2nd Mc In 6 Mos What Does Dr Say

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Jenn - October 22

I just had my 2nd mc in 6 mos. I have a 2 yr and I had absolutely no problems with that pregnancy. I see my OB on Mon (went to the ER for the mc) has anyone had 2 miscariages in a row? and what did your dr say? I am so worried.....


Cabbie - October 22

Jenn, I have had three miscarriages in a row since Aug 04. I am currently pregnant but things are not looking good. I also have two children who though I took clomid to have them (tried about a year for each), once I was pregnant I had no problems carrying them. Now I can get pregnant at the drop of a hat and can't carry a baby. My dr thinks its bad luck, but my progesterone came in a bit low so that may be the cause. I'm here if you need to talk. Good luck to you!


Bohnwin - October 22

Ladies, please talk to your docs about genetics. You or your hubby may be contributing a gene that makes the fetus non-viable. This doesn't happen every time, but, the older you get, and your hubby gets, the more often it occurs. Hope I helped.


Ashley - October 22

I have had 2 mc within 3 months of each other. the last being back in July. I have not been able to get pregnant since then. I also have a 2 1/2 year old that I had no problems with to get pregnant or to stay pregnant. I just got some tests done and everything is normal. So i do not know what is going on. Good luck for you though. I am only 24 and my husband is only 27. I have heard that having two miscarriages can be just bad luck and that many people go on to have another baby just fine. There is a lady that i know who had two mc and is pregnant now and doing good. Anyway good luck to you.


jennifer - October 23

Hi, I too have had two m/c back to back. The first in april and the second in august of this year. My doctor seems to think that it was just a fluke that it has happened this way. He says that because we know I can carry a child to term ( i have a 6 and 9 year old) that it was just bad luck. So we are going to try again in a couple of weeks. My doctor said to wait for two a/f b4 trying again so that my body can get back to "normal". He also advised me to start taking a folic acid supplement at least one month b4 ttc, which I have. Well thats my story. I hope it helped somewhat. Good luck to you jennifer


Jenn - October 23

Thankyou so much for the responses, especially so soon. THey are bringing me much comfort. Cabbie, when you found your progesterone low did they put you on shots? I am considering asking the dr to test mine. I am 27 almost 28, husband just turned 28. Neither of us smoke, take any meds or have any health problems. I am hoping that it was just 2 fluke things and I want to ttc asap. Last time dr suggested we wait 3 mos but I have heard other women say their dr's told them just wait for one af. After last mc I don't think I even ovulated for 3 mos (my periods were not crazy irregular) So who knows what will happen this time. Thanks and good luck to everyone.


Cabbie - October 23

Jenn, I am taking progesterone suppositories twice a day right now. I am just waiting to see how things go. I was at 18 when they like to see 20 at about 4 1/2 weeks. Ideally, the suppositories should be started around ovulation time, but this was an unexpected pregnancy so we didn't have that choice.


Alison - October 23

Jenn I am so sorry for your losses. I have had 3 miscarriages (still TTC 1st child) Sept 04, Dec 04 then June 05. My DH & I were referred for tests after the 3rd loss but no answers have been found so we are trying again and praying things will be different. I have been told only 1% of women will have 3 miscarriages in a row, so as you have had 2 the chances of you having a healthy pregnancy next time are much much greater than those of you having another loss. 2 can still be "bad luck" and happens quite alot. If you have carried to term once before that is a good sign too. I know it is so scary but you have good reason to feel hopeful for your next pregnancy. You are the same age as me, though my Dh is slightly older at 34. We started TTC last April and look after oursleves also and try and do everything right. We have always been told to wait 1 month to try again. After the 1st loss we waited 1 month, after the 2nd we waited 2 months, and after the 3rd we had to wait for all the tests etc which meant we ended up waiting 3 months before TTC. I have always been under the impression 1 month is enough to wait unless the pregnancy was quite far along, but I could be wrong. I pray that you will conceive soon when you start TTC again-that your cycles will regulate quickly and you will quickly conceive a healthy baby to hold in your arms. I wish you every blessing-and again I am so sorry for all you have been through. Be extra kind to yourself, take care xxx


Sue - October 23

Hi Jenn, Sorry for your losses. I also have had 2 miscarriages in 6 months and have a healthy 2 year old. We are currently awaiting genetic results on the fetus. Our doctor plans to put me on baby aspirin, progesterone and double folic acid for the next pregnancy. There are numerous publications stating that this has a very good success rate for a viable pregnancy after 2 miscarriages. Keep in touch and good luck!


Jenn - October 24

Just came back from my dr appt, the ER didn't send the info up so i didn't get a lot of info, but next preg she'll give me some progesterone supplements.


Erin - October 24

Women who have at least one healthy child, but three or more mc's usually have a chromosomal issue, not a progesterone issues. They will often have low progesterone levels, though, because pregnancy is terminating itself. I took progesterone thinking that must be my problem, but it just prolonged my 4th miscarriage. I have one healthy girl, 4 mc's, three this year, one before my little girl. Doctor is pretty sure that I am throwing "loaded" chromosomal dice, meaning I am capable of having a healthy child, but my chances of having a miscarriage due to carrying a bad gene are higher. Kind of like people who are more likely to have a brown eyed child than a blue eyed one.


Kara - October 24

After three m/c's and lots of normal test results, we are getting ready to start trying again this weekend. We feel like we are flying blind, but taking steps to cover all bases. We will be doing progesterone, baby asprin, and I have given up caffeine. (a local dr/health fanatic in town thinks caffiene is evil and causes m/c's. Just in case he's right, I am giving it up) My Dr said some woman truely have a lutal phase problem. But all women experience low progesterone every now and then on some cycles. Most of the time we are normal, but sometimes we are not. So as a precautionary, we are doing the progesterone. Yes it can make you hold on to a nonviable pregnancy. To deal with that, we will monitor hcg every two days. If it stops rising for two test in a row, we will discontinue. From a psychological standpoint, it makes me feel more proactive. Like I am taking back some control. Maybe it won't work, but what if it does?? The only testing we have not done is the karotyping. I guess I am afraid to find out that we are genetically star-crossed lovers incapable of producing a child. Isn't that a stupid reason not to do the test?? Gee, I don't have contol issues, do I??


Cabbie - October 25

In my case (three miscarriages, two healthy children, and pregnancy not looking good now), my dr truely believes it is a hormonal issue. My two children (our first two attempts at conceiving) were conceived on clomid after a year of trying to have them each. The dr believes there may have been something about the clomid that helped the corpus leteum (sp?) produce enough progesterone. This is all just theory but that is the way he is leaning. All my three miscarriages and this new pregnancy were blind pregnancies. We weren't trying but weren't using protection either.


Kara - October 25

Cabbie - I certainly not an expert, but your situation does sound like a hormonal problem. I am a firm believer in womans intuition. Are you on baby asprin now? My doc suggested it last time when things started to go down hill. They said it couldn't hurt and was worth a try in case there was an undiagnosed blood problem. Didn't help me, but I was willing to try anything. Best wishes.


Cabbie - October 25

Thanks, Kara! Yes, I am on a baby aspirin and progesterone suppositories right now. I go for my obgyn on Friday. My gut tells me I've got another blighted ovum, but we will see.


Jenn - October 25

So many different things to think about. So should I ask to be tested for some chromosome problems? Will I really want to take progesterone if it doesn't really help? I don't want to prolong a miscarriage if it is going to happen regardless.


Erin - October 25

If you are not yet pregnant, have the doctor do a progesterone test at 21 into your cycle. That will let you know if you genuinely have low progesterone. If not, you shouldn't need supplements to carry a healthy pregnancy. If you are pregnant, take the progesterone supplements if you test low. HGC tests are not a bad way to monitor, but I would prefer to have a weekly ultrasound, which my Dr. agrees to. I miscarried on progesterone, and had a healthy pregnancy without it, so I am betting my test will show I don't have a progesterone problem after all, and I would have sworn up and down that I did until now. Women who have children and recurrent mc are much more likely to have chromosomal issues than hormonal imbalances. Unless you are older and have developed a thyroid condition, and sometimes LPD.



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