4 Miscarriages And Pregnant Again

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Bobbi Jo - April 18

I had four miscarriages within 2 years but its been 2 years since my last miscarriage... I'm just found out i was pregnant last week and im not sure if i should tell my family and the father yet or if i should wait till im further along. Can anyone give me advice??? Also i've been having these pains in my abdomen but not crampin just like pains that come and go... is that normal or is that a sign of possible miscarriage? I'm really scared about miscarrring again.


cj - April 18

hi, its hard to tell they could be just normal pregnancy pains. best to go to your doctor and see what he says. its best to tell someone or just talk to your partner its not nice to worrie on your own. best of luck!


mlm - April 19

I share your concern. I've had six miscarriages, and it just doesn't seem to get easier! I found that it was easier when only my husband and a close friend knew. Hard to repeat the same sad news over and over! I just found out that I am pregnant again. I had decided not to tell my husband until I know for sure, but he guessed because I've been distant. I feel relieved that I can share this with him. We'll see what happens over the next few days or weeks. Goodluck!


MC - April 19

Hi, I gone thru 2 misabortions. Recent one 2 weeks ago. Can't say we cope better this time round. We tried for a year before we heard the delightful news again from gynae since the 1st misabortions. But yet it ended with disappointment when no heart beat is detected. We are not giving up. To those who are out there still trying, best of lucks!


TL - April 21

Bobbi Jo, All I can say is whatever you are feeling is what I am going through. And I can tell you, I was scared to death thinking it was another ectopic pregnancy, but signs were different this time and possible miscarriage, but I do believe that if the screening would have been on a daily basis, with hcg testing and testing proges. that we could possibly still be pregnant. So just be sure to have your doctor follow up closley, mine has been monitoring me, however it has only been 2 appts. and the hcg test don't look good. Good Luck, Be sure he monitors you closely, I know mine does and is a very concerned doctor.



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