2 M C Just Seen Specialist

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lavinia - April 22

Hi everyone, Sorry this is going to be abit long but I'm new to this board and just wanted to say I'm so gald I found it. I've had two m/c in a row, the last one 2 weeks ago left me an emotional wreck. My OBGYN recommended a geneticist (specialising in m/c mgt), I saw the geneticist last week and was really impressed by the level of testing she does to ascertain causes of recurrent m/c, after a one hour appointment & much excitement that finally we're going to find out why this has been happening, we were given a quote and unfortunately after getting home and talking about it we realised we cant afford to do the whole program now. I'm really sad as I really dont want to get pregnant again without really knowing why, but we've decided to do some of the tests mainly focusing on DH as I have a child from a previous r/ship, we're going to ttc as soon as I get AF and hope for the best. Has anyone had more than one m/c and gone on to have a healthy preg without any meds. Any encouragement would be much aprreciated.


Christi2006 - April 23

Lavinia~ I am kind of in the same boat as you, but are a little far behind. I have had 2 consecutive mc's and have appt with specialist on May 1st. What are the specifics of your situation? Have you had the tissue from your mc's tested to see if there were chromosomal problems? Do you have any other health issues? Do you have any health insurance and does it cover anything? How extensive of a program did the specialist recommend? I am interested not only to get a handle on what i might expect when we go to Specialist but also to see if I can offer any other advise. hang in there...


JuJu - April 24

Lavinia; I absolutely understand where you are coming from - I have also have 2 m/c's this year. Can I ask what country you live in? In Australia, testing is quite affordable, even extensive chromasomal testing. Is it possible that you can have a more basic level of tesing, rather that the high level that the specialist offers? Many of the bloodtests for thyroid, autoimmune and blood disorders are not expesive - and it would be nice for you to be able to rule them out. Aside from all this, it may just be really bad luck that you have miscarried twice; statistically you have only a slightly raised chance of another m/c after 2 m/c's. I personally know of several women who had had a couple of m/c's, no reason was determined, and they went on to have healthy pregnancies without medication. One of life's mysteries, I guess. Good luck in your quest!


lavinia - April 24

Hi Christi & Juju, thankyou for your replies Christi, my OBGYN is doing the tissue testing, I'm not sure if he'll be testing for chrom abnormalities as he didn't seem overly concerned that this was my 2nd m/c (1st in 2002, then decided didn't want to have kids yet) I have health insurance but I'm worried they won't cover this as its a preexisting condtn as I had a m/c before joining up. As for the specialist if there is anything even mildly linked to m/c she's testing for it, testing starts first day of my af up to the week before af a biopsy of the uterine lining, she's also running loads of tests focusing on conditions which cause clotting and so much other stuff (let me know if u want more details) Juju, do u live in Aus? I live in Sydney, the m/c clinic cost a___lysis is $2,400 excluding the blood tests. I'm thinking of asking my OBGYN or GP to run the tests so maybe my insurance wont get suspicious and pay. JuJu & Christi are u ttc again?


Christi2006 - April 24

I am not doing anything either way right now....not taking any precautions to NOT TTC, but just seeing what happens. I will know more after the specialist next monday. What should I expect from that consult? What was yours like?


tucker12 - April 24

Hey everyone. I just had my sencond m/c last week..it was really early, a chemical pregnancy. But I have an appointment with a Specialeist today at 2 so I will let you guys know exactly what happened.


lavinia - April 24

Welcome Tucker, sorry abt yr losses, let us know how your appointment goes. Christi, I dont really have any health issues, have been anaemic in the past but my last test while I was preg was ok, also my GP run all the routine preg tests & they were ok, plus I've has my uterus checked for fibroids & any other issues as I have painful periods. So all in all I'd say apart from the endless colds, I'm in good health. The consultation went ok, she went through our family history and also gave us some information regarding common causes, then another consultant who is available 24/7 (even gave us her mobile no. ) came in and talked to us and explained what would happen, I opted out of the ultrasounds & uterine investigation as I've already had those done. All in all they're probably running about 40 tests on me & abt 7 on DH and also following me thru my cycle, I'll have to have different tests done at about 6 points in my cycle mainly following hormone levels. The clinic is really pricy though, the consultation was 6 times what I pay for my GP!!!


JuJu - April 25

Lavinia; I am also in Sydney! Sounds like you're having the 'bees knees' testing!! I had all my testing done through my OB - they took 14 vials of blood for testing about 10 days after my m/c, and they also tested my embryo and placenta - involving chromasomal tests etc. They have found a potential reason for my 2 m/c's - it seems that my blood is clotting a little too quickly, which is causing problems with my placenta. Bizarrely, I didn't have a problem when I was pregnant with my DD (now 18 months)....although I did spot a little during my first trimester due to a small hematoma. Wether they are linked or not it's hard to say! I have to have a second round of bloodtests on Monday, to see if my blood-clotting situation has improved. My OB has mentioned a couple of courses of action if it hasn't improved - the extreme being daily Heparin injections for the length of my next pregnancy. He doesn't think I will need this, and my DH is strongly opposed to me taking Heparin, b/c it de-mineralises the bones of the mother. Not a nice medication really!! If my condition is more marginal, I guess we just have to take the chance and ttc - although my next pregnancy will have a higher risk of m/c. I am excited, but very scared at the prospect of another pregnancy. What makes it so difficult, is that both of the babies I lost were perfectly fine - it was 'me' causing the problem. It's hard not to beat myself up over! And knowing it could all happen again; well, it just means I'll be in for a rough ride next time. But I am determined to stay positive :) So yup, I'll probably be back on the TTC wagon again very soon!


tucker12 - April 25

Well I went to the Specialist and I have a HSG scheduled for Thursday morning. As anyone ever had this done??? I gues it will tell them the shape of my uterus and if my tubes are blocked?



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