1st O After MC Amp DNC LH Test S Want Pg NOW Plz Help

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sososleepy - February 10

When did you first ovulate after Mc or DNC or MC followed by DNC? How did you know? I had mc on 28 Jan, DNC (still beleeding oceans) on 29 Jan; counting 28 Jan as cd1, hoping to ovulate between several days ago (today is cd 14 if mc was cd1) and who knows when but want to get pg NOW NOW NOW before af visits. I'm charting bbt; no spike yet. I'm even checking saliva for ferning (happen to own microscope) starting yesterday afternoon when it was some fern, some not, last night & today over half fern, but no clue since I never checked bbt or fern before this loss. I'm usually (sorry if tmi) too dry, but got that damp feeling (standard 4 me several days before O, usually followed by day by day increases to good CM but it's so very brief! only 3 to 5 days from damp to CM to using KY again) on cd11 so demanded bd from dh (dear husband, right? Or, while you're laughing, tell me what that means plz) (who was listening to doc's 2 week advice). Today, cd14, I bought (my first) LH test kit (ovulation test kit) (so I'm obsessed; it's better than crying!) and got a line, clearly a line, but lighter than the test line. Does that mean I missed the LH spike, the spike is coming, or that I still have hGC that's messing it up? OH, gonna go take the last pg test now before I post to see if it's the hGC, brb...nope, Big Nothing on the hGC test so preg. hormone below 20 or 25 ish. How can I tell when I O? (No, never sure I felt it b4, and 38.. you think I'd know lol) How long will it take (I've seen ppl here pg again so fast, and so slow, and still waiting), how long for you and did you know when you O'd? All info greatly, deeply appreciated.


sososleepy - February 10

finally found answers to most of my LH questions here if anyone else needs them too: standard beginning .pinelandpress.com/faq/opk.html


lindsie - February 11

Well, I finally O'd, based on my temps. This will be the first time since my mc on Jan. 5. So, I guess that makes it about 5 weeks from the first day of my mc. But, I've always been really irregular when it comes to my cycles. I was hoping I would O a lot sooner. Sososleepy, is your cycle pretty regular? I hope you O very soon. When I started to notice my CM getting wetter we starting really trying. I never get the egg white, which may be why I have such a hard time getting pregnant, but hopefully it was enough to get me pg again. I know what you mean about being obsessed. The waiting in these last 5 weeks has been the worst part. I'm constantly checking my charts to see if I missed something, checking my CM and counting the cycle days since the mc, praying that I'll ovulate soon. So now I have to wait another two weeks to see what happens. I'm telling myself not to be disappointed if af comes. In some ways I'm scared to get pg again so soon. I've seen mixed reviews where some women get pg right away and mc again, and some go on to have healthy babies. Hopefully, I will be in the second group. Hope everything goes well for you.


stefkay - February 11

hi sososleepy, I posted about my o deal on duckie's thread. My hands are too tired too type it all again :-) I just temp and check cm and it has seemed pretty accurate for most. I will probably use opk's next time we "try", but you have to get a solid second liine (not faint) A faint one could mean it happened or that it is coming. That's why they say to test every day for like a week (some test 2 times a day)....doesn't help much does it??? Sorry! Are you bd'ing a lot? I swear that's how I got my pg in November. We had s_x like every day for a week and a half. That pretty much covers all bases. I know it is harder to tell o time though after a m/c.


sososleepy - February 13

nks Lindsie. I've been reading all the threads, and re reading them, but for specific questions I try to make a new one so it's more to the point as some of them cover EVERYTHING, which I also like, but makes the answer harder to find. My cycles were mostly regular; varied by 2 to 6 days when I bothered to pay attention (probably stress &/or physical work related). I only tried watching the CM the month we got pregnant - gee; that worked - after we'd tried for nearly a year and weren't, but haven't had any cm since mc. I'm mostly in the use KY category :( . I really hope you get pg and it's perfect for you! Stefkay, you bet; bd 5 days straight (a few before doc gave ok, oops, but I have ok from him to ttc as of yesterday). My dh is starting to hide from me and work late (he's 12 years years older than I am, I'm 38, and I think he's exhausted from too much bd.. I have been a bit (ok ok, a lot) demanding recently, and he does not like to "have to" gurrr [any other man would be in heaven?] but I love him dearly! I've been taking temps; nothing. I finally bought LH tests; have used 4 now, each one a bit darker than the others, none positive. If you stare at them for a really long time they don't change (was there a slight burning p smell from my intense focused gaze?) If you keep staring after 15 or so minutes they still don't change. I took the tests apart, cut out the line part, and taped them to an index card in order. The lines seem to be getting a tiny bit darker with each day... I know, they aren't positive. I keep staring at them anyway.... I'm hoping hoping hoping it's coming (glutton for punnishment? that brings on all the other hopes and fears) When I figure it out I'll post the answers... Thanks very much for answering.


sososleepy - February 13

OOps, that was thanks at the beginning.. what happened there?


DownbutnotOUT - February 13

ladies I had a missed m/c in may and a chemical pregnancy in June because I got pregnant right away when i should have waited. I understand the overwhelming urge to have a baby but you should really wait at least one cycle. i have heard of women getting pregnant right after a m/c and everything is fine but i remember one lady who had a m/c around 12 weeks i believe and she got preggers right after and lost that baby at 16 or 19 weeks I cant remember. I wish all the best in the world for you ladies and I just pray things work out for the best. sososleepy i just want to add i was 26 and same with dh and we bd'd so much in september ttc he was so exhausted by 6 dpo he begged me not to have s_x for at least a week to gain back his strength, lol and it was only every 2nd day till around o time.


stefkay - February 14

sososleepy, just some quick thoughts...i'm so tired that I can't even focus or concentrate, lol, but how do you check your cm? I used to check by wiping...if it was on the tp then I put it on my chart. I started wondering why I didn't have much. Well, I was told to check up inside by using 2 fingers. Get as close to the cervix as possible. This time I did it and found egg white cm, tons of it. I guess mine just doesn't come out much. ALSO, big one here, I've read in many many places that lubricants like KY can actually make a hostile environment for the sperm. Don't don't don't use those lubricants, even if they are not spermicides, that could be why it took a while to get pg. I hear something called "preseed" works well (look it up online). Basically it is probably best to use nothing or try taking Robitussin as it supposedly increases the cm your body produces. You can probably find info online as to how it should be taken...usually a couple of teaspoons a day up to ovulation. Not sure on that, someone here may know. Like Down said, it may be better to just wait this cycle out and jump back in after one AF? I'm definitely not wanting to get pg before AF comes, but we weren't as cautious as we thought we were being (duh, maybe protection would have been a good idea...lol), but I'm highly doubting I'll end up pregnant. I can see though how one can possibly be more fertile though because I have had ewcm now for like 5 days or something and I never did before...hmmm, ok sorry so long I better go to bed :-) Good luck!!!!


stefkay - February 14

I meant to say that I can see how one could be more fertile after a miscarriage...


lindsie - February 15

We used Preseed the month we got pregnant. After nearly a year and a half of trying, the first month we used the Preseed, we conceived. I'm not sure if that was a coincidence or not, but we're going to use it again in the cycles to come.


sososleepy - February 16

Down, thanks. I'm glad to know other dh's are begging to stop as well. I appreciate the advice, and understand (clearly understand) the warning, but think if my body's ready enough to implant I'm ready enough to try. I NEED to try. Of course, that's IF I can coax any more swimmers out of dh; he seems to be cooperating (ie we bd), but it isn't very productive some days (ie we don't get to swimmers, just get tired after a long time). TMI, sorry, but researching that too now if anyone has input... Back to topic, the opk's went from faint on 10th, progresively darker 11-13 but still negative, to the bottom half of the line was darker but the top half of the line wasn't on the 14th... so I went out and bought 2 other brands. Same results on one, the other seemed negative. ALL of them are darker on the bottom of the line and fade to the top - so what does a positive look like for real?ARRRRRGGGGH!!!! I coaxed swimmers out of him the am of the 15th just in case. CM's been 'mostly not there' but it usually isn't... that twinge on could have been ovulation... or gas... or lifting stuff... and my temp went up a bit this am so tomorrow the temp should give me a yes or no on if that was the big O. The opk was lighter yesterday (15th) and looks about the same today. I found great pix on pee on a stick (all 1 word) dot com of the opk results, and think perhaps mine might have been positive on the 14th even with the half line issue, but just can't be sure. Stefkay, I check with my finger, but ordered a speculum that isn't here yet (gurrr) so I can LOOK because I just don't have enough most of the time to have something to check. 3 weeks ago I'd have laughed, turned red, or been a tad angry if someone suggested I'd buy one LOL, and look at me now - oh my what this does to us.... I can't wait to SEE because cervix position, size, color ect. are all informative as well. Yes, I read the KY part, I am considering ordering Pre-Seed (the local health food store didn't carry it; I did check.) but want pg NOW before it would arrive (so I'll order it if af comes) Lindsie, the ingredient in the cough syrup to increase CM is guaifenesin; I all ready bought it (and just took a spoonfull, thanks for reminder). So I've opened up the opk's, cut out the lines, taped them onto an index card, and I keep going over those and the bbt chart and my ovulation notes from researching... I think I've read it all now, and the bottom line is still I DON'T KNOW. Thanks for listening!


sososleepy - February 16

OOps, typed that backwards, that was Lindsie, thanks for the preseed idea, and Stef thanks for the expectorant idea. I'm REALLY preoccupied these days.


lindsie - February 16

Oh, I forgot, I also used Mucinex the month we conceived. Its the same thing as Robitussin, but in a pill form. I took one pill a day starting cycle day 10 up until I ovulated. Again, I'm not sure if it was coincidence we conceived that month or something to do with the Preseed and/or Mucinex. Of course, we lost that pregnancy which also makes me wonder if it could have been the Mucinex or just a sad twist of fate??


stefkay - February 17

sososleepy, do you just keep track of your own temps, etc. or do you use something like fertility friend (online)? I use ff and it helps so much because they pretty much calculate everything for you. It is free for the basic part, but they even have a pregnancy tracker thing if you pay. You can enter temps, cm, opk info and a million other things and the software just does it all for you. Sorry, you may have posted already that you use it and I just missed it. Well, for me my temps are up still and I'm thinking I'm about 7 days past ovulation. I just want to get AF and move on to next month. Since this is supposed to be an "off" month I went ahead and got some things done that I couldn't do earlier, like go to the dentist, dermatologist (still have icky residual acne from pregnancy). Well, I do hope I'm not pregnant because get this, in just the past 2 weeks I had 1) a full set of xrays taken on my teeth--like 16 of them! 2) put on this topical medication for minor breakouts, but read it is an FDA pregnancy category C (might cause birth defects) AND 3) had horrible eye pain yesterday, went to eye dr. and found out my cornea is scratched!!! He gave me drops I have to use to keep out infection till I see him again today. It is also an FDA pregnancy category C and says it has caused birth defects in animal studies. On top of it all I've been eating like c___p and drinking tons of caffeine. It's like as soon as I wasn't pg anymore my taste for water just disappeared. LOL , well, I'm ready for this cycle to be done. I feel like I've literally spent 4 months worrying and it's really draining...


sososleepy - February 17

Hey Stefkay, I am using a normal digital thermoeter now, but dh bought me a digital bbt for valentines so if af visits :( I'll switch to that one then. I was expecting my temp to go up this am, but it dropped, so no O yet. I so envy those gals who know when they O! I guess either those weren't + on the opk's or my hormones are still screwy from the mc. It's now cd21 (21 days past mc) and I'm wondering if I'll O at all before af? I might use something like the fertility friend later if we don't get pg, but keeping track of all of it gives me something to think (obsess) about, and I need that now. After your last two weeks I hope you aren't too! My acne got better when I got pg, began to come back just before mc, hit its worst point cd 11&12, came to a poppable head cd 13 and promptly began to fade away. I was researching that to try to figure out when I might O and found that acne on average was worse on cd 22 of a 28d cycle. Going by that (big stretch here) if my hormones were at cd22 when I was post mc cd 11 and it were a standard 28d, then day14 for 0 would be cd post mc 32 and I still have to wait 11 days to O (give or take who knows how long). How's that for twisting the statistics? Lindsie, I don't think it was the mucinex. I've tried really hard not to second guess why. I smoke, I'm over weight, I'm 38, and I've heard so much bs from so many people it's nuts. One gal at work just looked at me when she found out I wasn't pg any more (after the big smile and asking if I was feeling green because I didn't look happy) and said, "well you do smoke." We get beaten up enough by others, no need to do it to ourselves. I think if the genetics aren't right, it doesn't work, and I'm ready to roll those dice again. If / when I get pg again I'm not even telling my mom, and certianly not telling ppl at work (except my boss because my lifting habits there will have to be reduced [for my peace of mind as doc said lifting first 20 weeks was ok]). I will discuss it here though. It is draining, isn't it? I'm exhausted. I feel like I ran on adrenaline for a couple of weeks and now I'm just wiped out.


stefkay - February 17

Oh, I hear ya...I am a smoker and I quit less than a week after I got my bfp. I didn't know if I could do it, but I just quit because I was so afraid of miscarriage. I have always been very healthy except for the smoking (ha ha, kind of an oxymoron i guess), but I only drank water and milk, no processed foods, almost cut out sugar completely, whole grains, the list goes on and on and on. I did EVERYTHING I could have done and it didn't matter, if that helps. Who knows, I know people who smoked all through their pregnancies (and worse) and the babies were fine. I just think there is so little control we have over the outcome. So, I feel shi**y because I started smoking again the day I found out I was going to m/c...I need to quit again soon because I know how bad it is on my body in general. I figure I'd wait till the month we ttc again then quit before I even get pg.


sososleepy - February 18

well... temp jumped like crazy this am. There wasn't enough cm Thus am when I last got swimmers, but the temp went up 3/10 Fri, dropped 1/10 Sat, then today up a whopping 6/10 over yesterday. Did I O (was tired Fri, Sat), or was it the electric blanket... gurr... guess I'll wait for few more temps, and I suppose that without adequate cm I expect to be trying next month too. Well... at least I have the chart and charting xp now.



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