2nd Miscarriage Why

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Sue - October 13

Hello, I just had my second miscarriage last week. We saw a heartbeat at 7 weeks. We came in for a 11 week appointment and there was no heartbeat to be detected. I had to have a D&C the following day. I don't understand what happened. I was having morning sickness and felt very pregnant. I also miscarried at five weeks in May of this year. I have had a successful pregnancy and have a healthy two year old. Why am I miscarrying now?


Alison - October 14

Hi Sue, I am so sorry for your losses. I recently suffered my 3rd miscarriage (no children) and am TTC again following tests which have not given an explanation. Unfortunately up to 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in miscarriage-many women experience miscarriage with their 1st pregnancy but some have one or two in between having successful pregnancies. It is horribly common and to have one at some point in life is very common, to have two is slightly less common but still happens alot-once it gets to 3 is when it is more rare which is the situation I am in. I have heard of several women who have a baby then a misarriage or 2 miscarriages before their second baby. I know one woman who had 2 healthy babies then a miscarriage then 2 more babies after. I know how heartbreaking it is and am so very sorry. I too had morning sickness with my pregnancies and felt pregnant up to miscarrying. The hormones come from the placenta tisue so even once the baby dies there are still hormones being produced. The statistics say that your next pregnancy has every chance of success as only 1% if women (like myself unfortunately) will lose 3 in a row. So although it is very hard you have every reason to feel hopeful for the next time, especially as you have carried to term once before. I wish you healing and strength and every blessing for the future. Take care xxx


Kylie - October 14

HI sue sorry for your losses. I had a m/c July last yr then April this year and the specialist put it down to bad luck. My close friend has two healthy boys but since then has hd 2 m/c's. During my 2nd pregancy I also had all the symptoms morning sickness etc and I took that as a good sign but then things turned wrong. It is true 1 in 4 pregnancies end in m/c but that doesn't mean you won't be able to have another successful pregancy. M thoughts are with you.XX


Sue - October 14

Hi Alison, thanks for your message. I appreciate it. I am sorry for your losses. My cousin-in-law had an ecoptic pregnancy and 2 miscarriages before she had her first child. Then she had another child. Don't lose hope. I wish you a very healthy pregnancy in the future. Thank you for your thoughts! Good luck


Sue - October 14

Hi Kylie, Thank you for your message. I hope things go well for you too! My thoughts are with you too! Good luck!


Alison - October 14

Sue bless you for your kind thoughts and for sharing about your friend. I pray I too will have a healthy pregnancy the next time, and again I wish you every blessing and a healthy baby in your arms when you conceive again. Take care and be kind to yourself xxx


Jenn - October 22

I just had my 2nd mc in 6 months.. I am feeling so confused. It is very easy for me to get pregnant but I don't understand why I mc both times. I had a very healthy pregnancy with my little who will turn 2 next month. What did everyone's dr say? Do I need to have hormones tested? I will see my OB on Monday. Any suggestions on things I should make sure to ask? I feel for what all of you are going through. The sadness, the okay, the anger. I just want to know I can have another healthy baby but now I am so scared to even get pregnant again.


Bohnwin - October 22

To everyone, I am sorry to hear about your losses. I hope that this paragraph can give you some piece of mind. I have been a laboratory technician for about 7 years. I work with all kinds of patients, from newborns to the geriatric. I listen to doctors when they have something to say or teach. The most common cause of miscarriage is a genetic defect in the embryo. Your body recognizes the fact that the embryo will not develop normally, and definately won't be able to live outside the womb, and your hormone levels drop, and the embryo is expelled (miscarriage). There is probably nothing wrong with your ability to carry a child, but the genetic make-up between your egg and your partner's sperm wasn't quite right. Many women experience miscarriages, and don't even realize they are having one. To Sue, I'm surprised your Doc didn't do a BHCG on you and another in 2 days before the D&C. Even if they couldn't find a heartbeat... they couldn't find a heartbeat on my daughter until 13 weeks because my uterus tilts backwards instead of frontwards. This means there was more of me between the doppler and my baby, so it was harder to hear. On top of that, she liked to hang out right on top of one of my arteries, so when we thought we had found her, it was really my heartbeat we were hearing. The BHCG, if it doubled in the two days time, would have shown a viable pregnancy. If it didn't, then chances were that it was a dead embryo, and you would have miscarried it, anyway. Ladies, if you have repeated miscarriages (and are in the age group of 18-30, because genetic defects increase after the age of 30) I would seriously suggest seeking genetic counseling for both you and your partner. This isn't just talking to a doc and telling him/her about your family history, but they will run lab tests on you to determine your, and your partner's, genetic make-up, and the chances that you or your partner are pa__sing on a gene that "sabotages" your embryo. There are also some blood clotting defects which may go undiagnosed until you become pregnant, which cause clots in the placenta and result in lack of blood flow to the embryo, causing m/c. As well as a condition which results in lowered ability to use Folic Acid, causing an increase in the chance of open neural tube defect (ONTD), which could result in m/c. My bottom line is that it may not be anything you have done, or didn't do. It could just be your or your partner's genetic make-up, and if you are serious about having another baby, or your first baby, please approach your doc about genetic studies. I hope this helps.


To Bohnwin - October 22

Thanks for your detail explanation..Do u know why if u can hear the h.b of a fetus at 11 wks (13 wks counting from begin AF) then at 12 wks u can't find the h.b..What happen? Why did the h.b stop? I am a healthy female under 30..no smoker or any medication..I did have some stress and lift some heavy grocery.The Dr. said it's ok to have s_x if u have a healthy pregnancy..I didn't have any implantation bleeding..nor any bleeding during pregnancy except when have s_x 3 times, which result it 1-2 few drop of blood, and 3rd time small thin blood tissue.


Bohnwin - October 22

I'm sure that s_x and lifting didn't cause m/c. I think your fetus was genetically "not right" from the start. As far as the heartbeat, maybe your fetus's development went normal until week 11 or 12 and then the message the fetus's chromosomes were sending were wrong, and cells didn't divide like they should, resulting in a defect that could cause a m/c. Also, the genetic anomoly in the mother (called methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase mutation) which inhibits the mother's utilization of folic acid, causing ONTD could cause m/c at 12 weeks. As well as Factor V leiden or any number of blood clotting disorders which are purely genetic in nature, but go undetected until women are pregnant, and m/c. I'm sorry I don't have a more cut and dried explanation for you. My best advice is talk to your doctor, and don't leave his/her office until you have a concrete reason why this is happening to you.


Thanks Bohnwin - October 23

I start taking Prenental vitamin as soon I found out I am pregnant, and even stop working..As the m.c near, I feel much backpain..For that week I feel the baby turn in my stomach, even it was too early in stage..We don't even know the s_x..The day before I found out m.c..I feel very cold and extreme hungry..I guess maybe a sign telling me something is happening..Never have bleeding or anything..As for Dr..we have Canadian health care system here..and they don't care..The Dr. simply said the fetus was sent to the lab, and they look under microscope and found everything 'normal'..She never ask me anything about my period after D.C, nor anything else..They simply don't care.


Alison - October 23

Bohnwin thank you for your advice. My Dh & I were referred for tests following our third loss including genetic Karyotyping, blood clotting disorders etc. We have not found any answers so are trying again and hoping and praying we'll be like the couples we have read about who suffered repeated losses then had a healthy baby the next time. I am 27 and Dh is about to turn 34 and have healthy lifestyles. I also take pregnancy vitamins. The dr at the clinic has put me on baby aspirin each day too now. Bless you for your thoughtful and helpful post it makes alot of sense xxx


Sue - October 23

Hi Bohnwin, thanks for your message. The fetus measured at 9 weeks when it was supposed to be 11 weeks. So it did die. My husband is 34 and I am 33. We have a 2 year old already. I am still waiting on the chromosome results. We saw the doc a few days ago. The placenta was fine. He is going to prescribe baby aspirin, folic acid and progesterone the next time I am pregnant. How could we have some genetic abnormalities if i carried my 2 year old fine?


Sue - November 14

Hello, Well, I found out the results of genetics tests that did on the baby. The baby was a girl and she had Turners Syndrome. She was missing one chromosome. My doctor said that it is a very random mutation. So we do not need to do genetic tests. Jenn, did you receive any results yet?


Jenn - November 15

Well my visit to the dr after my 2nd mc provided no help. The ER didn't send up any of my info so she didn't have the ultra sound, hcg levels, nothing. She also got paged while she was with me so I think she had to run off to a delivery. I went back once a week until my blood came back negative. I asked the nurse last time about the ultra sound and she said they didn't see anything out of the ordinary. No one ever mentioned taking what I had pa__sed and doing any kind of testing on it. I am debating finding another doctor. But I am currently awaiting af to come and then will start trying again. I am on day 27 since the miscarriage so I am hoping af will come any day. (the first time I've ever wanted her to come) I am praying for all of you. I just found out last week that my sister is pregnant. I am trying to be happy for her but it makes me feel so sad that I am not. I would have been due on the 28th of this month with the first pregnancy I lost, and I am having a hard time right now. Plus I had 2 sister-in-laws have babies in the last 3 weeks. I knew it would be a hard month. I am hoping STRONG baby dust will hit all of us!


Sue - November 15

Hey Jenn, Your AF should come soon. Mine came one month right after the D&C. I heard that they test the fetus after 3 miscarriages. My doctor wanted to test it after 2. You may want to consider looking for a new doctor if you are not satisfied. Good luck! I hope all goes well the next time around.



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