2 MC S Anyone See A Specialist

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2boyswantmore - June 13

Hi Ladies, I just found out that I have had a second miscarriage this year. I talked to my doctor and he doesn't recommend any testing because I've only had 2 and not 3 mc's in a row. My DR is also a "specialist" in high risk pregs. and MC's. Anyone have a dr take extra steps at this point? Thanks


lilymummy - June 13

Hi there, I am sorry for your losses this year - I too have had two miscarriages this year, I just had a d and c yesterday for the second one. I was told by the obstetrician who did the d and c that he would not recommend testing for me as I have not had three in a row. Do you have any children yet? I miscarried at 8.5 weeks my first preg, then had my gorgeous daughter, then a miscarriage this year at about 5 weeks and then this most recent one at 8.5 weeks. I am going to discuss it with a specialist just to see if I can test for simple things like progesterone levels and things like that, but my doctor's answer to your question is that 2 consecutive miscarriages are sadly very common and not out of the ordinary. He also said testing can be very expensive and in about 70% pf cases yields no answers anyway - that's just how common miscarriage is. Best of luck to you.


mcbee - June 17

After I had my second m/c, my regular OB sent me to see an infertility specialist. She said that, while most docs wait until there have been 3 m/c in a row, having 2 m/c in a row is not considered "normal." She said that there had to be something wrong, and she didn't see the point in me having to go through the pain and heartache of having another m/c before I could see a specialist. At my first appt. with my infertility doc, he had a plan of action in place and scheduled me for surgery. I am now 11w3d pregnant. I've seen a heart beat at three u/s. My doc is my miracle worker - don't wait to have another m/c.


hit211 - June 18

I'm not sure how I feel about it. I have had two m/c in the past three months, both at 5 weeks but still emotionally hard to deal with. I have heard from some people don't wait, and others that it's normal to have more than one m/c. I talked to 2 different Ob/Gyns about this, one said that even though two m/c "raised a little bit of a red flag" it wasn't recommended to test yet. The other one seemed to think I should just continue to think positive, move forward with trying, and see what happens. I did read on another credible website that even with two m/c, still 80-90% will go on to have normal pregnancies with no intervention. Hope this helps



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