2 Miscarriages

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claire - December 12

i am fortunate enough to have two dear little girls 3 and 5 but last year i had my first miscarriage at 17 weeks and gave birth to another girl we tried again and exactly a year on to the day i had my second miscarriage at 10 weeks. has anyone out there had 2 miscarrriages after having two healthy pregnancies and gone on to have another healthy baby i am giving up hope! i am now 35.


Tessa - December 13

Claire _ I am very sorry for your loss i know how hard it is -My cousin did and she just agve birth to her third girl and 38 years old - Best of luck to you


martie - December 27

I am sorry for your losses.. I too have had healthy babies with my youngest being 8yrs now. I just turned 35 and had my 3rd miscarriage this year. I dont know what is going on just yet and my husband has never fathered a child, so this is all new to him and he will be undergoing some blood testing now. I cant help but shake the feeling that I will never again have a baby, but Im not giving up just yet. There is still hope. Dont you give up either.


Donna - January 19

I have just been diagnosed with blighted ovum at 6 weeks. I miscarried at 14 weeks several months ago. I also have a two and a six year old. I'm so bummed and worried that something is wrong. I'll let you know if we are successful later!


Jamie - January 25

I too have a little girl 4 and we started trying again in may 04 and i found out that i was pregent in may and then had my frist mmiscarrigae at 13 weeks then got pregent in nov 04 and lost it in dec 04 and we have not given up hope that we will have the baby we want so try to push thought it i know how hard it is but you have to think good things and hope for the best good luck


claire - January 26

i am just responding to everyone that has answered me thankyou all for your support and your personal stories its great to speak to people in the same situation well i am still trying with no luck i'll let you know when i have some news thanks again and good luck to you all


Hazel - January 31

I have a 3 yr old daughter & have being through 2 miscarriages one right before her & one last year January...for the two miscarriages I was far as 3 mos. Right now I just found out I am 6 wks pregnant & scared as hell. YOur not in this alone there is many of us going through the trauma. I'm just hoping & praying to go I have a normal pregnancy and to have a healthy strong baby boy.


claire - January 31

thanks for the reply hazel i hope everything is ok for you this time me and my husband are still trying and not giving up hope yet good luck to everyone


[email protected] - February 12

Yes I have two children and I've had two miscarriages about a year apart the 1st at 8weeks the 2nd at 12weeks. Now today I find out I'm pragent two years later and I'm 36 years old. I'm sure I'll have another miscarriage? I wasn't trying to get pragent because of the lost hope. Now I'm sure I'll go though it again.


guilenne - July 1

for the last two year i was trying to get pregnat put nothing is working out so please tell me what i should do


cabbie - July 1

I also have two wonderful children that were easy pregnancies and easy c section deliveries (breech). I have now had three miscarriages since my last successful delivery (6w, 4w, and blighted ovum that had to be d&c just two days ago). I do not know what is going on.



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