33 Yrs Old Imminent 2nd Miscarriage

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Lola - May 27

Anyone else nervous after multiple miscarraiges that it'll never happen. Just got word today that 2nd miscarriage in 7 months time at 6 weeks. Am I ever going to be able to carry a healthy baby to term? Am I getting too old? Feeling like c__p and am struggling with my less-than-patient nature.


Sam - May 27

Hi Lola, I'm sorry for what your going through, I have a good friend who miscarried twice at age 31, she was also very worried that she would not be able to carry full term. She now has a helathy baby boy who will actually turn 1 this weekend, so never give up hope. I've gone through a miscarriage recently so I understand how you must be feeling. Best of Luck


crisy - May 27

Hi Lola. I know how hard it is to have a miscarriage. I just lost my baby on April 25th. It was my first baby. You are not getting too old. Some women have babies when they are in their 40s and some even in their 50s. I know it's frustrating because you want a baby so much. I am in the same shoes like you. Sometimes I feel guilty the way I feel about other people who are pregnant or have kids and they don't even want them. At work I see all kinds of people like that. Today was one of these days. I just bursted into tears because the couple did not appear to care about their newborn. Here we are all of us on this site with this horrible pain inside of us hoping desperately for a baby and other people just don't care. I pray to God every day for all the women who had a miscarriage. I just hope that someday we will all be blessed with a healthy baby. Don't give up honey. Take care.


Sarah - May 28

Hey Lola, Yes of course, I know how you feel! We want to try again soon but I am scared that Ill loose it again too!! I was just reading a book on misscarriages and coping and was feeling very sad too! This sucks and I should be so far along now! But nothing Im not pregnant any more!! I lost mine at 18 weeks!


Lola - May 28

Thanks for the advice and kind words. I'm more frustrated and am trying to find a reason for all of this. Anyone know of a good book discussing recurrent miscarriages? I'm ready to get proactive about this, and hope my drs doesn't just b__w this off. I had been charting my temps and cervical fluid after my 1st mis. and feel like my temps were just not high enough which = low progesterone?? I also read last night in one of my preg books that once you've had two+ misses in a row, your odds for a third+ miss are now much greater! Ugh! Anyone else heard this?


Liz - May 28

Lola, although going through 2 miscarriages must be devastating, don't give up hope. My doctor told me that he would not even do genetic testing or examine the "remains of conception" (I hate the way that sounds) until I had three miscarriages in a row, that even two in a row is usually just chance. If you miscarried at the same time both times, maybe your doctor can take that into consideration. I have a friend that had 2 miscarriages in a row and the doctor figured out that she lacks a protein that the baby needs during development. Now her baby is 8 months. She had to take injections in her belly once or twice a day, but it worked and she is a great mom. Investigate all options before giving up hope. Good luck!



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