2 Miscarriages In A Row PLEASE HELP

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karen goode - April 13

I feel so dead inside. I had my first miscarriage which required a d&c on 12/22. We waited the appropriate 2 months and got pregnant again. I found out on tues that my HCG levels are very low and to expect a miscarriage. I am going to doctor again tomorrow for another ultrasound, exam, and scripts. I am not bleeding but feel nausea. I don't know how they can induce a miscarriage b/c he said it is too early for a d& c. I can't stop crying and fear I will never have any children. I am 35.


ALISON - April 13

so sorry Karen, how far on are you. hope you get some good news when you go back to the doctor. Ihave just had my 3rd miscarrage and feel there must be something wrong with me but they don't seem to test so much in this country and was told 1 in 4 miscarry which is no concellation at all. I am now 43 and feel time is running out. unfortunately it is taking me 4 years to conceive each time. good luck


Jennifer28 - April 13

Karen~ My dr. told me the best way to determine the viability of an early pregnancy is by an u/s - not by hCG levels. So, hang in there. Keep your thoughts as positive as possible and do not give up hope until you have to. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer! You will be in my prayers. Good luck!! (((HUGS)))


karen goode - April 13

You are all so sweet. I was so optimistic with this pregnancy but now my hope is gone. I trust my doctor and if he said I am going to miscarry then i guess i am. Also, doctors always want to cover their -----, so I doubt he would tell me if I was'nt. I know what you mean though. Everything I have read validates that HCG levels are not always and indicator but I have lost the little preg. symptoms I had. I feel so alone. My husband is great but it's my body not his. I am soscare there is something wrong wiht my body. I have also had v____al pain I don't know if anyone knows what that's about. Thank you so much for your help.


buffy2297 - April 13

Karen like you I have had two M/C in a row my second one I hadn't even made 5 weeks. It really is just pure unluckyness and I'm sure that the next time will be fine. I'm 33 and have no problem getting pregnant but obviously struggle to make it stick. I'm confident that the next will be for real. I'm sorry you have to go through this. How far gone were you with your first and how far are you now?


HOPE - April 13

I am so sorry you are going through this. The waiting is like mental torture. I know how you feel because I have also had two miscarriages in a row. I had a gut feeling that something was wrong with my second pregnancy because I had so few symptoms. I would still wait for the ultrasound because from what I have been told it is how your hcg levels change every couple of days not the actual numbers because these can vary a lot.. Good luck.


Kristine - April 13

Karen, I am so sorry you are going through this. I have just learned this week that I will miscarry also. This is the 3rd time in a row. I also waited the two months as directed and was taking baby aspirin and progesterone. No one seems to know why this is happening so we are going to see a specialist next month. These women on the boards are my support network and I honestly could not make it through each day without them. No one knows your pain unless they have felt it. I am now waiting to miscarry at home naturally. It is the hardest thing ever but I know I am meant to be a mother someday. We all are. I am learning that life is not filled with all the answers we need. I just have to accept this is happening and figure out my purpose. BIG HUGS hugs to you at this very anxious time. xo


karen goode - April 13

Thank you so much. With my first miscarriage in the beginning they thought it was an ectopic b/c of pain i was experiencing in my groin area and back(severe). They ruled it out. I got to eight weeks heard the heart beat but the doctor said it was not developing and the hb was not strong enough. I kept going back for u/s waiting for the h/b to stop and then had the d&c. I feel blessed to have been able to hear the hb. I will always hold that memory dear. I am lucky to be so fertile BUT i as well can't stay pregnant. It is heart breaking. With this preg. I went for my first u/s last week and only saw a very small gest. sac. Being that i did not use an ovulation kit iwas not sure when I conceived so they dated it at 4-5 weeks when I guess I should have been 6 weeks. I had blood work done the next couple of days and my levels were up to 1600. On mon. i again had blood work. My doctor called me Tues. at work and told me my levels went very low and to expect a miscarriage. I am shock and denial and really angry that there are women out there who abuse their bodies and babies and have healthy babies. Sorry for the long vent and thanks again


Lenny - April 13

I am so sorry to hear of all your losses. The waiting is the hardest part. I am nine weeks pregnant. The baby died at six. I too am waiting at home to miscarry naturally and hopefully avoid a D&C. I just thank God that I got to see my baby's little heartbeat before he died. This is my first pregnancy, and my dh and I felt so lucky and blessed when we got pregnant right away. Now I don't know what to think. Everything happens for a reason, but I am having a hard time figuring out a reason for this awful thing to happen to us. My dh just layed his head on my belly and cried. It was difficult to watch. Karen, you are fortunate in one way that you get pregnant very quickly. Your doctor needs to do some investigating to see why this keeps happening to you. As for me, I have polycyctic ovary syndrome, so I will be going on metformin to help us next time. I pray it works. Try to keep strong.


karen goode - April 13

I plan on going to a specialist. I am not going to be at peace until I find out why this is happening to me. I just the insurance co. would cover testing on a first miscarriage. We should not have to wait and see if it happens again and then go through the testing.


Kristine - April 13

We too have always seen the heartbeats but they were considered low. I believe the term they used was "threatened abortion" You gotta love that term. My advice is not to give up and seek out all the tests you can. My Dh and I had loads of bloodwork after the 2nd m/c and I have what is called MTHFR A1298C. It is a very common chromosome problem but they said most likely did not cause the miscarriages. My next step is to ask for internal testing of my uterus. Karen, it is okay to be angry. I wonder what type of higher being can allow such pain to good people. We have so much love to give. Lenny, I know where you are and it takes alot of strength. Be prepared for some cramping a little worse than AF cramps. Hopefully we both will avoid a D&C.


karen goode - April 13

This might sound crazy but as bad as my d&c was I would still choose it over naturally miscarrying. I don't know what to expect and to wait for it to start is horrible. I am afraid to leave my house out of fear I am going to start bleeding.


Lenny - April 13

My baby's hb was low too. The first was 88 then 80. I am just happy that I got to see it. It is so screwed up how when I was spotting (2 weeks ago) I would just hope for no more bleeding. Now that I should be bleeding, there is not so much as a drop. ARRRRGH!!


chandellina - April 13

Karen, sorry to hear you are going through this, but wait and see what happens. As far as natural miscarriage, if it does happen you probably will get warning, like spotting and cramps. i spotted for 3 days before my first miscarriage in Oct. and was terrified of having it naturally but that's the way it worked out and it wasn't as bad as I expected. 2nd one though had d&C 3 weeks ago - saw a heartbeat but it stopped before 8 weeks. i'm 36 and hoping the next try succeeds.


Kristine - April 13

Lenny, When I miscarried naturally the 2nd time, i was around 9 weeks. The warning sign was brown mucus and two days later intense cramping and heavy blood and clots for about 5 hours. By four days later, I was spotting and I knew it was completely over. How long is your doctor giving you before suggesting a D&C? Also, can you say a little more about the Polycystic OS you have? What are the symptoms and how did they find out?


karen goode - April 15

Just an update. I went to the doctor yesterday. He examined me and said unless I expel tissue over the weekend I will have a D&C on Monday. I am scared b/c my recovery from the last one did not go too well. I had 17 viles of blood taken from me as well . My husband had one vile to test his karyotype. Now we have to wait and see. I am so scared we will keep miscarrying. My mother is driving me crazy as well. She keeps saying she thinks I had my ultrasounds too early. My mother had me in 1971 things were different then. Oh well thanks for all your support.


Kristine - April 15

Karen, Your mom has to understand these are different times. I would rather have an early u/s than think all along things are going right. Hopefully your tests will lead to answers. Unfortunately, after our normal blood work came back, we still miscarried. I hate to think "what if" but I wish I had more testing done like ultrasound of my uterus to check for problems. I guess that's where we are headed next. It is very hard not to feel guilty like something inside of me is harming my babies. I hope you have a good weekend. I am still waiting to miscarry..........



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