1st Time Miscarriage Please Help

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sara - October 22

I just found out that I must have miscarried at 2 weeks past conception. I have ha atiny bit of brown blood come out when I used the restroom yesterday.Other than that no bleeding or spotting.I would have been 5w 6d today.Will I start bleeeding for the tissue and evrything to come out or will I need a D & C.I am so lost and scared.Please help!


helper - October 22

You need to go see the Dr. for that!


Bohnwin - October 22

I am a__suming you have already seen the doc, and they are the ones telling you that you are miscarrying. If not, go see a doc... Planned parenthood could probably help you out. If I am right in my a__sumption, you should have pa__sed everything already now that you are at almost 6 weeks. If you miscarried at 2 weeks, you should have had discharge that was like a heavy period. If you haven't experience anything like that, go see your doc.


sara - October 23

helper-you need to change your name! I was asking for any info from someone that has gone through this before not for an insensitive remark like yours! Obviously you have never gone through this to be that rude!


Neets - October 24

I m/c at 6wks 5days on 22 Aug. I didn’t really know what was going on, but mny tuition told me something was up. I spoke to doctor who confirmed this and then went into hospital for an internal u/s. It showed that growth had stopped at around 5 ½ weeks. I spotted and bled a little for about 2-3 weeks, with weekly trips to the hospital to see whether I had rid the sac. All I can say is that every time I came back from the hospital after an internal u/s I bled a bit more. But I never had a natural m/c. After what it seemed like an age, I eventually was admitted to hospital for a D&C on 16 Sept. My dh and I are keen to start ttc, and we had not taken the decision for a D&C lightly. I felt that waiting for a natural m/c was prolonging the memory of the fact I’d had one. We both wanted to be able to move on. Yesterday, 23 Oct my AF came to my great delight!! I’ve never waited so longingly to see one before! It was also the hardest thing to do, in terms of waiting for AF before ttc again. I’m glad I did, as it will hopefully set my body up to carry to full term next time round. I hope my cycle gets back on track and we’re going to try again as soon as poss this month. At our stage of pregnancy (loss), I don’t think there is too much too get rid of. I had rather big clots and tissue, but still the sac did not discharge. I wish you the best.


Sara - October 24

Neets-thank you so much for the info.I am so sorry for your loss.Today I pa__sed what the dr said was everything I needed to pa__s.I don't know how to tell that it is all out.This is my 1st m/c.How do you know what the sac looks like?I just had a big blood clot and something that almost looks like a caccoon???It was about an inch long and solid.It was kind of a tan color.(sorry). I just want to make sure that is all I have to pa__s so i can ttc again.I am just so afraid this will happen again.Even though we both miscarried early it is so hard to go through this(especially since we have been ttc for a long time).How long did your dr say you would have to wait to ttc again.Mine says 2 cycles but I have read a lot shorter. Anyways, thanks again for the support and tons of baby dust your way!!!



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