26 Days Bleeding After Cytotec Misopropotol How About You

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marie - October 27

I took Cytotec on Oct 1 and I"m still bleeding. My last blood test was on last week and my HCG level is now 77. I called my doctor and asked if this is normal, she said it is. I've been trying to browse through the posts just to see what other ladies have experienced. I mostly see posts about bleeding after a D&C. I'm curious if anyone has bled this long after taking cytotec/misopropotol. Thank you for your help.


stacyr - October 27

how long m/c after were you given it?


marie - October 28

I used it to m/c. I was diagnosed with blighted ovum. I was 9 weeks when I took it. I'm still bleeding, not heavy, but enough to use 4 panytliners a day. Thank you!


stacyr - October 28

Oh - ok - I had a d & c almost 12 weeks ago and still haven't gotten my period - I was wondering about using it to get it going...But I have heard about bleeding up to three weeks after - since your past that you may want to check it out...though I don't think its too serious... especially if its light...


Kristin72 - October 28

marie, I too was given misoprostol to induce a mc. I bled for 22 days straight then I started hemorraging (saturating 3-4 pads in an hour) and pa__sing large clots..I went to emerg (3 weeks ago) and then had a ultrasound. It was determined I hae retained products of conception. It sounds to me that you could have a small piece left inside of you. I had to have a emergency D&C the following day and bled again for 10 more days. I think you need to get an ultrasound as my doc said by 21 days to still be bleeding is WAY too long. I must tell you as well..I have had retained products 2 times b4..I bled for 21 days after another D&C and was supposed to have a repeat D&C but fell pregnant. I also was bleeding and hemorraging for 9 weeks after delivering my daughter just under 2 years ago. So again get an ultrasound..or maybe your doc would recommend repeating the dose..(but who wants to go through all that again ..I didn't) good luck to you. BTW I have had 4 losses. 1 mc, 2 missed mc~1 at 14 weeks the other just recently when the heart beat never started beating and the embryo stopped growing at 6w3d. I took the misprostol at 8w5d. I have also had 1 ectopic. I am wating to ttc again very soon..as I am sure you would like to be if you stopped bleeding! Best of luck!!!



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