3 Miscarriages And Looking For Advice Please

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Confused - November 26

I have just had my thir miscarriage and I need some advice. I had my first miscarriage in April of this year. Then another one in July and now my third one in October. After 2 miscarriages the doctor did many tests including a HSG and nothing showed up so she put me on a progesterone tablet twice a day and baby asprin. I got pregnant right away again and miscarried in November. The fertility expert that I am seeing is finding no apparant cause why I am miscarrying. I ovulate same time every onth, have 28 day cycles and my tests are normal. So my options now are that I have a day surgery done in December after I have my period for her to put me to sleep and see is there anyhting that she might have missed, or I can wait until January and she will put me on a fertility pill to see if that will help. I have never carried past 6 1/2 weeks and she is thinking that it may be a fertile issue. I am only in my twenties so age is not an issue. I need some advice of people who may have been in the similar situation, I am wondering will I go through more testing or will I take the pills??? I am starting to feel like I am just wasting all my time with doctors apointments and I really need advice from people who have been in my situation or know somebody who have been in my situation cause I really dont know what to do......


Stef - November 27

Hi~ Well I just had my 3rd m/c as well. This is no fun. I finally found a specialist that "thinks" she knows what is going on. However who really knows....I think often they guess. I ahve regular periods every month and yet they have diagnosed me with PCOS...a rare version of it I guess. So I have cysts on my ovaries but I still ovulate and have no problems getting pregnant. I have been pregnant 4 times since Aug 04. 3 m/c and 1 chemical pregnancy. My doc solution is to put me on metformin (a diabetic med) to help with insulin resistence which is what she thinks is happening. I had some symptoms for this....weight gain, acne, and hair loss. There are so many different things that can be going on...I wish I had "your" answer. But don't stop searching....follow your instincts. I also found out along my journey that my job was toxic for me. I woked in the printing industry for years....so like I said I think my issues were many combined. Have they checked you thryoid? Good luck and keep me posted. I will do the same. For me it is a waiting game till Jan to see if the meds have helped my ovaries and insulin. UGH. Lots of prayers!! GOd bless and good luck.


Janet - December 3

Hi i'm sorry to hear that you are having such a diffcult time. I to have suffered miscarriages 5 to be exact i am 26 so i am also pretty young. I went through all the same test that you probably have and everything was perfect my husband even did the sperm a___lysis. My also issue is scar tissue that was probably caused by a D&C with my first miscarriage. So i am suppose to have the day surgery to remove the scar tissue and hopefully this will help. I will let you know ! Good luck until then


Elizabeth - December 3

Hello, i too have undergone 3 m/c all within one year-14 months, all went to 6 weeks, last one had faint heartbeat, all natural, all d &c because body would not reject, period resumed in 4 weeks, waited the month then tried again. 2 different obgyns, finally got to a RE, tests upon tests-all the blood work, fasting tests, hormonal-the whole enchilada, then an HSG, finally after it the RE found that through karyotyping of my blood that i have a chromosonal issue that causes less than 10% of my eggs to be bad so when they implant they reach a certain stage then fold. That may sound like terrible news to some but i am sure you ladies will understand that when i discovered that this was the issue...not something i was eating or doing or in charge of...i was able to accept that it is what it is and move forward with ttc until i grab that one perfect egg (i think that should be the theme of a song or something). So my obgyn recommended clomid to a__sist with more egg pool-i have taken this however i am now concerned because this is the first time that my cycle has gone beyond 28 days without a BFP result. So my advise to you is to grab all of the tests that you can as long as your insurance covers them, if not review which ones are truly necessary to reveal truth. My RE who by the way is a top notion researcher in the field advises against anything that may disturb your natural equilibrium as long as you are ovulating naturally-he is agains fertilit_ty drugs and now i know why. However, i am taking them because i know in my heart that i need to be more proactive at my post 40 age. I am not sure of your age or FSH level etc. I will advise you first hand to keep looking hopefully you will find the answer like i did and though it is not going to miraculously produce a healthy baby it will give you the comfort you need. Sorry that i have gone on and on-after 3 m/c i cannot really talk to anyone else about how i feel.


confused - December 3

Thanks for the replys....you guys really did give me some things to think about and its nice to know that other people are experiencing the same thing. I am from a small town so everybody knows everybody elses business and nobody in my family has ever miscarried so I kinda feel like an outcast cause there is nobody who has had my experiences and people really dont understand unless they experience it themselves. But I am from Canada and thank god for our government and the medical plan cause all my testing dont cost me a dime. Medications would cost me if not covered my health insurance but as for hospitall tests they are covered. I have already been through one lot in intense blood work(16 test tubes) which included a chromosonal matching of me and my husband. I think I will opt for the surgery as my family doctors thinks that would be best. Now of three my miscarriages only one required a d&c and that was the second one....the other two I pa__sed naturally but very different each time.



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