3rd Pregnancy Need Uplifting Stories

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Hopeful3 - December 18

I guess I really don't have a question, I am just sort of looking for encouragement. This is my 3rd time to be pregnant, but I have lost the first two due to miscarriages. My first baby's heart stopped at 6wk 6day (exactly what I am today), but I didn't show signs of miscarriage until a little over a month later. The second time, I miscarried 3 days after I found out I was pregnant (maybe 3 weeks). After that, I needed a break from ttc. It took me almost 2 years to make my peace with this before I could muster the strength to try again. Tomorrow is my 1st u/s and I am so incredibly scared. This is the only time that I have ever felt pregnant or had any symptoms of pregnancy. I hope that means this is the one meant to stick. I guess I would like to hear success stories after repeat miscarriages. Also, my dh and I had physical before we ever started ttc. Other than being overweight, we both got a clean bill of health. And after the two m/c, we were told by a local doc that we had to lose #3 before they would test to see why we were losing the pregnancies. Needless to say, I am now seeing a fertility specialist. He has already began some testing, and so far, everything has come back normal. Please take a minute and breathe a short prayer for us. Thanks


Alison - December 18

Hopeful I am so very sorry for your losses - My story of hope is that after going through 3 miscarriages my DH & I finally were blessed with a healthy daughter last year. We were referred for tests after the third loss & no reason was found (though I was told I could try small does aspirin to help blood flow as it was safe to do so which I did though there's no way to know if it played a part in my 4th pregnancy being successful or not) We were told most women tested after 3 losses don't find a reason as so much is still not understood about recurrent miscarirage. We were also told only 1% of women will miscarry 3 times in a row. And they said all we could do was to try again and keep hoping. So we did and thank the Lord my 4th pregnancy was healthy and our DD is here today our own little miracle. I know how scary it feels to be pregnant after losses and just trying so hard to not think the worst and longing for the early weeks to go quickly and get past the 1st trimester. I hope and pray all goes well with your US. It's good you are feeling new symptoms stronger than before. I will say a prayer for you and your precious baby..God bless xxx And it can happen even after 2 or 3 losses - dreams can come true. They did for us and I hope my story is uplifting because we are just so thankful that after going through what was the darkest time of our lives with the miscarriages - we have seen our dreams come true xxx


Alison - December 18

Sorry dose not dose! It's late here...


Susan9985 - January 14

Hopeful, please give us an update. I hope all is going well.


Hopeful3 - January 15

I have had 2 good ultrasounds so far. I am currently 10w 6d. By far, this is the longest I've carried a pregnancy so far. The specialist I was seeing referred me back to a local doc. He said there was no need to continue my visits there because everything was going so well. I am still so nervous. I thought my worry would ease up the closer I got to the 2nd tri, but I think it's getting worse. My next appointment is Jan 25th. I should be right past 12 weeks for that u/s. I am literally counting the days. I really feel like this pregnancy is different, but I am still scared because I know what can happen. I really don't think it will stop until I am holding my baby in my arms. But I also hear that's when the real worry begins!!


stefkay - January 15

Hopeful, I feel exactly as you do! I will be 16 weeks this Friday and all along it was like I wanted to get to 8 weeks and then I'd be ok, then it was 12 weeks, then it was 16, and now I'm wanting to get to 20. LOL! It doesn't stop and I told a friend of mine the same thing about the worry almost increasing in a way. It isn't the same kind of worry though...early on it was more of a constant state of anxiety and now it is just that I am completely attached to this baby having seen her/him several times now and it would truly break my heart if anything were to go wrong at this point. I feel good about this one too, but maybe that is why I worry even more? Who knows, but I know I need to remind myself every day to enjoy this NOW :) Good luck to you!


cynnababy - January 15

Hopeful, I am sorry to know that you had 2 m/c prior to this pg. I have been there too, 2 losses, and now I am pg for the third time. It is so hard not to worry about it every single day, and be nervous everytime you feel a little pain or twitch. There's nothing in the world I can do to make you feel better. But remember, it's a different pg, different egg, different sperm, and it will have a different outcome too!!


katycali - January 18

Hopeful3...I am so sorry for your losses but I am very excited to hear that your pregnancy is progressing. I understand how you feel about trying to get through each week, month, trimester. To be thankful for each week that goes by. I had 4 m/c prior to having my dd (she is now 9 months). I've since had 2 more m/c and just found out a few days ago that I am pregnant again. I just want you to know that I know how you are feeling (and as excited you may be...it still so scary). Just know that there are others of us out there that have been in your shoes...and there is hope. I know there is nothing I can say to make the uncertainty go away...but remember everyday that goes by is another day closer. To be honest...I didn't believe it was going to happen till the day I held my dd for the first time. But stay strong and know that there are a lot of us out there keeping you in our thoughts. I wish you and cynnababy all the best.


JuJu - January 24

Hi Hopeful3 and Everyone; I read your post/s and wanted to let you know that I can empathise with how you feel. My story; well, I had my first DD in 2004, then my DH and I decided to try for another baby; but we lost 2 first-trimester babies in early 2006. I was absolutely heartbroken, and still am, really. I went through testing after I lost the 2nd baby and they found that I had a mild auto-immune issue with my blood that was the likely cause. I took a break from ttc for 3 months and worked at getting positive and healthy again....starting taking baby aspirin, fell pregnant again in July and now have a beautiful 10 month old DD. Although I was terrified throughout my pregnancy, I did make a constant effort to think positive; every day was and achievement - one step close to bringing my baby home to us. I am still keen to have another baby down the track; and I have no doubt that I will be terrified next time too.....but the important thing to remember is, that the cliche is absolutely true - holding that little baby in your arms makes all the heartache, tears and worry, absolutely worth it. So chin up, and fight every day for that beautiful baby of yours - I am very happy for you! And KAYCALI; so good to cross paths with you again - not sure if you remember me but we were on a thread re: autoimmune/blood related issues. So good to hear that you and your girl are well, I am so sorry that you have suffered losses since we were last in contact {{HUGS}} but wonderful that you are pregnant again. My hopes are with you!! JuJu xo


katycali - February 7

Hi JuJu, sorry it has taken me so long to respond...great to hear from you! After all that time, here we are with our dds. I am so happy everything worked out for you. I still count my blessings everyday for my dd. And to believe I am pregnant again. We have gone for two ultrasounds already. The first time we went they found a heartbeat and the second time we went they found two heartbeats. Crazy...we're going to have twins! I just hope everything goes okay and they both stay healthy. I'm also wondering how everyone else on this thread is doing.


HeavenisMine - February 7

Just to give you some hope, I know ladies who have had many many miscarriages, and even they went on to have healthy babies. I had a chemical kind of like you, back in October 06, then I got pregnant again in November, and ended up losing that baby at 12weeks 3 days. Then I got pregnant again in March after a D&C in January, and had a healthy baby girl, 10 apgar score, great doctor visits, granted she has had some tummy problems, acid reflux and all, but I hear that is pretty common in infants. Try and hang in there, relax, I know it's like the hardest thing to do, but it's the best, just remind yourself each day, "I am pregnant today and that is all that matters. Let's leave tomorrow where it belongs." I told myself that all the time when I was pregnant with my daughter. :)


tcrock02 - February 8

i am interested to know if all of you have seen infertility specialists after your mc or did u just go on your own. i am afraid i will not have medical coverage to go toa specialist and have already had 2 mc. i do have a healthy 11 year old that i am very thankful for. and i hear alot about asprin- what is the dose? i did just have a dignosis of PCOS to any help would be great.



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