2nd Miscarriage

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princess13 - March 1

Hi all, i had a miscarriage 2 days ago. Most pain i have ever had in my life. I have a horrid question to ask. Has anyone seen the baby when it has passed? The doctor measured the fetus at 8 weeks in an ultrasound saying it was only 2cm. But i should have been 11 weeks and i had something pass that was about 10cm (sorry to be in detail) but it seemed to have like fatty tissue in it and it was quite heavy. Was i right in thinking this was the baby? Really hard to cope with as everyone i know is pregnant and we just really want one. I am still bleeding and want to try asap. When can i do so? I also had a miscarriage 10 years ago, does this affect my chances of a healthy pregnancy next time?


denimb__terfly - March 1

Sounds similar to what I pa__sed too. Mine came out all in the sac still in tact. I was in the ER and they pulled it out and put my baby in a plastic container. My husband asked if he could open it and see and they said no, it needed to be tested. I regret that we did not insist on taking it home with us and letting them disect it. It was mine and I know I could have taken it home with me. About a month after I miscarried I started to be very upset about the whole thing and I guess no matter what it just hurts and everything is just so wrong... I am sorry for your loss. <<Hugs>>


princess13 - March 1

Thanks so much for your help and support. Gosh, thanks to whoever started the first ever internet forum!!!Without it i would be in the dark, so would many others i would think. I am glad (sort of glad) that i miscarried naturally and that i saw the sac/baby come out. You think you were going to sound nuts sososleepy about fishing it out of the toilet, but my partner and i buried it in a garden and going to buy a fruit tree to put there. I am also sorry for your losses :( I hope all goes well for you both for all of us like this. Sad knowing it can happen for no reason to people who really want to be parents. I think it would be nice to hear good news soon:)


denimb__terfly - March 1

I don't think it is weird at all. Like I said, I wish I had kept the baby and buried it. I did feel this weird calm come over me when I saw it out of me. It was like- I was real and I am out of you now, and I know you love me but I am dead now. I don't think I am describing it right, but I think that is how I felt at the time. I knew the baby had died 2 days before I miscarried it and every time I went to the bathroom I was looking in the toilet. I had some huge blood clots (about the size of my fist) and I kept wondering is that the baby? is that the baby? So, when it actually came out I knew at least I did not have to keep wondering. Oh, on a brighter note- I am 11 weeks and all is good. It's hard because I am scared of many things, but I know I have to be positive and just look ahead.


princess13 - March 1

Denimb___terfly... I am so happy for you!!! 11 weeks, i am reading all these to my partner and when we heard that we both felt really happy,(for someone i dont know) we both wish you all the best. I was waiting for 2 days aswell for it to come out, and i sure knew when it did. Once again congrats!!


Shiner081 - March 1

Hi princess,srry for your loss.It has been 16 days since I had my miscarriage and I previously had one on October/06.All my doctor told me this time was when we were ready to go ahead and try again.So as long as you have stopped bleeding I would say go ahead.We waited 2 cycles after the last miscarriage but unfortunatley missed again.We are going to start trying this weekend and praying the 3rd time will be our lucky charm.By the way, I already have three healthy and problem free kids/pregnancies already but want a 4th and final one so bad that it is luck trying 4 our 1st.I should be thankful with the three I have but I hate when people tell me that.I am thankful believe me but this one will complete our family.I feel sorry for the ones who are still trying for there 1st but do not give up it will happen to u all and you will have healthy babies.


princess13 - March 1

Thanks shiner081. My sister has had an eptopic, 2 miscarriages, 3 unsuccessful ivf treatments and 1 semi successful ivf treatment that ended at 21 weeks. She has a 16 yo daughter, and people keep saying at least she has 1, yes she is lucky, but as you say,it doesnt stop you from wanting more, which as you can tell it wont happen to her now. I can imagine that having a child is an amazing experience, so i dont think i will stop at 1, no matter what, i would keep trying until i got my 3, my partner says 2, but i say 3 ;)


BeccaC - March 1

Princess, I am so sorry. I had 2 m/c but never bled so I don't know if that was your baby or not. It is so painful to go through this, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Shiner, I am also sorry you are going thru your 2nd. I also hate it when people say, at least you have a beautiful DD, like this m/c isn't so bad. Yes, i am wonderfully blessed to have a healthy child, but I don't have to reminded of that when I am grieving over my loss. On a happy note, like denim, I am also 11 weeks pg and so far, God has blessed me with a great pregnancy. Although I'm not out of the woods yet, I am still a believer that I will be a mother of two. HUGS to both of you who are going thru this right now.


Shiner081 - March 1

Thanks BeccaC!Thats great news that you have a little bean growing inside if you,I am sure things will be fine with this one but I know it is hard not to worry but you just have to stay positive and reduce the stress.I know that is sometimes harder done than said.Princess our turn will be next and I know that I am no ware near giving up.Soon you I will be able to say we are carry a little bean and eventually be holding our little bundles of joy.


princess13 - March 2

Yes Shiner i think we will be next!!! Becca, good luck with everything, i am sure you dont need it:) Just another question, i miscarried on Wednesday it has been nearly 4 days and i am still bleeding ( in know its normal) but also pa__sing a couple of clots and getting stomach cramps, is this normal?


sososleepy - March 2

All of you, thanks for being here. Tonight was another cry night, and your kind words on this thread will provide solace as I head off to sleep. For me, it's weeks done and over, and the tears are further apart, but they still come, and for whatever reason they just did. I'll try to post rationally here tomorrow, but now today I need you all to know that your answers here and elsewhere help both those asking, and the many others just quietly reading in pain. Thanks.


princess13 - March 2

Big night tonight, my partner and i have bought a citrus tree to plant where we buried our little bean. Not sure how we will be, been hard to look at the place so far :( Wish us luck and our thoughts are with you sososleepy, stay strong :)


sososleepy - March 3

Thanks princess. It's a much brighter outlook this morning. What kind of citrus tree? Many citrus trees are the host plant for beautiful swallowtail b___terflies, so if you see caterpillars that are kind of ugly, look them up before you spray it if you like b___terflies. I hope it grows well for you.


princess13 - March 3

It is a Satsuma tree. Our favourite fruit. I dont think we have Swallowtail b___terflies here in New Zealand?? But i am sure the tree will grow big and strong!! Still bleeding, want it to stop so i can start trying again. How long after the bleeding can you try again, do i need to get a check up with a doctor after the bleeding has stopped to make sure everything is fine?Everyday gets easier, but that little bean is on my mind constantly!!! :(


Shiner081 - March 3

Hi,well this is day 18 after my D&C and this past week I started having this carmel color looking discharge,not much but still there.I have had discharge all this time since since the D&C but just this change in color this past week.I went to see the doctor and she was not sure what it was but could sure see it when she took alook inside of me.Infection we do not know but a have no fever just very mild crmping once in a blue moon.So for safety reasons she put me on antibiotics for a week and hopefully it will quit so we can try again.My doctor says once the bleeding HAS STOPPED we are good to go again and try.With my first D&C this past OCt. I only blead for 8 days but why this ling I dunno.but the med. will hopefully clear this discharge up.I would say u are good to go once the bleeding has stopped.


princess13 - March 5

Shiner, i hope everything is going ok with you and that you have started trying again :) I thought that my bleeding had stopped but after a day it is back, could this be my period already? If it keeps up my midwife says she can book me in for a scan to make sure the miscarriage was complete. Hope everything is good by next week as my partner and i are going to stay at the beach for a few days to get away from it all. Denim and Becca i hope your pregnancies are going well, i wish you all the best. To the rest of us, good luck let us know how you get on. Hugs :)


Shiner081 - March 5

Hi Princess13,hope you are fine.I do not think that is your period,just when I thought I was done it would start up again.Day 18 after my D&C I went in to see my doctor(saturday 3rd)I was still having discharge so she did an internal examine and was unsure what it was as I did not have any other infection symptoms.So she put me on some kind of antibiotics and by that nite I quit having discharge and have not had none since.Now hopefully all is well now,I just have some minor discomfort in my lower stomack but hopefully that will go away by Friday as that is the last day for my antibiotics.She said she could order another ultrasound and D&C if I feel things are still not right.I pray things are going to be okay now as we started to try again Sunday nite.All the best 2 u.



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