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Chas - June 21

Hi all, I had a miscarriage in April, we are trying again. Just finished up ovulation. Anyone else waiting ??? I hate this part !!! Oh well, i will try to remain calm and stress free !


jessie - June 22

Hey Chas, I just O'd yesterday or today, so I am in the same boat as you. Another tww!!! I had a m/c in February and a chem. pg last cycle, now I am really hoping this is my month. I am a test-a-holic lol, and will probably start testing as soon as I can... though I will try not to. xx xx Jessie


Julie.N - June 23

Hi, chas & jessie! i am also in the tww. af due around 1st july-ish. really hpoing she doesnt show. jessie, i am a test-a-holic too! i drive myself crazy with it sometimes. lol!!!!! Hope we all get bfps in the next couple of weeks. xx


Jennbj - June 23

Hi Chas, I am waiting for ff to confirm but I'm pretty sure I O'd on the 21st so I think I am 2dpo. So I would love to wait with you girls. My last mc was in Oct, but we have been trying ever since. I hope this is our lucky month!


fifijeep - June 23

Hello, hoping I can wait with you gals. I had a missed m/c in May, d&c 5/3, and had first af 6/3. I'm pretty sure I O'd on Mon. or Tue. so hoping no af shows 7/5(also my 3rd anniversary!) Only being about 4dpo, is it too early to have symptoms? All of a sudden yesterday I was nauseous and was so tired I slept most of the day. Today I still feel 'off'. Have ewcm also. The tww lasts forever it seems - here's hoping for our bfp's!!


Chas - June 23

Hi everyone! I am now 3 dpo, I am praying this is our month. I don't know how much more of this waiting and trying every month I can take!! We bd'd three days leading up to O and O day, So now it's in God's hands. I am going to try not to think about it, and maybe these two weeks will fly by ! Good luck everyone!


lisa z - June 23

Hi guys. I'll wait with ya! I have become a testaholic and I'm not afraid to hide it anymore. ha ha Anyway, the l ine keeps getting darker, probably o'ing today/tomorrow. I peed on WAY too many sticks this week trying to pinpoint it. Feels like a science experiment! Anyway we are trying and waiting.......Hoping to make this one a winner!!! :)


pupo - June 23

Hi ladies, I also had a miscarriage in April and we're trying again so I would love to wait with you. I O'd on the 19th so that makes me 4 dpo. Tic toc, tic toc times going so slowly...


jessie - June 24

Hi girls!!! How is everyone? So everyoen, I have a question ---> when do you start testing? At how many DPO? Just curious. I start way too early. Glad to see some other test-a-holics on the thread! Hi Julie.N, Jennbj, Fififjeep, Chas, Liza, Pupo. FIFI, my AF is due July 5th too, I am so hoping she doesn't show her face. CHAS, I also BD'd three days up untill O and including O. Now it is just waiting and hoping. Hi to all and have a great Saturday!


Chas - June 25

Hi jessie, It's really best to wait to test until at least 12 dpo. Last time I tested neg at 10 dpo and then positive at 13 dpo. But, I think testing any earlier than 12 or 13 dpo is a wasted test! but, I also know how the waiting is ... and I am also a very impatient person! 5 dpo and counting....


Jennbj - June 25

Hi all!!! FF put me as 3 dpo but I kind of think i am 4dpo. Jessie, I alos recommend waiting to test. I know it is hard, but that BFN is soooooo awful even if I tell myself it is too early, it really gets me down. And this ttc stuff is hard enough. I do wish you BFP for whenever you do decide to test. UGH!!! The 2 week wait sucks!!!!


jo-ann - June 25

Hi ladies, I hope you don't mind me popping onto your thread to say hello. I'm 10 DPO and tested again today, BFN. I know its probably way to early, but I just can't help myself. I've spent a fortune on tests and do one almost every day, sometimes twice a day if I'm obsessing. I had an MC in May and DH and I decided to TTC straight away so my cycle is a bit long. I had to use OPK's to find my O time. DH and I BD 2 days before, the day of and the day after O as well as practicing lots in between. I'm desperate for a BFP but I just don't seem to have strong enough symptoms. My b___sts were tender for ages before I got a BFP last time, they're no where near as sore this time round. Anyhow, I think I've rambled on for long enough. I hope you all didn't mind me dropping in. All the best to everyone. X


Julie.N - June 26

Hey everyone! How you all doing? I am 8 dpo now (i think!) i really want to test, i know its WAY too early but that crazy 'want to be preg now' side of me keeps trying to take over, lol!! I will try to resist till fri (if af hasnt shown up by then) Hi Jo-ann, hope it was just too early to test 4 you, and you get your BFP in a couple of days. Good luck! When is everyone esle testing? Hope we get lots of BFP's really soon. Baby Dust to us all. xx


pupo - June 26

Hey girls, how is everyone doing? I'm now 7 dpo so I guess that makes me half way there! I don't test until AF is late because i find BFNs way to upsetting. I'm currently on vacation right now visiting family so it's making this 2ww a little easier because I don't have as much time to obsess about every little thing like I normally do. I'm pretty sure this cycle isn't it for me because it seems like things are still a little screwed up from the miscarriage/D&C but I know I did O because I used OPKs and I'm temping so who knows I guess. Enough rambling. Hope everyone has a great Monday.


Julie.N - June 26

Well Girls, its official, I've finally gone mad! lol!!! I tested today (i know i said i would wait but i couldnt help myself!) and surprise,surprise BFN!!! I know its prob way too early to pick anything up but it really bummed me out! Why do we do this to ourselves? Is anyone else this obsessive or is it just me??!!! lol. So anyway will test again fri/sat if af doesnt show. Fingers Crossed she will stay well away for the next 9 months! PUPO - we are just 1 day apart, hope you get yours soon. What about everyone else? how you holding up?


fifijeep - June 26

Hi all! I'm a fellow test-a-holic, now about 7 dpo. This is my first af after m/c, so I'm petrified of testing early. I guess just anxious if it's negative and nervous if it's positive! I feel like I have some symptoms but it might just me being crazy. I've had lots of cm the past couple days, so since I haven't been charting I've started second-guessing when I o'd. Does the ewcm occur after o? I hope I didn't miss it this cycle but we bd every other day for the past week and a half. Also really tired. Anyone else having symptoms?


jessie - June 27

Hi ladies! 5 DPO and counting. Will probably test Sunday afternoon, anyone else testing this weekend? I know I should wait, I am going to try to wait until next Wednesday, but I know myself and I give in so easily. I am so surprised I ever quit smoking because I am so impulsive with so little self-control lol...JO-ANN, hi and welcome! Jump right in, the more the merrier :) I didn't get a BFP last time untill AF was due (14 DPO) , and then it was only very faint... so you still have a good chance this month! JULIE, lol, you are like me, it is definately early to test! At 8 DPO you probably haven't even implanted yet. - you definately still have a good chance too. ALL: I was surfing and googling last night and came upon this site (remove any dashes in the url) "http://www.choicetolivewith.com/FetalDevelopment/Week1.html" It is about what is going on in the tww. We probably all know this stuff, but I just can't get enough lol... I am mentioning it because it says that after O when we start to secrete progesterone, it causes a lot of symptoms similar to pregnancy (sore b___bs etc). I always think my mind is playing tricks on me with the sore b___bs but I guess it is a positive thing that my body is doing what it is supposed to be doing. That's my story and I am sticking to it! Ladies major babydust to everyone!!! xx xx



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