2 Miscarriages Where To Go From Here

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jen76 - February 26

Hi. I have had two miscarriages in the past 12 months which I have found really hard to deal with - especially the second time. I really can't bear the thought of a third miscarriage but the doctor will not send me for tests until I have lost three. Is this standard for everyone? It just feels like I am trying to fall pregnant just to lose it so they will start investigating. Does anyone else feel like this? Has anyone looked into alternatives such as paying a for private specialist?


chandellina - February 26

hi jen, i had 2 miscarriages in the space of six months and there was no way i was going to wait for a third to see if something was wrong that could be treated. fortunately my dr referred me for tests, though nothing turned up. there are some basic things that can be detected through blood tests, so i urge you to do what you can to get those tests run. and i'm sorry to hear about your losses ... it's so tough.


JuJu - February 26

Jen76; Early last year I was in the same space as you - 2 miscarriages and devestated. Fortunately, my OB was really proactive and was happy for me to have testing, rather than wait until I had potentially had 3. And it was definitely the right decision....the tests revealed that I was positive to an autoimmune antibody, ACA's (anti-cardiolipin antibodies), which doesn't cause problems in normal life but can cause major problems during pregnancy with blood clotting. I am so grateful that my doc found out the issue......I am now 35 + weekes pregnant and everything is going well (fingers crossed!). At the start of my pregnancy they tested my ACA levels, and they had dropped to a low level, so I have only had to take 100mg of Aspirin a day for medication, rather than something stronger. So anyway, I am definitely in favour of finding out sooner; if nothing else it will give you peace of mind. Good luck, JuJu


micorazon - February 27

Hi Jen, I went through the same experience where the doctors wouldnt run any tests until I had three miscarriages. I moved from an HMO to PPO insurance which has higher copays but eliminated the need for referrals. Unfortunately, I had another miscarriage before getting to schedule the appt with the specialist so I got the referral. You always have the option to see any doctor without the referral from your primary care/ob if you are willing to pay. You should check with your insurance company because the labs ordered by the doctor may be covered just not their office visits.


Ella82 - February 27

Hi Jen i have had 2m/cs in the past 5months, i asked my doctor if he could do testing but its not usually until you have had a third m/c (as it is rare to have three in a row) i insisted that he refer me to someone because there is no way i could handle three m/cs in a row. Well he refered me to an obgyn and he tested for three things two of the major ones came back negative and the third blood test (AMA test) came back positive its where my cells attack my own cells (like an immune thing) and i am to take 100mg of aspirin a day from when i find out i am pregnant. I am so glad now that have found a problem and that it is easily treated. I would get testing done now if you can. Good Luck x


Alison - March 2

Jen I'm so sorry... I had 3 miscarriages before having my first baby last year and I remember after my second loss being told I would only get tests after 3 losses - it is so hard. As it was the tests didn't give any answers but I remember how I felt after the second loss wanting the tests then and not having to wait. They said only 1% of women will miscarry 3 times in a row, but sadly I fell into that 1%. But even after all that our prayers were answered last year, so please don't despair your dreams can come true of a healthy baby. If you are able to I would go for the tests as it will help rea__sure you that you investigated before getting pregnant again and we need all the rea__surance and information we can get. Please remember though the statistics say that next time you are very likely to have a healthy pregnancy.. not any comfort I know when you are suffering so much right now, but you can see your dreams come true..God bless xxx


Alison - March 2

p.s I should also say that though I didn't get any diagnosis from my tests after the losses I was told I could try baby aspirin as a just in case and took 75mg a day through my successful pregnancy - whether it played a part I can't know but incase it did I am so glad I took it. Who knows maybe it helped the blood flow or something. The doc had said it wouldn't do any harm and may help so that's why I tried it. xxx



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