2 Weeks After D Amp C And I Am Still Bleeding

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gsonap - June 28

I came to know about my missed miscarriage at 8 weeks on june 13th and had a D&C on June 16th. I am still bleeding.. its very light and very dark brown. Every day I wake with the hope that today bleeding would stop.. but no.. I am literally going crazy. My dr suggested me to wait for one cycle and then I can start TTC..I am literally waiting for that and this bleeding is like never ending. I think if I become pregnant I may be able to come out of this emotional trauma. I am still not able to ..I try soo hard and as soon as I see a baby or pregnant women.. I go back to square 1.. My dr has asked me to see her after 4 weeks from the date of D&C and till then no intercourse and hence no TTC. I understand why she told me to wait for a month.. but I am going crazy here.. Ladies. I really dont know what to do..how long did you bleed? How long do tyou think it would continue. Bleeding is very light since more than a week. but its not stopping.


mrsjbh3 - June 29

I had a DNC on June 10th. I stopped bleeding after a week. My doctor told me that's the normal time frame. Also, he suggested a follow-up visit after 2-3 weeks. Since you're worried, is it possible that you could schedule an earlier appointment? Maybe if you tell them you believe you're having complications due to the surgery....they'll be willing to schedule you sooner. *************Hang in there. I KNOW how difficult it is to see the beautiful pregnant bellies and the adorable babies....but I pray that you'll never have to feel the pain of a miscarriage again....EVER!!!!! Just keep talking about it with supportive people and know that this whole experience can only make you an even better mother....because you will be so much more appreciative of your future little one(s)!!!! Also, I know you want your cycle to be regular again so you can TTC, but you'll be there before you know it. Maybe this is your body's way of telling you its not ready just yet and needs more time to heal before being pregnant again. Better to wait a little while and increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy than to get pregnant before your body is ready and have complications. Hope you feel better soon!!!


llisab - June 29

Hi ladies...I don't have an answer for you, but I do have a question... I just had a d&c yesterday at 2:30 pm (about 22 hrs ago). I went into the hospital because I'd been hemmoraging (just gushing blood constantly). I naturally miscarried on April 23, but not all the tissue would come out, so finally, I went and got the procedure done. I'm wondering what the bleeding after a d&c is like. I am so scared to get out of bed for fear that I'll start gushing again. So if you don't mind telling me, what is normal for the first couple days? I've been going to the bathroom and having little clots come out, but at least the toilet isn't turning blood red. If you have any answers, i'd really appreciate them. Thank you, Lisa


mrsjbh3 - June 29

Hi lisab....I had spotting for a week after the DNC. It was like a very light period, I only needed a liner. I read all about the procedure prior to having it and most sites said that it's normal to have anything from spotting to bleeding like your normal period for about a week. It's good that you had the surgery done, because if the natural miscarriage carries on for very long, it can lead to infection. If you see clots or bleed for more than a week, I would go see your doctor. Also, I know what you mean about being afraid that you'll bleed like you did during the miscarriage. I was so used to bleeding so heavily during the two weeks I miscarried, that it took me a few days to realize that the process was finally over. I hope this helps!!


gsonap - June 29

hello mrsjbh3, thanks for replying. I spoke to my dr and she told, its normal. As long as its not heavy I should be o.k. I am praying that it will be over soon and I can goahead with TTC. Lisab, when I had my D&C, my bleeding was very light actually lighter than my normal period. I am still bleeding, since yesterday the bleeding has got little heavier (not too heavy though).I still see small clots, hoping it will be over soon. Take care and good luck.


LeahVic - July 2

Hey, I had my d/c 3 weeks ago and I only bled for about 1 week and it was much lighter than my normal period, I actually bled extremely heavily 2 days before the d/c whilst out grocery shopping which as you can imagine was awful but my actual d/c only took 25 mins so I'm thinking there wasn't much to take away, Im curious as to where you guys live as I live in england I have no follow up doctors appt after my miscarriage which I thought was strange!?!? gsonap I hope you feel a little better as each day goes by, i am finding it easier but its going to take time to come to terms with much love leah x o x o


tonilee7 - July 3

Hi gsonap, I bled for only 3 days really heavy, I actually didnt bleed at all the afternoon of the d/c or the day after but that the next night I was in the worst pain ever and I was bleeding heavy, I didnt get blood clots until 2nd day of bleeding and got them pretty much constant until I stopped bleeding. I stopped bleeding on monday after d/c(wednesday before) but since I have just been getting very light (nearlly not visable spotting and it is very light brown) since, but doc said it was normal....I didnt know wether I could start counting down to my O days, the doc told me to count from the day I stopped bleeding and not to worry about the spotting coz it was normal after a d/c.....this I am not totally sure of so if anyone can fill me please do so........well I am glad your doc told you that everything was fine...so good luck ttc again.....and my doc told me to wait for atleast 2 weeks, by then your body should be healed properly I was naughty I didnt wait but I guess if I get pregnant it was meant to be....goodluck to you


gsonap - July 3

Hello Ladies, Thanks for your words. I am feeling much better now, Thanks. I wanted a break, so me and my husband went on a 2 day vacation. It made me feel really good. Finally.. I stopped bleeding yesterday. Atleast.. I am done with one chapter. My temp raised yesterday by .4, I was soo excited and took a OPK test and it turned out positive. I was like wow..you know.. and later I realized that OPK turns positive if my body still has hcg hormones and that was a real disappointment. Today morning I took a HPT and that came up with +ve too, it was a faint line though. Ladies, How many days after yr D&C did you ovulate? Or to be more precise, how many days after your bleeding stopped did you ovulate? I really cant wait to know.. how many more days I need to wait in order to TTC. Good luck. Sona



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