2nd Trimester Miscarriage

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ksorbin - May 18

Hello, I had a 2nd trimester missed abortion and had to deliver my ds on April 27, 2006. He had passed in my womb at 17wks and we discovered that he was gone during my 18wk routine ultrasound. I did not require a d&c and am no longer bleeding. I am waiting to ovulate or have my a/f so that we can try again. I am so frustrated that my opts have been negative. Anyone else in this situation that would like to share their experience or who just needs support, this forum is for you. -Kortnee


kiza - May 18

Hi Kortnee, I too has a second trimester miscarriage with my 4th pregnancy. I have three beautiful children. I also found out that our beautiful daughter had died in the womb at our 19 week u/sound. Although I had a feeling right through my pregnancy that something wasn't just right it still came as a terrible shock, and then to have to be induced and deliver her was just heartbreaking. I unfortunately did need a d/c after as I couldn't deliver the placenta. After a few months we tried again and m/c at 8 weeks. Although still traumatic it was nothing compared to what we had already been through. Tried again a while after that and m/c at 7 weeks. We then waited 8 months before trying again and when I started to feel that little boy move at 16 weeks I just cried knowing that he was alive. We had our 20 week ultrasound where we discovered our little boy had Trisomy13 and was told basically he wasn't compatible with life and we should choose to have a genetic termination. After much soul searching and endless hours on the computer looking for any hope we decided to be induced again. I can't tell you how hard that was, at least with our daughter the decision had been taken out of our hands. We were told that our little boy would be stillborn as his heart was very underdeveloped and it could not take the delivery. I was a mess cause I knew exactley what was going to happen. After an 11 hour labour our baby boy was born weighing 370grams and he was beautiful. That little boy defied all the doctors predictions and he lived for 7 hours. It was the worst but also the best moment of my life. The worst because I loved him so much and he was going to be taken from me, the best because I got to hold and cuddle and kiss and tell him how much I loved him before he pa__sed. We had the funeral on Tuesday and my other children got to hold and kiss their brother also. So I definately know what you are going through and my heart goes out to you cause no one deserves to feel the pain we are feeling. I hope you are more successful with your future pregnancies and you soon have a healthy little baby in your arms. I'm not sure if we will try again as their is only so much one can take. But tomorrow is another day forward and that is all we can do one step at a time. Take care.


ksorbin - May 18

Kiza....what a strong woman you are. I often wonder if I can endure the pain again and know I am taking a risk by trying again. Thank God for the 3 children you have. I too am fortunate to have two healthy boys from my previous marriage. I so badly want a baby with my current husband and am terrified that I will go through what you have. I am at a loss for words....seriously you must be the strongest woman to go through all of that. If you do decide, may God bless you with a healthy wonderful baby. Hopefully He will do the same for me. Do they know why you had your other miscarriages??? They do not know why I had one and my OB says that it was just a fluke. I don't know though. I can't help but think that maybe something is wrong with me. They have done some tests with minor abnormalities, but nothing definitive. I will repeat some of those tests next week. Thank you for your post. You give me strength. -Kortnee


kiza - May 19

Kortnee,they also told me when I lost my daughter it was just one of those things and it would be very unlikely to happen again. Which in a way was true. I had a barrage of different tests done after she was born and they all came back normal. So after the next two m/c they did another load of tests and that only showed I have one fallopian tube that has been damaged at some point and it would probably make it difficult for me to fall pregnant. My husband and I are off to see a genetisit on june the 20th so hopefully they will be able to shed some light but my OB has just said it is another one of those things that can just happen sometimes and probably wont happen again. But I'm really not convinced this time so hopefully we can get some answers cause there is no way possible that I could bury another child. I'll keep you posted on my results as I get them. Lucky for me I used to work for my GP so he rings me as soon as anything comes in. Fingers crossed it's not too long. Take care keep smiling.



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