2 Miscarriages In 5 Months Both With Low Progesterone

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kristymich - May 7

Can anyone help? Had positive test Dec 08, went to Dr, found I had low progesterone (10), started on Prometrium, at 8 wks had u/s saw strong heartbeat, at 10 weeks had a little spotting and had another u/s and showed no heartbeat (lost at 8w 4d). Had D&C, Dr said we could start trying after my first regular period. I had 2 regular periods and had positive test on Friday, had labs drawn Wednesday, they called today and told me HCG was only 90 and progesterone 7.5...just waiting to m/c now :-( Has anyone else had a similar situation and had a healthy pg/baby after? Right now I am lost and just wondering what is wrong with me/my body? Why can I not stay pg, both times with low progesterone (this time with low hcg and progesterone) What has your dr done for you, what tests should be run, what may be wrong? I feel so lost and helpless. I am almost 31 and wonder if age has anything to do with my body not "working properly" Kristy


andy2bb - May 22

Hi kristy ... I am really sorry for your loss ... - had a miscarriage too at 6 weeks do to low progesterone and then got pg 6 months after and almost lost my baby due to the same problem , i had a subchorionic hematoma that was 4 times my baby size ... But my dr put me on bed rest for 6 weeks ... Yes 6 weeks and 100 mg of prog e/ 4 hours ... Thankfully everything turned out fine and now - have a 2 y old and currentky 16 weeks pregnant ... This pregnancy wasnt easy either , the dr prescribed 200 mg prog , 3 times a day to prevent anything from happening ... So let me say there is hope ... Low prog kept me from ovulating and from getting pregnant the first time (the one i had the miscarriage)we tried for 1 year , then 6 more months for my little girl and now we werent really trying untill like 2 months before we conceived , but when i went to the dr , the blood work revealed that i was not ovulating due to low prog, so we were kind of sad , went out of town anf totally forgot about it and returned pregnant ... So you are still young , talk to your dr about satarting a progesterone suplement , that could help you ... Good luck



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