3 Miscarriages Plaese Help

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rrn - April 29

Hi! Friends, Toady i got my 3rd Miscarriage..i had already 2 miscarriages in 2003..now wt am going to do? every time miscarrage happend at 7weeks..i have no kids..im 23 now..why this happend to me? I took some blood tests before third pregnency .. evrything was fine... But why this happend again?.Now Doc said take fertility tests...i dont know wt happend next...


Renne - May 2

It could be a folic acid deficency. You want to ask your doctor about this. Good luck and I'm sorry for your loss.


crisy - May 4

Hi rrn: I had my first miscarriage at 7 wks gestation a week and a half ago. It was my first baby. I am very sorry for your loss. Have you checked your HCG levels?? You way need to take progesterone pills or injections? Also, talk to your doctor about the implantation process of your placenta. Some women have rigid uterine arteries and the baby is not getting enough nutrients for it's growth. Did the doctor verify your uterus to make sure you don't have a septum? My thoughts are with you. Keep me posted.


Eve - May 4

A friend of mine had six misscarriages before the doctor found out what was wrong and what was causeing. Her regular doctor told her that there was nothing wrong with and he didn't run any tests. After her last miscarriage she went to a different doctor and that doctor told her that a other wise healthy normal 28 year old woman doesn't have six miscarriges with some reasons. The doctor did some kind of scan I can't remember the name of but they found out that she had an abnormally shaped uterus it was shaped sort of like a "T". Because of this there wasn't enough room for the baby to keep growing. She always misscarried before 5 months. She and her husband found and surragte mother and now had healthy 8lb 7oz bounceing baby boy.


bump - May 5



tg - May 6

You may also want to ask your physician about a Uterine Blood Flow ultrasound. This will identify if the blood flow to the uterus is restricted. My doc told me that this ususally happens when a woman stands upright (they will do the ultrasound with you standing). This typically presents itself between 5 and 11 weeks. Good Luck


christa - May 6

Hi sweetie, i have also had 3 miscarriages the last was on the 1st april, ob/gun thinks it could be because of the way my cervix is, its in a really wierd position. Don't give up hope , i know its really hard but you are so young not that that makes any difference to the heartache but at least time is on your side babex


carole - May 10

had 2 healthy kids then 3 miscarriages all in a row before 12 weeks. Took the equivalent of a baby asprin straight after the last one, conceived straight away and am now the proud owner of a healthy 23 week old bump!! At 39 I think maybe the miscarriages were down to chromosone abnomality - but the baby asprin? - I'll never know. I say it does no harm (80mg) so why not?



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