1st M C Questions

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Bella - August 4

Wow... this site is amazing. All of you seem so supportive and really educated on all of this stuff. I just experienced my first and hopefully only m/c last week. It seems mine was so different compared to a lot I've read. My last af was 6/24 and my last hCG that was drawn matched up to the # of weeks I was supposed to be. I found out I was pregnant when I was only about 3 weeks. Well last Wednesday, I had brown colored spotting when I would wipe (sorry TMI) and then the spotting progressed along with cramps which at the time I thought was just "gas pains." Anyways, I went to the dr on Friday and had an u/s which showed nothing but a thickened uterine lining and my hCG level was back down to 160. On Saturday, I had some pretty bad cramps, nothing too major and my bleeding was just like a heavy period. I felt some pressure and passed some tissue that was clotty/mucousy and then that was it. So I only really bled for one day. I feel totally back to normal as far as not "feeling pregnant" anymore. I'm really anxious to start my next period b/c we want to get pregnant again asap. My dr's explanation was that the cells probably stopped developing really early on which is why I didn't have a whole lot to pass. Does this seem right? I just want to make sure everything is gone and out so I can start over again. I haven't gone back to work yet and being that I am a RN in the nursery it will be hard for me to go back to all those beautiful babies knowing mine isn't there anymore. As unfortunate as it is to be here for all of us, I hope to get to know some of you =)


Kim - August 4

Hi Bella, Monday- I had my 1st m/c too =(...I was suppose to be 11 wks but the baby measured only 8. I pa__sed hopefully everything also- my Dr. is going to check my hCG's weekly until it is in the neg. # and then she said to wait 2-3 normal cycles to try again. I am a teacher and have been out all week also because I cant see all those lil' faces yet... Good Luck trying again- its so hard- but our bodies do take care of themselves if something isnt o.k...keep praying =)


Bella - August 4

Awww ((((Kim)))) I'm sorry for your loss. Fortunately I was not very far along but it must be awful to have been what you thought was almost 3 months. I work in the nursery and post partum at the hospital and I see people who have had m/c in the past but never realized what an impact it must have had in their lives. We just have to think that everything happens for a reason and things just weren't meant to be at this time. Keep your head up.


Alison - August 5

HI Bella I posted on your confused question. Again I am so sorry for your loss. It must be very difficult for you at your work - take the time you need to prepare yourself for going back. I find it hard going to our church which is filled with new babies & pregnant women just now! and a few of my work colleagues recently had babies too and take them in to visit. I really struggle with anything related to pregnancy and pregnant women just now! In approx a months time my sister in law will have her first baby so I know that will be really hard. Take things one day at a time, be kind to yourself. I wish you good health and a healthy happy pregnancy next time. Take care xxx



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