2 Miscarriages Amp Currently Pregnant With V Low Hcg

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Marie - January 21

Since March '04 I've had 2 miscarriages - 1 at 10 weeks and the other at 12 weeks & a d&c for both. Currently I'm pregnant 7 1/2 weeks, however I started bleeding 2 weeks ago and it was like a period - I assumed I had a miscarriage. I went to the hospital to get my anti-d & my hcg level was 219. 1 week later did another blood test to confirm that it was a miscarriage but came back with the hcg levels rising & the level was at 668 on Wed. To date I still have a slight discolouration when I wipe and sometimes v. lightly spot & is brownish. I had an ultrasound today and they've seen a 2.3mm sac - unable to confirm if it will be a normal pregnancy or miscarriage. I need to get another u/s next week to determine a heartbeat or not - or to do a d&c. I'm also an Rh - and had my shot 11 days ago. Is there anyone out there that can shed some light on whether or not this will be a successful pregnancy?


Jo - January 22

Hi Marie, I am in the same boat as you, without the bleeding though. I am 7 weeks preg, but my u/s showed a 5 week sac. I also noticed a slow decline in my symptoms. My hcg levels on the day of the u/s were 2251, and two days later it only went up about 100 pts. I am scheduled for another u/s on feb 3 (i think) so we shall see from there. the doctor told me i have a 50/50 chance. she has seen slow rising levels result in a great pregnancy. but i just have this gut feeling for the past week that something was wrong, even before i had the ultrasound. I think a woman knows her body more than anything. i had a miscarriage in feb of 03 but got preg in april 03 and had a beautiful boy. so if i lose this one im just trying again.


Marie - January 23

Hi Jo, Good luck - hope all goes well for you! I will let u know of the outcome next week when I get the u/s done - fingers crossed!


Jo - January 31

Hey Marie, how are things going for you? I am going in for hcg levels today, cuz i cant stand the wait. i am so confused. last friday i had some blood stained discharge and i thought for sure that i was going to miscarry this past weekend,,,but the spotting stopped that day and hasnt started up again. so i will see with the results i get whats going on.


Marie - February 1

Hi Jo, How did you get on with the u/s? Hope all is well! Last Friday I went for another u/s and the sac was 4mm and the hcg levels keep going up. It was at 1355. They still don't know and can't tell me anything! I've to go back again this Friday for another u/s and we just take it from there. I have a bad feeling about this one as well. I also have an appointment with the gynaecologist tomorrow - so hopefully they can tell me something. Will let u know how Fri goes.


Jo - February 1

Hi Marie, sorry to say that i have bad news. i had my hcg levels tested yesterday and they went down to 1500 and i started bleeding today. i hope to pa__s it on my own without a dnc. i really hope you can hold out with this pregnancy..my friend had spotting, a small sac on her u/s and slow rising levels and she still pulled thru...you still have hope my dear. Good luck! I will come back to see how you are doing.


Marie - February 4

Hi Jo, I'm very sorry to hear your bad news!! You will pull thru and just try again! I've had some bad news also - I had a D&C yesterday, I had an idea that it wasn't going to be successful - didn't feel pregnant at all. In a way I'm just glad it's all over with so that I can get back to normal and take a break from it all!! I'm seeing a gynaecologist as well, so hopefully we'll get to the bottom of all this and hopefully it doesn't occur once more:), once again I'm really sorry to hear your news & wish you luck in the future!!



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