2 Miscarriages Now A Heart Shaped Uterus Found

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kerry28 - February 26

Hi everyone. I'm hoping to find some answers as I'm pulling my hair out. I had an incomplete miscarriage 4 yrs ago which resulted in having a D&C. On 12th Jan this year I found out I was pregnant. I was over the moon but also very scared. At the time I was on medication for anxiety attacks so I seeked advice from my GP who told me to stop the medication right away. I requested an early scan for piece of mind as I have only had 1 pregnancy which failed. We went for an 8 week scan & I was so excited to see the babies heartbeat only to find out there was no heartbeat & the pregnancy sack was also collapsing. My world ended. I spent the neat 2 weeks wondering if a mistake had been made as I felt great. Last Thurs we had another scan to see if anything had come away only to have it confirmed that the foetus had shrunk from 6.8mm to 4. I was offered a D&C which I declined & opted for the chemical termination. During the scan they talked us through everything. They discovered this time I have a heart shaped uterus & the foetus was growing on the right side. I went through with the termintion Sat & now I'm scared stiff that I may never have a successful pregnancy. I'm in severe pain physically from the miscarriage saturday but mentally I can't think of anything other than 'can I go through this again?' I want a baby more than anything & having 2 failed pregnancies & the news of a 'variation uterus' has left me very scared. Has anyone else been through a similar situation? can a heart shaped uterus cause miscarriage? The nurse told me it can cause problems in later pregnancy however I can't help but feel this could be contributing to me loosing babies. I look forward to any comments good or bad. I want to start trying again but I don't think I could cope with a failed 3rd pregnancy xxx


stefkay - February 26

Hi Kerry, I'm so sorry that you are going through this nightmare...I just wanted to let you know that the most recent dr. I've seen who is a fertility specialist and works with recurrent miscarriage patients said the FIRST thing he looks for in finding the cause is the shape of the uterus. A heart shaped uterus does cause miscariages as does a septum in the uterus, etc. He told me this is fixable though in a lot of cases. In others you may have to go around it and do IVF (to implant in correct spot)....or take your chances on each pregnancy that it will implant in a different spot. He explained it so so much better. I don't know that much about it overall because that was not my issue. I STRONGLY suggest going to a fertility specialist so they can help you deal with this accordingly. It does NOT mean you cannot have a baby! :) Just a regular OB is not going to be much help I'd a__sume....Good luck to you!


april baby - February 26

Kerry28 – I am so sorry for you losses. I too have a heart shaped uterus and have had a m/c in September. What my doctor told me is that they would do an exam which I can’t recall the name of the exam at this time but I had the exam done in October I believe because I was so excited to try again and wanted to make sure that the reason of the m/c was because of the heart shaped uterus. The good news is that the reason for the m/c was not because of the heart shaped uterus. The bad news is that I still don’t know why at 12 weeks my baby left me. I would talk to your doctor to see what kinds of exams they can do to find out the severity of your heart shaped uterus. My uterus is slightly different but not enough to have a continued m/c. I hope that helps and I wish the best for you.


alicef - February 26

Hi Kerry, Sorry for your losses. I had an ultrasound at 10 weeks and was told the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. During this ultrasound I was told I had a bicornuate uterus. My family doc told me that it was not a "big deal" and did not contribute to my failed pregnancy. The ob/gyn who performed my D&C told me that I had a "possible" bicornuate uterus but it should not affect pregnancies. I have since read on medical web sites that if the embryo implants on the deviated part (septum) that it may not be able to get adequate nourishment to continue growing. I don't know what to think at this point. I was told I could go ahead with ttc after waiting 1 cycle following D&C. I guess I will have to wait and see what happens. I do have a healthy 3 year old. My pregnancy was uneventful until the end. The baby did not engage after 16 + hours of labour and I had a c-section when her heart rate started to drop. I have read that a variation uterus can cause breech babies and babies that do not engage. I guess I will wait to see what happens if I do get pregnant again. I hope that you find a doctor who can answer all your questions fully and takes some of the worry out of ttc for you. All the best!


cyndilea1973 - February 27

Kerry--I am sorry that you have had to suffer losses in your pregnancies and that this has taken away the joy of the miracle of life. I have also had 2 m/c and a chem pg in the last year and a half. I went to my regular doc after the m/c's for testing and had a HSG to check the shapes of the uterus and the tubes. They discovered I had a septated (divided) uterus and would require surgery to correct this birth defect. I had to have the surgery performed by a reconstructive ob-gyn surgeon here in Atlanta, Ga about 3 months ago with an excellent prognosis. I haven't conceived yet (my hubby is working in another state..so the timing is never right around ovulation time)but I know that my next little angel will make it through and be here with me! I am glad to hear that your doc has an idea of what's causing you to m/c. I would ask your doc if you can have the HSG (hysterosalinogram..not sure of sp?)which is an ultrasound with a dye injected into your uterus so that they can see exactly the shape of your womb and if they can perform surgery to correct it. Your heart shape may not be sever enough for surgery which means that you would always run the risk of future pg's planting in a bad spot. I hope that you get all the medical help to fix this for you so that you may have a little one some day, and as for all of the emotional help and support, this forum is the best place to find kindred souls who understand the devastation of losing what could have been. Cyndi


AM2008 - February 28

Hi, I am in a similar situation, currently waiting for my second miscarriage to happen naturally and during the U/S this time they said that I could have a Septate Uterus. I am 33 and extremely worried because we really want to have a baby. I am just keeping my fingers crossed and trying to wait it out. I know this is no help but wanted u to know that you are not alone. Take good care!


HopefulK - February 28

Hi Kerry, I too have a heart shaped uterus, its only a minor abnormality in my case, but means when I get pregnant I bleed for up to 5 months on and off into my pregnancies, because one side of my uterus does not 'speak' to the other. Ok, I have lost my baby girl at 28 weeks through nothing to do with the heart shaped uterus, I also had a blighted ovumn which was in the opposite horn to my baby girl, don't think that had anything to do with the heart shaped uterus either. I now have a baby boy (same side as my girl) who is gonna be 1 in about 5 days. So, yep it can be a scary road, the bleeding during my pregnancies make me afraid of missing again, so terror is my pal, but you can defo have a baby with a heart shaped uterus. The main problem I've had is with pre-term labour. I've never yet gone past 33+4 weeks. So, yes I defo think you need more help. I was considered a high risk pregnancy and monitored throughout mine, and you should be too, but you CAN CAN CAN be successful at pregnancy with a heart shaped utuerus. It just depends on how bad your diviation is to how much help you need. Good luck xx


lisamc - February 28

Kerry - first off I am so sorry for your losses. I too have a heart shaped uterus, I just found this out after I suffered a m/c at 9w5d back in November. I was told that it wont hurt my chances of getting pregnant or carring a baby. In fact I have a 10 year old son so i know its possible , i was told my m/c had nothing to do with losing my baby but it could affect my chances of carrying to term. So there is some hope. I had a baby.. wi.th a heart shaped uterus... best of luck to you


jessica22688 - March 13

Im sorry for your losses. I can relate to you in many ways as far as pregnancy goes. I recently m/c at 13 weeks-after you see the heartbeat you think everything is good to go-well, i had a lot of complications along with the pregnancy-alot of bleeding issues. After I lost the baby, they did an ultrasound and discovered that i had an abnormal (or deformed) uterus, which they called BICORNUATE. They told me that there was nothing that i could do..they also told me that bicornuate uterus doesnt cause m/c's. So, i was confused and decided to see a infertility specialist. The moment he saw what i was diagnosed with, he told me that he didnt believe it. He suggested that it was a septate uterus and that we should go into surgery and if it was then he would remove the septum and make my uterus normal. I went through alot to find these answers, but my surgery went well and I will soon try again. I wish you the best of luck, and suggest that you go and see a specialist. Bicornuate uterus is just too uncommon.


remaining positive - March 29

Hello, I am so sorry for your loss. I am going through the same exact thing. I have had 3 miscarriages, and they said I have a heart shape uterus (how sweet!). Anyway, after my 3rd miscarriage, I went to a fertility specialist, and had all kinds of blood work done, and everything was normal. They found the septum (heart shape) and said that it could be removed by surgery. Well, I had the surgery today and they said when they went it, it was not a big enough septum to remove, so I am so upset, bc I thought that was the answer to all my problems. If you do have a septum, it is a very easy surgery and 90% of women go on to have healthy pregnancies after. I would have the septum removed before you try again. At least it is one variable to take out in your journey to conceive. I wish you the best of luck!! I guess I am just going to try again, but if I have a 4th miscarriage, I'm just going to look into a surrogate or adoption. Stay Positve!!!


amaransia - April 6

Hi Kerry - I'm so sorry you're going through this. I was diagnosed with an abnormal uterus last week and had 2 miscarriages last year and 2 chemical pregnancies this year. It's so horrible to have to experience a loss as everyone agrees. My abnormal uterus is so narrow and small, and the cervix is too long and goes through the uterus :( I was never able to find a similar case anywhere online :( At this point my RE wants us to try again in 1 cycle and because of my age (40 now) wants us to use injectables thinking that if we have more eggs perhaps we'll get lucky and at least one will be good. But, he still wants to be careful because of the small uterus that it might not be able to handle multiple. At this point, it's just a risk that we have to take :( I hope you'll find the strength in trying again and this next time will be it for you!


tashawhite1115 - April 15

Hi my Name is natasha, i have almost the same story, i have had 2 miscarriages, my last one i carried the baby till 10 weeks. the blood tests were perfect so i couldnt understand why. Than i had an MRI that confirmed i had a heart shaped uterus, yesterday i went to a specialist and the only option was to have a LAPAROSCOPY Hysteroscopic septum removal, because the mri also showed i had a septum on the top of the uterus and on the bottom but very thin.I go in may 20th but have been searching the internet to find answers and to see if it works, but no luck. i understand the frustration i want a baby , its all i really think about, and so far i have got no good news, i wish you luck and if you find out any information i would love the input... Good luck:)



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