2nd Period After Miscarriage

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depressed - July 25

I had my d&c on 21/5, bled for abt 10 days and had my next period on 19/6. I'm waiting for my 2nd period (now already 37 days). had some sort of spotting - pink discharge twice last wk and then brown discharge yest morn.any idea what is wrong?


crisy - July 26

Hi depressed. I had my miscarriage in April. Had my first period on June 2nd and no period since then. I am 54 days without a period. It's scarry and frustrating. I think that it's because the hormones are messed up. Try to make an appointment with your doctor. Take care.


susan - July 28

Hi depressed. Just like crisy, I m/c in April, started period on June 3rd and am still waiting for the next period. I've read of some people going longer. It is frustrating waiting for the opportunity to wait again. Two weeks ago my ob/gyn offered me an option of taking Provera (i think) to bring on a period. I declined, but now I think I'm ready to push forward. Your symptoms sound like when I'm about to start my period, pink discharge for a couple of days, then brown for 2-3 days then period. It's all seems to be very common. You're definately not alone.


crisy - August 3

Hi girls. Got my period yesterday exactly 2 months after my first af. Don't give up, the body is messed up after a miscarriage. I called my doctor and they only gave me an appointment on November 15. The health system sucks! Oh well, we have to pray for the best. Good luck to all.


Tara - August 4

Hi crisy, I just posted you on a different question. I can't believe you can't get in until November. Everything is really messed up for me too I havent even ovulated this month yet and I dont think I did last month.I was wondering what your doctor would say about being messed up after a miscarriage I never thought that far ahead to ask mine. I wouldent be able to get into my doctor either because I was already told I wasent a priority because Im not pregnant.



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