2nd Misscariage Immediately After 1st Miscarriage

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Ava Rose - March 5

Here is my story. Just hoping for some comments on similar experiences. I fell pregnant the 2nd attempt at trying and had a complete miscarriage at 5 weeks. We decided to start trying again straight away, but not really expecting much. Needless to say I fell pregnant immediately after. I again miscarried, this time at 6 weeks. I discovered the 2nd pregnancy because I was taking antibiotics for a terrible sinus infection (sick for 2 weeks) and thought I'd better just check part way through my second dose of antibiotics. I also had thrush with both pregnancy's (only had it once several months before preg's). I'm 28 (as is my hubby) and otherwise in good health. I'm worried that I might not be able to carry a baby to full term and hoping it's just that my body was under stress after the first preg and being sick. Any thoughts or similar experiences? This time we plan to wait 2 - 3 months just in case.


SaraH - March 5

I understand! I've been there. I had 2 m/c back-to-back. The 1st one at about 5w's in Dec '05 and the 2nd at 7w 1d the last day of March '06. I was devastated and like you I was so so worried I'd never be able to carry a baby to term. I just stopped by here to see if I could lend any support as this site was a life saver to me. I can tell you don't give up. Chances are still amazingly good that you'll have a child w/o any problems the next time around. I am now the mother to two beautiful little girls. My oldest was born April '07 and my send was born July '08. While the pregnancy w/ my oldest daughter was emotionally very hard and physically I was very campy, sick and felt terrible, there were no real complications w/ either of the pregnancies. I have no idea why I lost the 1st 2, but I'm proof that even after 2 in a row you can still go on to have healthy pregnancies. Hang in there. Give yourself time to heal both emotionally and physically and then try again. I pray that you will have a great pregnancy the next time around. Like I said, chances are still very good (much better that all will go well the next time then that you will loose it), and I'm proof of that. HUGS ~Sarah



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