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kelly.giese - November 20

I just had a D&C thursday for my third miscarriage. This one was due to a blighted ovum. I had 2 miscarriages last year due to a partial molar pregnancy. We waited a year in between second and third pregnancy. Anyone have three miscarriage then go on to have children. Doctor doesn't know why this keeps happening and i can't image not being able to have kids. I need advice and encouragement during this rough time. I need hope that there is still a chance for us!


stefkay - November 20

Hi kelly, I'm so very sorry for your loss...it really gets scary after it keeps happening, I know. I've had 3 miscarriages at around 6 weeks (ish) and 3 chemical pregnancies (very very early miscarriages). I am currently pregnant again and so far it seems to be going well (knock on wood, lol :) Honestly we never found a really solid answer to why it was happening and 50% of the time they don't find a reason. You said you had 2 last year due to a molar pregnancy--was that one of them and if so, what happened with the other? This one being a blighted ovum, I hate to say it, but it sounds like a fluke and a really really bad wollop of bad luck. Blighted ovums are actually pretty common and don't really suggest a recurring problem from what I was told. So, it is good news in a way that it will most likely NOT happen again. Same thing with a molar pregnancy. It is just so so so not fair to be hit with luck like that more than one time, but for now it could mean that there isn't anything wrong with you. AFter 3 losses though your doctor should be willing to perform testing on you to ease your mind. I would definitely do it if possible. My insurance covered mine because I had had a m/c. If you just do it for no reason it may not cover it, so I'd take advantage of the situation right now if you have coverage. Good luck to you and I bet you'll be pregnant with a healthy one very soon ! :)


maybebaby2007 - November 22

Kelly, I'm so sorry for all your losses! I've only been through two myself, but so early (around 6-7 weeks), they never told me the actual cause. I was only told to try again. I've never even seen anything on ultrasound. But as Stefka is saying, after three you should be able to get all the possible tests now. I wish you best of luck!!


Alison - November 23

Kelly I am so very sorry for all your loss and heartache. I have posted before on here with my own story of hope after 3 miscarriages. Every now and then I check in to see if anyone is looking for a positive story. I suffered 3 early miscarriages (9 weeks missed miscarriage. 8.5 weeks blighted ovum, them 10 weeks missed miscarriage) during 2004 & 2005. My DH & I were then referred for tests and investigations and nothing was found to explain why we had experienced 3 in a row. They did however suggest trying the small dose aspirin in the my next pregnancy. My blood clotting tests suggested I didn't have a clotting disorder but they said to try it as was safe to do so and might even help it I had a blood clotting issue that wasn't showing up in their tests (maybe it was just a placebo I don't know but I was so glad to have something..anything.. to try) So I took the small dose aspirin when I fell pregnant for the 4th time and the recurrent miscarriage clinic gave me extra scans in the first trimester as well which I felt was really helpful (though I was terrified every time we went!) And thank God my 4th pregnancy was successful and our DD Grace was born 16th September 2006 (this was actually 2 years to the day from my first miscarriage which was 16th September 2004) I thank God for her every day as I was so desperate to be a mother and have a child and after the 3rd loss I was so afraid I would never get my dream. But dreams do come true and I hope reading these stories of hope will help you hang on to hope even though it is so very hard. I sympathise so very much with you. I pray so much you are blessed very soon with a healthy pregnancy and baby. Take care x


caras - November 30

Hi Kelly, sorry for your losses! I don't think that anyone who hasn't been in a similar situation can really understand what your going through, including well-meaning family and friends. I had 4 consecutive miscarriages before I had my healthy baby boy. I would always hear things like "Don't worry, it'll happen." That would usually just make me angry because it proved that they had no idea how horrible and devestating it was to experience this kind of loss. It's such an emotional roller coaster. After my 4th, I had officially given up. I couldn't take it anymore and I couldn't help but feel as though my body was a proffessional baby killer. I started looking into adoption (still something we plan to do later in life), but my hubby looked me in the eyes and said "I still think we have a chance. Would you please consider giving it another try?" Thank goodness for his hope when I had none. There is almost always a chance. We never did find out why I had miscarried, even with extensive testing. The doc did put me on hormones for pregnancy #4, but that didn't work. We've been TTC again for the last year. I had my 5th miscarriage on Oct 28 and am now pregnant again. This time my levels are in good shape and I've got the symptoms so we hope it works out. If not, we'll just try again!



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