22 2 Misscarriages And Alone Needing Someone To Talk To

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Karen - January 19

Hello everyone: I am starting to worry I have had 2 misscarrages and I am starting to think something is wrong with me. My story goes like this.. I was engaged to be married when I was 19 and me and my fiance at the time was trying to have a baby and I was 4 months pregnant and baby sitting for a friends son who was 10 years old at the time and he got mad at me and swung and hit me in the stomach. Granted three days later I was bleeding heavily and passed a huge clot and in the clot it looked like an embreo. Granted I never went to the doctor because my fiance didn't believe me about the baby and later on he told everyone that I was pregnant and lost the baby but it wasn't his kid it was his brothers. Then we seperated and then I was dating another guy and I was 2 months pregnant with his child and I lost that one. I am not sure how and I found out the same way on that one. I never went to the doctor either then. Now I am back on and off with the guy that was my fiance and we are trying to have a baby again and I thought I was pregnant a third time three months ago but it came back negative. could something be wrong with me? I have never been to a gynocologisty either. I want a baby so bad. do you ever think I could carry one? IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME?


Sarah - January 20

Anyone can have a miscarriage, and even 2 doesn't make it certain that there's something wrong with you. If you do get pregnant again you must explain your history to the doctors, and if you miscarry again take the baby to the doctors so they can help you find out if you really do have a problem or not. But do you really think its a good idea to have a child with this man? If he lied about you and humiliated you after you suffered a miscarriage before is he really worth trusting now? Yes, men can change. But it normally takes a LOT more than 2 or 3 years to happen. Men mature a lot more slowly than women, and you are probably fairly mature - though confused - because of your unhappy experiences, but he is probably still more concerned about his personal fun and his social life, his car etc. Maybe you should concentrate on yourself for a while before making any life changing decisions. If you want to be checked out, do it for YOU.


anon - January 20

You were 4 months, and never saw an ob/gyn? The next time you get a pos test, make sure to make an appointment, it could be as simple as your blood type making this happen. Please for you sake, and the sake of your child, make an appointment with an ob/gyn soon. You need to get some tests like a pelvic and pap just to make sure you are ok. You should go once a year.


kate - January 20

I am very sorry about your miscarriages.It is important to see a doctor especially if your blood type is Rh-...without the right treatment future pregnancies might be difficult.Your first pregnancy was probably due to the abuse you endured...the second might have been due to not receiving proper care after the first miscarriage.Please see a doctor.Karen...you need to look after yourself.If you really care about yourself first you might be able to judge relationships better.Wouldn't you want to have a child with the best possible father for him or her?If this man abuses you what would stop him from abusing an innocent child?If your partner loved you,they would want the best care for you as well.I'm sure one day you will be a mother to a healthy baby.


Marilyn - February 1

There is no answer to your medical question without seeing a Dr. Clearly there is something wrong if you are trying to have a baby again with your exfiance ??? Why the need to always want to get pregnant? What do you use the pregnancy for or do you just like crazy turmoil or maybe sympathy for your loss ??? Do yourself a favor and most of all do this poor unsuspecting baby a favor and do not bring it into your roller coaster world. It is time for a physical and psychological exam.



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