2 M C S In A Row Anyone Healthy Baby Yet

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staci - June 7

I am in the process of suffering my 2nd m/c, no live births to date. I had my first m/c and D&C on 3/28/05 (6w4d) and had no af in between and became pg again, 3 weeks after D&C. I have been taking prometrium supplements with this pg to see if made a difference, we went in at 5w5d and saw sac with yolk sac in it and had to go back a week later to confirm viable pg, which at 6w5d there was baby and heartbeat, went in yesterday for f/u u/s and lab work and u/s showed baby to be 8w4d when I should've been 8w5d-not a big deal, but now there was no heartbeat. we are devastated and I feel so empty. I have no symptoms of m/c...last time I spotted for 10 days before m/c occured. I feel like there is something wrong with me and need to go and see a specialist, anyone else have this? I am awaiting to talk with and see obgyn tomorrow, if no heartbeat will have D&C done, the thought of waiting for this to happen naturally is unbearable and even then I have heard that some have had to have a D&C anyway b/c of left over tissue etc... is there anyone out there who has suffered recurrent miscarriages and went on to have a healthy baby? and if so, did you intervene in anyway medically to have a healthy child??? looking for hope, encouragement and support!!! thank you


m - June 7

I posted this on its own but after reading your post i thought i should cut and paste it for you to read. My story is similar so i figured it may help to know someone else out there is going through the same thing. Its not easy and i'm at a loss...but here is what my post said: I'm not even sure where to begin but it feels theraputic to write this down...on March 4 after some spotting my husband and I went to get checked out by our midwife. I was 11wk 5 days. they had trouble finding the heart beat. Sent us to get an emergency sonogram only to find the baby had stopped growing at 9wks. We were crushed. We had a D/c done on March 8. i had never felt such pain. We have a 19mos old and had spotting with that pg and everything was fine so this time i was caught off guard. We waited one cycle and found ourselves pg 6 wks after m/c. We were so excited and hopeful. I had been reading that after most m/c's you go on to have healthy babies...well this pg was very different. I was having many symptoms which didn't happen with the baby we lost so i was feeling very hopeful. We opted for an early ultasound to check things out b/c of the m/c. We went in and I refused to look at the screen. There is nothing worse than a empty screen and silent doplar. but the nurse told me to look b/c there was our heartbeat. 171 very good and the measurements were great. My husband and i rejoiced at the news. She left to bring us a picture...only instead she came back with the doctor who immediately stated that we needed to do a v____al ultrasound. She was concerned that this pg was ectopic. After she looked she explained that this was an ectopic pg and it was located in the uterine lining, also called cornaul ectopic. She said its very rare and fatal. We had to have a d&c completed that next day. She said that b/c of where the baby implanted my uterus lining would only be able to hold the baby for another week at that point rupturing everything and causing me to bleed out in minutes and die. All of this bad news at once was devestating. I begged for them to save my babies life. We are so heartbroken and lost. I can't believe this has happened to us again. Please has anyone gone through this? I feel so sad...


leigh - June 7

Hi Stacy, I too have had recurrent miscarriages (7). My first, third, fifth, sixth, seventh, ninth, and tenth pregnancies ended in miscarriages. I have three kids. There seems to have been no rhyme or reason as to why. I've had a lot of tests, and nothing ever came back abormal. I think that was most frustrating. At least if they could have found something, we could have fixed it. I know the pain of feeling empty. We tried prometrium, baby aspirin etc. With the 3 successful pregnancies we didn't do any interventions. I would ask to have some testing to see if they can identify any causes (I did a lot of bloodwork). Good luck to you!


staci - June 8

thank you for your support and advice, I am not sure where to go at this point. I am still waiting to reach my doctor to have the D&C done...agony. I then dont know, do I ask her to refer me to someone in the specialty area or how do I go about this...so nervous and sad...I am sorry for each of your losses as well, I know we arent alone.


Kristin - June 8

Hi everyone. I am in the same situation and hopefully going to get some good news today. At 12w2d in Nov. '04 I found out that I had a blighted ovum - no signs of miscarriage at all and all pregnancy signs until about 11 weeks. Needless to say I was devastated. I had D&C on 11/5/05. Had to wait 2 cycles - got pregnant again in January, but miscarried at about 6w. I got pregnant again the next month, but miscarried at 7w. The dr. said the last two were chemical pregnancies - I got pregnant but it never implanted - a very common thing. I was sent to a reproductive specialist who did many tests (email me at [email protected] if you want more info about the tests). All have come back perfectly normal. I get the results of the last one today - the worst case scenario now is that I would have to get progesterone supplements, but I am not worried about that. So, I would definitely suggest you go to a specialist who can run all of the tests (it takes a couple of months because they have to do the tests at a certain time in your cycle). At least that way you will know if anything is wrong with you, or your husband. Good luck to all!! Oh, one piece of good news/hope - my best friend was pregnant at the same time as me in November and also had a blighted ovum. She took medication to force a miscarriage. She got pregnant again at the end of December and is now about 23 weeks into her very healthy and so far successful pregnancy.


Tara - June 8

Staci: I have been thinking about you since you posted a month or so ago that you were pregnant again. I am so sorry to hear that this happened again. I had my miscarriage in March, but I do have a story to share about my cousin who had a healthy baby, followed by 2 miscarriages. Her doctor did not bother to check her blood after her first pregnancy to see if she had the RH neg.factor. After the second miscarriage, they determined the reason she had the two miscarriages was because she did not have the Rhogam shot. After getting the shot, she is now 7 months pregnant. Just curious, if you had your blood tested for this? I know of many people who have had two miscarriage and once the doctor figures out what is wrong, they have healthy babies. I hope you are able to get through this. I can only imagine how hard a second miscarriage would be. Best of luck!


staci - June 9

tara, thanks for asking. yes, they tested me after the first m/c and I am a+ so no need for the shot but I have heard that as a problem for many people...how could they not have taken care of that initially, sometimes I wonder about healthcare and who is taking care of us. I am so hoping that we will have a baby someday, I feel so depressed and lonely. thanks for your thoughts.


Tara - June 9

Staci: I know how badly you want a baby, I feel the same way. This is the first month we've tried since the m/c and the waiting is so hard. The hardest part is seeing mothers who aren't fit to be mothers and then there's us, who want babies so badly and have problems having them. I know you feel alone, but try and stay positive that they will find out why this happened again, so you can have a healthy pregnancy soon.


staci - June 11

ladies, do you have any suggestions as to what tests to be looking for that my doctor should be performing? she said at our 2 week f/u from D&C that she will run some blood tests to find out if there is any autoimmune thing going on...being so foreign to this I am not sure what I should be asking or knowing?! any help???


bump - June 12



staci - June 14

I am so hopeful yet terrified that we will never have children and that my body will not allow it. I am going in next week and hoping my doctor will begin some testing to see what/if things are going on that I am unaware of.


Kristin - June 14

Staci - The autoimmune thing they are talking about is a simple blood test, so at least it's nothing painful or invasive. I had that tested, along with many other things and I honestly cannot remember if that is the one treated with the baby aspirin or not. Sorry I could not be of any more help. Good luck, my thoughts are with you!


staci - June 14

kristin, thanks for the info. I am wondering how to determine if I should see a specialist or not. My doctor said that she can do testing, but said I am not at a stage where I need to see a reproductive specialist, what would you suggest? I want to make sure I am doing everythign I need to and dont want to waste time. thanks so much, I hope you get positive results back...do they think you simply have low levels of progesterone? what were all the tests you had done and in what order? I am looking for a little knowledge on this so I know what to expect and ask, you can always email me at [email protected]


Staci - June 14

I just sent you an email - too much to post.


Kristin - June 14

Staci - I just sent you an email - too much to post.


bump - June 21



jlynn - June 30

hello everyone! I am at a loss for what to do! 4 years ago i had a beautiful healthy baby boy! when my husband and i decided to try again about a year ago we had no idea how hard it was going to be. we have had two m/c in a row! one in august of 04 8wks and one in feb of 05 6wks both on my own with no dnc now i think i may be pregnant again and it is so scary i don't know what to do with my self! i am constantly worried i am worried if i should go ahead and take the prometrium or if i should wait it out and see what happens! it is so early i am afraid to get excited and happy or even look at anything with a baby on it! I feel lucky to have my son but i really wanted to give him siblings being an only child myself! if anyone has any thoughts on promerium or simalar stories please let me know! thanks!!! if anyone would like to they can e-mail me at [email protected]! You all have my prayers and my support!



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