2nd Cycle After M C

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stacey - March 25

Was your 2nd cycle more normal after a m/c? My first one after the m/c was 40 days- 34 before af- so a short luteal (sp) phase. I am hoping this 2nd cycle is more normal for me, but it's not so far. I am regularly a 30 day gal. I am trying opk's,and waching my cm and cervix- not a pro at any of these things yet, so my best guess is nothing yet! :( Was anyone normal by 2nd cycle? Did it get closer to normal? Or, was it still different? THANKS


Dina - March 25

I am kind of in the same situation. I m/c on 1-11-05 and my first a/f after that was 2-19-05(about six weeks after m/c). I am normally a 30 day cycle too and now I am 5 days late for a/f( I thought I was due for it 3-20-05). We were ttc so I am hoping for the best, but I can't help thinking that my body is just so out of wack, and that this whole thing will take months to heal from and get back to "normal"!!!!! I have posted many times on this site asking women if the stay off or if they eventually get back to a normal cycle after m/c...some do and some don't. I am trying ovulations tests, but also have not gotten the hang of them yet. Good luck to you and keep us posted!


stacey - March 25

thanks for responding! It's such a hard thing! First you need to go through the m/c then you have to learn all about your cycle again! I am just scared that I will not ovulate this time- hopefully I'm wrong. Can't help but be jealous of those people who get regular again! I m/c on 1/28 and got my first af 6 weeks later as well. However, if my luteal ohase stays 6 days, I'll never get pregnant again- needs to be over 10!


mulgajill - March 25

My second cycle was pretty normal, used opk so that helped... the cm thing never happens for me in as that i NEVER have "important eggwhite/stretchy cm"... but have had two kids and a few unsuccessful pregnancy so i dont think it is essential to have it... :-)


stacey - March 25

As you know, I am trying it all this time- but having trouble- used to have eggwhite, but don't remember having it last time, think I had a pos opk yesterday, but neg this am- no temp rise. I have no clue! Guess it's good that we're ttc every other night!


mulgajill - March 26

good luck stacey... positive opk yesterday... same as me... no more shagging for a few days now as my fella is gone :-( ... visiting family.... so we will see what happens in the next two weeks!


stacey - March 26

well, hopfully it'll be good timing for both of us :)


mulgajill - March 26

Good luck Stacey... the positive opk only usually is for one day... lets all pray for "long luteal phases".... am going to start progesterone on Tuesday which is day four after O day... 50mg day/cream would have started sooner but the mail service is so c___ppy and with easter weekend it wont get here til then. This will not guarantee pregnancy to hold but it will Definately make the luteal phase longer/stronger. Also i think you can dismiss the first cycle after m/c .... mine was a shocker, in fact i thought i was pregnant again (which i didn't want to be yet)... hormone hell ... xx


Dina - March 26

Hi again Stacey- well I thought I was suppossed to get a/f on the 20th and then today (six days late...now a 36 day cycle) I started to see signs of a/f:( But now, hours later, I have completely stopped spotting. I have heard from others that they too spotted for only a few days, so I will wait and see. I am so disappointed that I am not pregnant and very hopeless about knowing when to ttc next time! When are you do for a/f? Please keep me posted and I will do the same...we need all the support we can get!


stacey - March 27

Dina- maybe you are pregnant, spotting isn't alwasy a bad thing! Mulgajill- not sure about the pos. opk b/c I took it in afternoon just to test the new brand- looked pos, but in am from then on it has been light- very light today! I would think it's a good sign, but my temps haven't increased. If I have a short lueal phase again this time, maybe I'll try to ask for the progesterone- did you mention it to the doc. or did he tell you about it?Or is it over the counter?


Dina - March 28

Stacey- Just wanted you to know that I got a/f yesterday:-(!!!!!!!! I was so disapointed! We are so ready to try again next month! Let me know if you find a successful testing method! I don't think I have the patiencd for temp.testing.(I have heard you need to chart it for a couple months to really notice a change.) And I, like mulgajill, am not sure the cm thing could work for me either. I tried the ovulation test sticks this past month and got positive results two times...once on the 7th and the other on the 14th!?!? I thought my luteal phase was 13 but my body is a mess right now so I'm not sure if testing will even help! Let me know if you have any success.


to mulgajill - March 28

Can you explain how the progesterone thing works?


stacey - March 28

I'm sorry Dina- but I kinda feel like I'll be in the same situation. I have no idea how these ovulation predictors work- thought had a pos- but not sure. Anyway, if my cycle stays 40 days, then I won't get af until the 18th! UGH that's too long to wait. Hopefully I'll ovulate soon (if haven't already).


Angela - March 28

Hello everyone, I too had a miscarriage in Dec, waited one month, (which is how long it took to stop bleeding and finally get a normal period anyway),and then I used "FertilAid" supplement from first day of cycle till ovulation, and I swear it worked. I am pregnant again, although very nervous this time. and keep thinking I am going to m/s again. My b___st are not sore some days, and I have had light craming 2 times. But an U/S at 8 weeks confirmed a fetus with 167 heart rate. I am now 9 weeks, and not convinced that everything will be ok. Have a 1st Tri-screening in 2wks.. Well, thanks for listening. This is a great site and very helpful.


Angelya - March 28

Dina: For what its worth, I used an Ovulation Monitor for several months, and it has been extremely accurate. I have been pregnant twice now using it. (one m/s), but so far so good. I borrowed it from a friend, but I think they are around $150-200, and the sticks are $50. well worth it. Never tried the temp method tho. :)


Angela - March 28

What is it and where do you get it? What escatly is it for? FertilAid-


stacey - March 28

sorry, that last one was from me- and I meant to write what exactly is it for?



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