3rd Time Lucky Thread

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kristie h - June 24

Hi, I have a 1 and a half year old son and since i have had him i have had 2 miscarriages 1 in june last year and another in feb of this year. Well i am ttc again and i hope that the saying "3rd time lucky" will come my way. Is there anyone that wants to wait with me for the day we get that BFP and support each other through every milstone that we pass? Baby Dust*~*~*~*~


SaraH - June 24

Hey Kristie, I've had 2 m/c too (one at 4+w Dec '05 and one at the very start of the 8 w March 31). I have no children. My dh and I are now trying again. I'm about 11dpo so I should be able to test soon. Hoping for that bfp. I also hope the "3rd times the charm" saying is accurate. Hope you see the bfp soon too. Baby dust.


Morrison1 - June 25

Hi Kristie and SaraH. I'll join you. I think you both know my story, but here it is in a nutshell. I am 36 and dh is 29, I have been married one year (6/18) and we started ttc in Jan. We got pg on the first try and I m/c on 2/17 at 5w4d. I waited one full cycle, and we ttc again and got pregnant again straight away. I m/c a second time on 4/27. I started having my tests and they found I have a slightly raised FSH level (11.2) and referred me to an RE. I am now doing acupuncture and further testing to determine of there are other issues. The RE doesn't LOVE my FSH number, but feels we have a VERY good change of having healthy pregnancies and isn't concerned that I will be needed any artificial intervention. This makes me happy. We ttc again this month, but my temp dropped this morning and I got a negative hpt on 13dpo, so I am expecting af any day. I also take progesterone during the seond half of my cycle. So, we'll be ttc again in a few weeks. I will be headed to WI to see my friend who is preg via IVF with twins. Her due date is a week before my original due date of 10/14. I would like to be pregnant, albeit early on, by the time we go. Here's to hoping!! I appreciate all the support we share and send lots of baby dust.


Jennbj - June 25

Hi ladies, I just posted on the secondary infertility thread, are we moving to this one instead? Sarah, I am so excited for you to test. Do you have any symptoms yet? I am only 3 dpo so I have a little ways to go. I just pa__sed what would have been my due date from my 2nd mc. It wasn't as hard as pa__sing my first mc due date, but it still sucked. I was really hoping to be pregnant by now. I have a dr appt on friday. I hope he is willing to start some testing.


kristie h - June 26

Hi all, Jennb it does suk when you pa__s your due date. Mine 1st miscarriage due date was 12 jan 06 just 3 days b4 my sons 1st b'day but the 2nd mascarriage due date is going to be exstreamly hard for me as my sister is due just a few days after my 2nd miscarriage was so i am going to be constintally reminded. I am glade that you found it easier this time. I hope your doc does testing for you let us know how it all goes. I dont know if you did but in the other thread i wrote down the blood tests i got done, did you end up writing them down? They are all the blood tests for fertility without going into the fertility tests that they charge you for. Hi Sarah! Have you tested yet? I hope you have great news for us. Morrison i was due on the 10/18 so we were so close you just never know if we fall pregnant in oct maybe sumthing is trying to say sumthing if you belive in that. That sounds great that you most likley wont need artificial intervention im crossing my fingers for you. My son is awake now so i better go talk soon all and take care. Baby dust~*~*~*~*~*~


Sav - June 26

Hi all, Think you know my story as well. I have 1 ds and have had a m/c before him and now 2 after him. I hate the pa__sing due date too, butI seem to get pregnant right after it. My last m/c was in May probably conceived about the time of due date. My ds was conceived the month after due date of first miscarriage. Maybe it is a closure thing for me. I am just hoping that I don't have to wait the 7 months again. Good luck with the testing Sarah, when are you going to do it? Lets hope the days go fast for you Jennbj. I am on cd 11, dh is away until Fri so hoping I don't o before then. I'm usually any where from cd 15-21 so should be okay. Go to the RE tomorrow so will go armed with all the info from kristie and morrison. Take care and have great days.


SaraH - June 26

Hey girls. Well, I took a tests this morning and it came out bfn, but we'll see....with both of the m/c I didn't really get a positive until day of, or a few days after AF was due. Right now AF isn't due until tomorrow (I’m not always 100% to-the-day, but normally it shows up 13 days after O so…). I have been feeling rather sick this last week so if I'm not prego I don't know what's going on...all in my head? a bug? m/s? I guess I'll know in a couple of days. Jennbj hope you get a bfp if a few days here. Morrison1 and Sav, I sure hope that this will be your month. Morrison it's so good to hear that the doc. doesn't think you'll need any help getting preg. that's a definite plus. kristie hope your doing okay. When is your 2nd miscarriage due date? I haven't pa__sed any of my due dates yet (1st one would have been Aug 8th and second would have been Nov 17th), but I can imagine how difficult it will be with your sister having hers so close in age to the one you lost. Well HUGs to you all, and tons and tons of that sticky baby dust -hopefully it will be sticking to all of us soon :) .


Morrison1 - June 26

Hi Gals! This new job is just bleeding me dry and both my in-laws AND my parents are coming into town on Wednesday, so I am going to be MIA for a bit. AF isn't quite here, but the spotting has started, so I imagine tomorrow she'll arrive with her overnight bag. I am fine with it...but I will be ready to ttc again the weekend after this one ~ the cycle just continues. I feel a pretty good sense of renewed hope. I would imagine that I will be having my HSG somewhere next week, too, but I don't know when. So many things going on. Kristie - your second due date is 10/18?? I hope we are BOTH well into our third trimesters by then, eh? THAT would make things easier for sure. I got pregnant soooo easily the first two times so now I am a little bit worried the third won't come as easily, but I am trying not to get overly concerned about it. My second due date was actually Christmas Day - so that will be a little rough, but I'll make it. SAV - I am thinking of taking up yoga...kind of excited about it really...haven't ever done it, but think my body could use it for sure. SaraH - as I always say, "you have to wait until the fat lady sings", so I am sending you baby dust for sure. If you do happen to get af...then you and I will be on the exact same schedule. We'll hope you don't though. Jenn---4dpo! You should be having a busy weekend and week next week! OK...must get back to preparing the house for guests. Talk to you all later.


Jennbj - June 26

It's good to hear from your girls. Morrison1 sorry to hear about the spotting. I do that too right before I have af. my least favorite color is definitely the whole pink/red group. Well, I know it's oo early for signs so I am not looking for any. But I sure feel like a big lazy slob today. I haven't done anything productive except taking ds to get a shot. e was so brave. I think that pa__sing my first due date was harder because I had a nephew and neice born the same time I would have had one born. So I have the constant reminder of how old my baby would have been if only...well you know. Anyways, good luck to you all. Morrison1 sounds like you'll be very busy. SaraH I am keeping my fingers and toes and anything i can cross, crossed for you. Sav, also crossing that O will wait for your dh to get back. Kristie H, where are you in your cycle? are you pre or post O? I am so bad at keeping track. I wish I could lose track of my own.


kristie h - June 27

Hi all, Sav good to see found us! Hope tomorow goes good for you i have my fingers crossed. How you doing? Sarah, sorry about the BFN but hey there is still hope since sf hasnt showed keep your fingers crossed x! My 2nd miscarriage due date was 18 of october this year so its making its way very fast. I hope you sings and symptoms are not in your heard i hate it when that happens. Morrison sorry that af is c_ming its good that you have renewed hope though i am feeling the same way this month which i havent felt in a loong time. I am begining to think that with every af that goes by the closer i am getting to see that BFP. Sumthing i am woundering as i spot to b4 i get af, do you count the day you start to spot or the day of you actual flow as CD 1? JennB i am only on CD 9 and i have no idea when i ovulate as i try to let nature take its corse. Since my miscarriage my af have been coming ever 29-30 days but this month it came on the 36th day so i dont know whats up with that. I hope you have more motivation tomorrow but there somtimes there is nothing better the having one of those lazy days but i hope for you that its you body telling you sumthing fingers crossed xx!! Take care all Baby dust~*~*~*~


Morrison1 - June 27

Hi Kristie...usually, most people o around the same time each month. Stress and external factors can affect that and throw it off a few days. Medications can throw it off too. Doctor's will tell you the "norm" is CD14, but that is different for every woman. I used to o on CD14, but now that I have started acupuncture to strengthen my phases, I have been o'in on CD15. My luteal phase used to be a bit short at times but the acupuncture and progesterone I take has stretched that out to 16 days. Once you have established how long your luteal phase is (the phase after o), it should be the same every month. It is the time between CD1 and O that can change from month to month. Also, you do not count spotting...you count the first day you see red blood as your CD1. I was actually debating if that would be yesterday or today for me b/c I spotted yesterday afternoon, but then had red blood around midnight, just before I went to bed. If I had gone to bed at my regular time of 10:30, I wouldn't have seen it. Hmmm. And, 12:00 is actually today. Oh, the trials and tribulations of figuring all this out!!


Sav - June 27

Hi all I apologise in advance if this a long one. Went to see the RE today and wow was he gungho. Basically it was all really positive as i have been pregnant twice in a year so feels there is just a bit of finetuning needed. He believes that if you o anywhere after cd 18 that the egg will be aged and most likely miscarriage will occur. As I generally o after that, he wants to rectify that first. I still have b___st discharge most probably seeing I feel pregnant the month I weaned ds and my body hasn't had the chance to work it out. This is usually caused by high prolactin levels. High prolactin levels stop the lh surge thing doing it's job thus delaying ovulation. It also affects the lining somehow too. Anyway they did an ultrasound to check the follicles and I go back on Fri to check again and then get a shot to stimulate o. If my prolactin levels come back high i will be given something to lower that as well. Hopefully it is as simple as that! If not I guess they will do all the hormone testing at the start of next cycle. It was so nice to have positiveness and a sense that something was being done. Sarah how are you going I hope af didn't arrive today. Morrison hope af is treating you kind. At least having a house full of people will make the time fly by. Jennbj how are you trying to distract yourself from the counts and feeling every symptom possible? Kristie I agree with your logic, every af is another one closer to our goal. Hope everyone had good days and speak to you soon.


SaraH - June 27

Sav, it sounds like the RE knew what he was talking about and hopefully there will be no need for the hormone tests. The things you listed sounded like the relatively easy problems to fix which is always good (much better than finding out it's something they can't do much about). Best of luck as far as getting everything straitened out. Well, so far so good for me. Still no AF and it's 8 pm so... not that it couldn't decided to show up later tonight or tomorrow but normally it’s here earlier in the day and normally 13 days after I O –today- so…I'm still hoping. Hugs


Jennbj - June 27

SaraH, I am so glad that af still has not shown. I hope you don't see her for oh say 9 months!!! Sav, that is so encouraging to hear about your appt. I can imagine how good it feels to have some action taken. That sure gives me more encouragement abot going to my appt on Fri. Though I am still dreading the papsmear blah part of it. Plus this will be the first male doctor for me other than the one I had in the ER. Onlly 5 dpo so no sigs, but I have been soooo tired the past few days, but honestly I am reading into nothing because i seems the same old stuff ahppens every month. Sorry, Morrison that af came full force now. Stay positive. We're all still here for you. Kristie, after my 1st mc my afs were all over the place!! I still got pregnant 5 months later. TTYL!!!


kristie h - June 28

Hi gals, Good to see all positive things!! Morrison im sorry that af has came and having ti go through that b4 week wait all over again. Thanks for filling me in on the spotting,i have only stated to spot b4 af since my miscarriage so its all new to me. Well to let you know about my af problem maybe you girls can help. As you all know i had my miscarriage in feb and had a d and c on the 26th feb, well 30 days later i had af and it lasterd 9 days, april came i had af again 30 days apart but it lasterd 13 days with alot of spotting. I then went to the doc and she put me on primolut N which is a progesterone tablet, i was taking it 3 times aday for 10 days then 4 days after finishing it i got a brake through bleed which was ment to happen, that lasted 3 days spotting 3 days normal which was in may. Ok this is the confusing part this month they were 34 days apart, i know this is norml but do you gals think that the progestrone tablets lenghtend my LP? I dont know much about hormonal tablets so i have no idea. It was the 1st normal af since the loss so i am hoping that it has done me good what do you girls think? Sav thats great that you are getting answers it must feel like a tun of brikes just lifted off your shoulders. Good luck on moving forward but i know you wont need it!! Sarah so far so good just hope it stays that way for the next nine months, make sure you drop in tomorow and let us know. JennB i have a male doctor and it was so funny when he did my pap smear, he did what he had to do but he made me hold the thing that goes inside as he said to me when he does it it always falls out, i thought it was funny cause you could see he was nervouse and embarresed. I have a hospital appointment tomorow but its only a routine check from my 1st miscarriage grwwww!! Baby dust all!!


SaraH - June 29

kristie h, how'd the dr. apt go? Good I hope? Well I am seeing some bleeding so I guess I'll be trying again this month. I'm still feeling really sick though so...I guess I must have some sort of bug. I'm doing okay, suprisingly, with the fact that AF decided to be so late and than show up. I'm kind of relieved to finaly know what is going on now. Well...baby dust and love.


Sav - June 29

Hi -It has been really quiet so hopefully that means everyone is doing okay. Sorry to hear af is on it's way Sarah, but as you said at least you know now and get on with it. You sound so positive. Good luck at the doctors tomorrow Jennbj. I'm sure it will be really positive as well. Hopefully there will be nothing to do as it may be your lucky month! . Kristie not sure about the progestone, but think I read somewhere that it can prolong LP. M/c seems to do wierd things to your body also. Maybe it is still trying to sort itself out. Hope the full house is going well Morrison. I got a book called Yoga for Women by Shakta Kaur Khalsa from the library. It has poses that supposedly revitalise the ovaries. It does feel like it realeases alot of tension. I am still trying to find a good cla__s but with dh being away it has been a bit tricky. I also picked up a copy of alternative medicine magazine and that had yoga and a few other alternative practices for infertility. I go back for another ultrasound tomorrow and if all looks good they will induce ovulation. Dh gets back tomorrow as well so could be a busy weekend. Take care and will ttyl



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