1st Cycle After Miscarriage

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Stephanie B. - April 4

I was just wondering how everyones cycle has been after there miscarriage/[email protected] I got mine yesterday, exactly one month since my [email protected] and it has been horrible cramping, clots, and more bleeding than a normal period. I was just wondering if this is normal or how everyones else has been.


Kara - April 5

Mine was very similar. It came 32 days after m/c & d/c. It lasted longer than usual too. I just had my second period 18 days after the first. Still a little heavier than usual but was over after only three days. I'm hoping they will go back to normal next month.


alli - April 5

Hi, got mine 7 weeks after natural m/c. It was very heavy and crampy the first day and 1/2 and overall lasted one day longer then the usual.


Jess - April 5

I have my 1st one now, it is heavier and I too had cramps the 1st day and a half. I was excited to get it though because I means one step closer to trying again.


Stephanie B - April 6

This will be my third day and my cramps are still bad on and off. I guess i have a follow up Thursday and I will tell them just to make sure everything is ok. Jess your right I was glad to get mine it is one step closer to trying again.


claudia - April 6

mine was not similar ... i got my m/c last march 5 and i got my period yesterd "if it is my period". it was brown then red.. and very light


Tia - April 28

This is my 1st after my natural m/c. Sometimes my cramps are so intense that I can't talk, sit, or breathe.


chris - May 10

I have not had a normal cycle since my miscarriage and d/c on Jan. 21. There has only been a slight pink noticed off and on since then. So the others are correct in saying at least a period is one step closer to being able to try again. I just finished taking Provera to induce bleeding, but nothing yet. Has this happened to anyone?


Laura - May 11

I had a d&c on April 8 and had no bleeding until april 18th. On May 8th (sunday)It seemed as if I was getting a regular af (seemed normal 1st day af) however by Monday it was over. Now I am having some brown discharge.


kaly - May 15

My cycle is anything but normal since the m/c on March 9. I have now been menstrual for nearly 4 weeks (if not more). It comes in spurts. It spots for a few days, then its heavy bleeding for a few days. The first cycle was normal but this last one is never ending...is this expected after an m/c?


Chloe - May 15

I had a D&C after Blighted Ovum on April 12th ... still no period yet?? I experienced very very light spotting - nothing that needed a panty liner though. I wonder when to expect my first period after D&C ... can anyone help?



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