2 Early Miscarriages Anyone Else In My Shoes

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kathaleen - August 11

Hi,i just has a eary miscarriage in may i was only about 4 weeks i had no idea i was even pregnant i thought i was having the longest period ever. intilll idecided to take a pregnancy test and it was positiveso went to the doctors that day and got the bad news and she said chances were reallt slim it would happen again im young and healthy and will go on having lots of children blah,blah.so any ways got pregnant again in june made it to 31/2 weeks and started spotting doctor said it was normal not to worry unless it gets heavy .of course soon as i got home from the doctors the blood started turning red of course i freaked out had another blood test and the numbers were going up then the bleeding got a little heavier went to the emergency room had another blood test and found the numbers were budging they were worried it was etopic thank goddness it wasn't .it was heart breaking .now the doctor says she really does not think it will happen again . of course i do. now im just waiting out the bleeding so i can try again .i swear everyone in my family has lots of kids no miscarriages i can't believe im having this problem i keep wondering if its because my husbands a little older hes 42 im 27 i guess i will never know i guess all you can do is keep trying im blessed i can even get pregnant some people can't even get that far .


Ranae - August 11

I wanted to share my story. With both pregnancies I had very few symptoms--- only tender b___sts & sick to stomach off & on. My first pregnancy was ectopic---I lost it at 5 wks. My second one, I was 9 weeks pregnant on August 2, 2005 and my HCG was 64,000. Note, on July 16th my HCG was only 16,000 so on August 2nd the doctor was concerned there was a problem b/c my HCG should not have leaped so high--even with twins. A doppler sonogram--internal & external as well as a second opinion revealed no heartbeat could be seen (all you could see was the sac & yolk--no little fetus). You should be able to see a heartbeat at 6 wks. The doctor ran more tests & stated I had a blighted ovum which is when the fetus does not develope inside the yolk. They were also concerned that I might have a ectopic pregnancy b/c ovary swollen, etc as well. Anyway, they did a D & C on Monday, August 8th (HCG was at 68,000) & pathology reports confirmed there was no fetal parts within the yolk so the fetus indeed did not develope (a blighted ovum). Today they checked my HCG level again to make sure it is dropping & it is down to 14,000. I have to continue to go in for quant_tative HCG every Thursday until it is down to zero--- and they are still watching the ovary & tube. If levels continue to drop & I have no pain they can rule out ectopic pregnancy too which means no laproscopy surgery. The problem will then just be considered a ruptured cyst. My point is......to large of a HCG jump in a small amount of time can signal trouble & not necessarily twins. Like you, I am the only 1 on both sides of our family that has had these problems/miscarriages. My husband & I are both almost 35. Best of luck to you!


Alison - August 12

kathaleen I am so sorry for your losses. I have had 3 miscarriages and know the heartache it brings and my heart goes out to you. I don't think your husband's age would be a factor as men's fertility isn't affected too much as they get older it's really the woman's that is because her eggs get older-but as you are only 27 (same age as me!) that is certainly not a concern. When I had my second miscarriage they told me it was very very unfortunate but that I had a very good chance of having a healthy pregnancy the next time as only 1% of women will have 3 losses in a row. Unfortunately I am in that 1% and we have been having tests done to look for a cause. I tested positive for a blood clotting disorder that causes recurrent miscarriage and we are waiting for the result of a second test as they need 2 positives to confirm it. We are also still waiting for genetic results which take a while. There is no history of miscarriage in my family and all our friends have had/are having children without any problems. I sympathise with how hard it all is. I pray you will conceive and carry a healthy baby to term next time and I wish you continuing healing through this very difficult time. Take care xxx


kat - August 12

hello thanks for the kind words i can't believe it happened 3 times for you thats terrible my doctor told me the same thing that its rare to have 3 in a row i hope they find whats wrong so you don't have to go through.the pain and heartach again keep me posted.take care!


Alison - August 12

Thanks Kat will do. Let me know how you're doing too-take care xxx


kat - August 14

alison,hi any new news yet im still waiting out the bleeding i can see why people chose a dc rather then waiting it out .im looking forward to trying again i think its the only thing that can brighten my mood .my doctor said wait 3 months of course im not going to im just going to wait 1 cycle it took 2 cycles for me to get pregnant last time it was pretty quick..my doctor made a comment that ihad gotten pregnant sooner than i was sopose to like one more month would have made adifference. anyways hope everythings well!


Alison - August 14

Hi Kat, it must be so hard for you waiting out the bleeding I'm so sorry. When I had my miscarriages I took the pills to make me start contractions so although it still happened "naturally" I didn't have to wait not knowing when it would happen. Afterwards each time I bled for about a week and a half to two weeks and my first AF has always arrived exactly a month after the miscarriage. I have always been told 1 month is enough to wait afterwards. After our second loss we waited 2 months but that was more for emotional reasons. I don't think I agree with your doctor's statement about you getting pregnant sooner than you were supposed to I can't see how that would cause another miscarriage-2 cycles is enough before conceiving again. Most doctors say wait 1 month. I know what you mean about feeling eager to try again I always feel that way and certainly feel that way just now! I feel I need to be trying again so waiting for tests etc has been hard. DH is wonderful, but he seems to think that when I am not coping well with things and am emotional (which I am just now!) it means I'm not ready to try again-I try and explain it means the opposite-I NEED to be trying again! We have our next appointment at the clinic on Wednesday. I don't know if we will get the ok to start trying straight away or not it depends on the test results I guess-I had calculated I was due to ovulate between Tuesday and Friday so was hoping if the doctor gave us the ok we might just make it in time to try this month (though I knew it would be close) well I noticed alot of CM today and did an OPK and got 2 lines. The second was nearly as dark as the first but not quite. So it seems I will ovulate before the appointment on Wednesday so even if we get the "ok" it will be too late for this month. I know it's silly but when I read the test I just cried and cried. DH comforted me but was frustrated too as he doesn't think waiting another month is a big deal. Am I being totally crazy?! Probably I think my hormones are going mad! I just feel so upet that ovulation couldn't wait a couple more days! I might just be one day too late! Sorry I am feeling so bad just now I don't mean to vent too much! I will be posting after our appoitnment to let you know how it went. I hope the bleeding finishes really soon so you can "move on" so to speak and get the the trying again point. How are you coping mentally with the waiting? I know it is hard. Are you getting lots of cuddles from your DH? xxx


kat - August 15

hi, im looking forward to getting pregnant but not the ov predictors and trying to get my husband on the days it needs to be done thats just at frustrating as a miscarriage he was so dense he thought we can do it any old day and it would work i swear i had to explain the whole femaleprocess to him i still don't think he completely gets it .at least my periods and ovualtion are always on target one less thing to worry about .i probably won't be able to try intill september all depending when this bleeding goes away so far no sign of that im still getting cramps i and the bloods so bright red its so different from the last miscarriage i hope theres i don't have any kind of infection.on top of that my wisdom teeth are getting impacted there killing me as far as my husband i try not to complain so i guess he figures the miscarriage is done and over with he really doesn't talk about it or ask me how i am i don't think he understands how much i want to be a mom.we really need to comunicate right now im so crabby i just keep pushing him away i don't know why i feel bad maybe its just the hormones and the fact that i feel like c___p right now .hope fully we will both find the bright light at the end of the tunnel .things can only get better waiting a month to ovulate again for you must feel like a life time hopefully it will fly by i know it did for me when i was trying the last time..im thinking of getting a new doctor i have one more appointment with her the 24th im so curious to see what shes going to say . im telling her im not going to wait three months this time either.every .if she don't like it tough . well iguess i better go take care,


Q - August 15

Kat, I'm sorry, but I had to giggle at your husband and how you had to explain things! My bf is like that and it was amazing how little he knew of the reproduction process. I have just had a d&c last week, so my hormones are way off too and I keep getting nasty headaches to top it all off. Keep us posted on your progress though and**baby dust** to you


Alison - August 16

Hi Kat I know what you mean about DH's not quite getting it! My DH is usually switched on about these things but he does sometimes come out with things that make me wonder if he is or not! I'm sorry you're still having cramps that's not nice at all :o( And your teeth too? I have had problems with wisdom teeth before it's very painful isn't it! I was told there isn't enough room for mine but they seem determined to try and grow in anyway! I haven't been bothered with them recently though thankfully. It's hard when the men don't talk about it. My DH does sometimes but quite often it feels like he would rather not but he does ask me how I am doing all the time though quite often I don't like to say how I'm really doing as he just worries or gets upset with me for dwelling on things. It is a hard thing to talk about because it's so intense and such a huge thing and I'm sure our hormones don't help either as you say! After what has happened it's only natural to feel crabby! I pray as the days and weeks go on that things will change and get easier for you both and that when you do start trying you will conceive quickly and have a healthy baby. It does seem a long time waiting another month-I just feel frustrated that it could be such a close-call this month (depending what the doc says) and we could only just miss it! If we do get the OK tomorrow we'll still try but I certainly won't get my hopes up! There were still 2 lines on the OPK yesterday I haven't tested yet today. When I get my period at the end of this month it will be the 3rd since the most recent miscarriage. I am just so anxious to try again! As you say I'm sure it will soon pa__s. It will be a year on 16th Sept since my first miscarriage I would have loved to be pregnant before then-and DH's sister is due next month too which I am dreading. Hey maybe we'll both conceive the same month! That would be cool. I hope your appointment goes ok on the 24th. I don't see how it's necessary to wait 3 months I agree 1 month should be enough. Well I better stop rambling! Take care for now xxx


Alison - August 17

Hi Kat just an update from me: Just got back from the RM clinic. The second Lupus test was negative. The doctor was really nice and explained how the test works and how my first result was a very low positive and second was very clearly negative. It's quite complicated but he explained it as best as he could. So they are saying I don't have the Lupus antibodies. One of the nurses even said because my first test was quite soon after the last miscarriage that that might have caused a slightly positive outcome. He said to take low dose Aspirin each day as it won't hurt to do so so I will buy some Aspirin 75mg tablets and start taking them now. The genetic results came back and are normal which is a relief. He said we can start trying so I am pleased about that. I still think we are too late for this month (LH surge on Monday) but DH says I don't know that we might just make it-so anyway we start trying tonight just incase! I think next month will be more hopeful though. He (doc) said he is still very hopeful for us-he understands it's hard when we want a reason why the first 3 babies died but he says often women do have a few losses then a healthy baby the next time without any cause found. He also said there is so much still being researched and still unknown about recurrent miscarriage that there is a long way to go. So anyway that was that-at least we can start trying again. Next time it will be ok!!! I have to believe that.. How are you doing today? How is the bleeding are you still having cramps? Hope they have subsided? Take care xxx


hi alison - August 19

well bad news i just got out of the hospitol my misscarriage turned out to be etopic it bursted and they had to remove my fallopion tube.i was just in the emergency room a week ago and my ultra sound showed nothing wrong i guess they said my hcg #were going up by the middle of the week i was having bad cramping i called the doctor a couple times and never got a call backfinally they said i was having a miscarriage cause the # were dropping a couple days later my stomach was so tender and sore and the blood was so red i knoew something was not right so finally i got a hold of the doctor and she said go to the emergency room the ultra sound showed a big ma__s then they weren't sure if it was a absess or etopic because it wasn't there with the last ultra sound a couple days prior i swear it was crazy i had all the doctors baffled i guess when she cut me open to look it was a busted tube so she just removed it she said if it would of busted a little lower it the tube i would of bleed to death she said that tube had a defect from when i was little don't ask me what from i never had no trauma down there so strange the other tube is healthy so my baby dreams aren't over yet anyways i guess i have to wait 6 months thats what the doctor says anyhow i need to find a new doctor.well glad things are looking up for you .


allison - August 19

hi allison my e mail address is [email protected] you can e mail me back there i keep seeing words changed for some reason


Alison - August 20

Hi Kat I will email you-I am so very sorry for what you have been going through. I will email you-take care xxx


wondering - August 20

I am glad I found your post. I am sorry for your losses,but I wondering if I had 2 early miscarriages also(both times I had really heavy bleeding, just all of a sudden blood just gush out down my legs. I was wondering if it is me or my husband.


Alison - August 21

Hi wondering - you posted under "sad" on the other post? I just left a message there! :o) I was unsure what to say to your post at first as I wasn't sure what to suggest-it does sound likt you have experienced early miscarriages ( I am so sorry) but I'm not sure what to suggest in regards to your question about you or your husband-most miscarriages occur because of a random chromosonal error-some occur because of an underlying medical problem. Perhaps there is a problem with implantation? Do you usually have regular periods? Sometimes when periods are not reliable that can be linked to early miscarriage because of hormonal issues? I'm wary to suggest too much as it is hard for me to say-you mentioned you had an appointment booked? Hopefully the doctor you see can help suggest possible reasons for what has happened-I am so sorry for what you have been through. Will you let us know how you get on at your appointment? Take care xxx


Alia - August 22

Hi kathleen, I am in the same boat as you. I too just experienced my second miscarriage 2 weeks ago. I was seven weeks. My doctor and I have a consultation set this Wed. he has suggested a procedure to me called Hysteroscopy. It is a procedure where a tiny camera is inserted into the uterus. It gives the doctor a close look to see if the miscarriages could be caused to a medical problem or not. Maybe you could ask your doctor about the procedure. Good luck to all of you ladies!



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