2 Miscarriages And No Test

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Ann - November 10

I just had 2nd miscarraige a week ago. 1st one was in June this year. Dr told me she would do all possible tests if I had 3rd miscarriage. But I feel why I have to have 3rd miscarriage to have test done if it's preventable. Should I look for a new Dr or at least get the 2nd opinion about this?


Dana - November 10

Hi Ann, I am in the exact same situation - my first mc was in Aug, 2nd one Oct 28. My regular doctor is on maternity leave, (how ironic), so I am seeing someone else who has done a ton of blood work, pap/cervix tests and two ultrasounds. So far everything has come back fine - she's giving me an antibiotic that is supposed to combat a bacteria that commonly causes miscarriages (apparently only diagnosed by specialists) as a process of elimination. It's so frustrating not having any answers - why should we have to go through this AGAIN with all the technology they have that could possibly prevent it!! I would get a second opinion if I were you - it can't hurt anything. If you find anything out - let me know - I've got my fingers crossed for you!! [email protected]


Jenn - November 10

I had 1st mc on Apr 21 and 2nd on oct 20, my dr showed almost no concern and only said that next time she will rx progesterone. But I agree with you girls, why have to suffer through a 3rd before any tests are performed?


Ann - November 10

Thank you for your replies. My Dr said tests would cost thousands of dollars and some of them might not be covered by insurance. Dana, did your insurance cover everything? I really don't want to go through another miscarriage and I want to do everything I could to prevent it.....


Kara - November 11

As for insurance coverage, It depends on your insurance company. My Doctor warned that it might now be covered. I have United Health Care and my husband has PHP (which I am also covered under) and they covered all my testing after the 2nd m/c. I did have to pay a little bit of my 20% copay, but I reached my out of pocket maximum because of the d/c this year. The total charge before insurance payment was $1500 for the "habitual aborter panel", $1200 for the HSG and $700 for the chromosonal testing on the baby. I would recommend calling your insurance company and asking them if they have a set guideline as to when they will pay. I didn't call mine because I didn't care at that point if I had to pay on it until I was 50, I just wanted some answers. (I was feeling a bit stressed at the time) But the normal sane thing to do would be to call :) Best wishes.


My answer - November 11

I beleive you have to have three m/c to be considered a "habitual" miscarrier. Apparently, two can be considered a fluke or bad luck, but three means you may have a medical problem. I think that stinks. Why should you have to go through the emotional trauma and physical problems that come from m/c a certain number of times before they will look into it?!


Dana - November 12

I'm up in Canada - and thankful for that since I read Kara's response - all my tests are covered through our provincial health care - I guess I'm lucky that way - as if you need any more stress . Are you guys going to try again right away - what advice did your doc give you??


H - November 12

My doctor also told me I would have to wait for a third loss before testing. I'm currently 14 weeks along and constantly feel anxious and worried. The best of luck to all of you!



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