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jessie - June 27

Hi ladies! 5 DPO and counting. Will probably test Sunday afternoon, anyone else testing this weekend? I know I should wait, I am going to try to wait until next Wednesday, but I know myself and I give in so easily. I am so surprised I ever quit smoking because I am so impulsive with so little self-control lol...JO-ANN, hi and welcome! Jump right in, the more the merrier :) I didn't get a BFP last time untill AF was due (14 DPO) , and then it was only very faint... so you still have a good chance this month! JULIE, lol, you are like me, it is definately early to test! At 8 DPO you probably haven't even implanted yet. - you definately still have a good chance too. ALL: I was surfing and googling last night and came upon this site (remove any dashes in the url) "http://www.choicetolivewith.com/FetalDevelopment/Week1.html" It is about what is going on in the tww. We probably all know this stuff, but I just can't get enough lol... I am mentioning it because it says that after O when we start to secrete progesterone, it causes a lot of symptoms similar to pregnancy (sore b___bs etc). I always think my mind is playing tricks on me with the sore b___bs but I guess it is a positive thing that my body is doing what it is supposed to be doing. That's my story and I am sticking to it! Ladies major babydust to everyone!!! xx xx


pupo - June 28

Hey girls, how's everyone holding out? Any symptoms? None for me. I think I'm coming down with a cold because I've had a sore throat for the past couple of days but it hasn't progressed past the throat so who knows. JULIE - chip up. It's still way too early so your chances are still good. How are you feeling today? You're now 10 dpo aren't you? I'm 9 dpo and my temps just took a dive this morning so I'm not sure if that means AF is coming early or a possible ID?? Here's hoping for the ID... FIFIJEEP - I think it's quite common to get some ewcm post O/pre AF. I know when I was pregnant I had lots so good luck to you. Hopefully it's a good sign. What day is everyone testing? Baby dust to all!


Chas - June 28

Hi everyone! 8 dpo here... only symptoms are thirst, and my face is breaking out !! some creamy cm, don't know what to think. It's still really early to tell anything. Think I will test Saturday morning. 11 dpo, cd 23.. think that will be enough time ??? last time I got neg at 10 dpo and pos at 13 dpo....


Jennbj - June 28

Hello all, i'ts been a few days. I am 6 dpo but I am so mad, i woke up late for work and jumoed right out of bed without taking my temp!!! I guess at only 6 dpo it wouldn't make too big a difference but I am still mad that I forgot. So no symptoms here, I am just so tired!!! Good Luck Chas on your test and you sound promising so far.


Chas - June 29

Thanks JennB, I need all the luck I can get!! I am starting to get antsy.... we are trying to make plans for July 4th. I am off all next week and my dh is taking off Mon-Wed. we are going to try and go to Six Flags, but I don't know if I should go if I am pregnant.


jo-ann - June 29

Hi ladies, how is everyone? Well I am 14 DPO and got my BFP this morning. DH and I are over the moon. I know that I'll continue to rest every day for a couple of weeks to make sure that BFP remains, but heres hoping. Good luck to you all. X


jo-ann - June 29

OOPS typo! I meant to say TEST every day for a couple of weeks. I've had 3 MC's in total, all before 9 weeks, so I just have to keep my fingers crossed for a bit. babydust to all.


Chas - June 29

ohh... Congrats Jo-Ann !!! I hope this one is lucky for you! I will pray for you !


fifijeep - June 29

Hi - how is everyone doing? Any started testing yet? Congrats Jo-Ann on your BFP!!!! What were your symptoms if any? I have had lack of symptoms the past couple days, just lots of cm. I plan on testing Sun. if I can hold out that long. Even though af isn't due till Tue.


Julie.N - June 29

Jo-ann , CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Thats fantastic news, you must be so happy right now! Hope all goes well for you this time. Hopefully we will all be following you really soon!!


Julie.N - June 29

I tested again today and still BFN. I really hope its too early and will get bfp soon. Jo-ann, did you have any symptoms? Chas, good luck for testing sat. By the way what is six flags??


jo-ann - June 29

Thankyou ladies for your kind words. To be honest until last night I'd hardly had any symptoms at all, in fact I found myself looking for the slightest twinge or ache every day, but nothing much was happening. Then all of a sudden last night my b___bs began to burn and ache, and then I felt a bit nauseaus today. I've been tired in general but put that down to DS, housework and going to work. My symptoms have varied from pregnancy to pregnancy though. With my DS I had serious symptoms for 10 days before I got a BFP, so I guess every pregnancy is different. Thanks again ladies, and I'll pray that you all get BFP's very soon. X


jessie - June 29

Jo-Ann, wow!!! Fantastic! Congrats! JULIE, you sure still have as good a chance as any of us this month - probably too early to test. It won't stop me from testing early lol - I have been avoiding going to shops because once I get my little fingers on a pg test, oh oh oh --- you know what I am going to do! I am really trying tohold of on testing untill at least Sunday, if not Wednesday, yeah right but I am trying. I am about 8 DPO and waiting,,, waiting... My b___bs are feeling tingly and they feel fuller, could be all in my head, but I am hoping! BUCKETS of babydust to all of us! xx xx


Chas - June 29

Julies, Six flags is an amusment park with lots of roller coasters ! 9 dpo.... tested today, knew it would be a BFN, hoping to get BFP soon !!!!!!


Jennbj - June 29

YAY!!!!! Congrats Jo-ann!! I am 7 dpo and feeling like this is not my month cuz no symptoms so I was happy to read that you got a BFP without any signs. Good luck everyone else. I am going to try to wait until 14dpo to test unless my temps go really high (they are pretty low but above coverline) ttyl!!!


Julie.N - June 30

Well girls, the tww is over for me! I pa__sed a clot about the size of a golf ball when i went to the loo last night. so i am just waiting for af to start properly. What a bummer!! Oh well hopefully next month is the one for me. I hope the rest of you get your bfp's this time. Good luck, and babydust to you all!!



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