20 Weeks And Not Feeling Any Movement

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tavensmom - January 31

I am 20 weeks pregnant and not feeling any movement. I have a little girl who is 3 now and with her I was feeling movement at 17 weeks and everyone keeps telling me that you second time you feel movement sooner than the first time. I probably wouldn't be so nervous but I had a miscarriage last may so I'm really worried.


DownbutnotOUT - January 31

I would go to the dr if you feel something isnt right, no harm in that. Some women dont feel the baby till later even after having a first or even it could be the placenta is in a place where the baby seems to be kicking it hence your not feeling it.


stefkay - January 31

Hi, have you had an ultrasound yet? I'd call my dr and ask about this. I never made it this far, but I have read a lot about monitoring movement and it seems like something you should check with them about. At least they could check for the heartbeat?


JuJu - February 2

Hi Tavensmom; my situation was similar - I thought I would feel movement with my current pregnancy sooner and stronger than I did when I was pregnant with my DD. I started feeling movement initially around the same time with both pregnancies (about 16+ weeks) but the movement was very infrequent and very light for many weeks this time - much less initially than my first DD. I was initially concerned, but my OB said it that it's very common to feel less movemtn when the placenta (as mine is) - is low at on the front. Much of the movement is absorbed by the placenta. We could see from the u/s that she was actually moving a lot but I just could really feel much. Although the movement became stronger as she got bigger, it wasn't until she turned into a head-down position at 28 weeks that I felt her much more easily. Also, my specialist told me that there's not really any point in monitoring movement/doing kick counts etc as early as 20 weeks - that becomes more relevant in a month or two (just because the movements/sensation are still felt erratically by most mothers at 20 weeks). So I am sure that you're just fine, but I would definitely pop in and have an u/s if you can - just for your peace of mind. I am sure your little one is in there squiggling away :) Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!



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