it be cla__sed as an af. Eager to start ttc.


Samantha - June 29

I hate to feel really dumb, but what does af stand for? Thanks


ama - June 29

af is aunt flo (your period:), don't worry, there are alot of abbreviations used. Uju - I also m/c naturally. It took 13 days. I began spotting lightly on May 26th, went to DR had u/s on 5/31 (low HR), & then heavy bleeding by 6/2 (went to ER had u/s, no HR, but I was still carrying baby even though I did not "feel" pregnant anymore), and then began continuous heavy bleeding with severe cramps from 6/5-6/7, went to DR on 6/8 had u/s, and they found nothing. I say exact date was June 7 b/c after that day everthing started to subside...less bleeding and no cramps. I was 7wks with first child. I've been trying for 2yrs.



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