3 Yr Old Boy From 1st Marriage Now 3 Miscarriages

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Julia C. - February 10

I am 25 yrs. old and I have a 3&1/2 year old son from my first marriage. My first pregnancy was uneventful. However, I have had three miscarriages since my new husband and I started trying to have a baby 9 months ago. Each time I have conceived easily (on the first try) but at nine weeks the ultrasounds have shown an empty sac measuring only 6 weeks. The first miscarriage was natural, the second I had a D&C, and I just found out about the third on Feb. 7th so we are waiting to see if things will happen naturally. We are going to see a geneticist and a reproductive endocrinologist in a few weeks. Has anyone had a similar experience? How long does the workup take? What was the outcome? Is there any hope we will have another baby?


Dylan - February 13

Hi Julia. First of all, I am so sorry about your losses. 3 miscarriages is more than anyone should ever have to go through. I had a miscarriage followed by a healthy pregnancy from my 1st marriage. Since I remarried, I have had 3 miscarriages in a row. My husband and I had chromosone tests done which all came back normal. I also had several other tests done. One showed I have a clotting disorder but, my ob doctor is not convinced that it is what caused my losses. All three times I saw the heartbeat and the pregnancy seemed to be progressing well until for some unknown reason the babies just died. My last miscarriage in October was at 13.5 weeks. It has no been 4 months and I still do not have answers. I am waiting to see a perinatologist which has taken forever. I hope you will have answers sooner. There are a couple of ladies on this forum who have had three miscarriages and are pregnant now. Good luck to you!!


Julia C. - February 15

Dylan, thank you for replying. I am sorry to hear about your losses also. I hope you have answers soon. Has you doctor suggested low dose Asprin or Heprin in early pregnancy? I have read these medications sometimes help sustain pregnancy in some women with clotting disorders.



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