4 Miscarriages Now Ttc With Hope

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anjali.pap - January 12

hi friends,this forum really helped me by giving lots of hope.After 4 miscarriages within 3 years last one in the month of oct 2006,now once again i am TTC with hope.Still now there is no specific reason for my miscarriages(all within 6to 8 weeks),though my progestrone level is low(last time i am on prometrium 200mg per dy) and positive for homocysteine.this is my story.i have finished doing all genetical and auto immune disorder tests,being normal.So i start thinking of ttc .This time i want to try baby asiprin and consulted with my Gyn.She said ok. anyone suggest me when should i start baby asiprin and prometrium,from my ovaluation time or after confirming my pregenency? Suggest me with some extra folic acid tablets,my dr adviced me to take it,but didn't give me a prescription informing me that is available without it.I need ur blessings and wishes


Alison - January 13

Hi, I had my first baby after suffering 3 miscarriages all between 7 and 8 weeks. The tests I had gave no reasons but on the advice of the specialist I tried baby aspirin in my 4th pregnancy as he said wouldn't hurt to try and might help incase I had blood clots (though the blood clotting tests were negative) I started taking it when I was TTC though from ovulation would be ok I think. I kept taking it until I was 34 weeks, I was told I could stop at 16 weeks but wanted to keep taking it just incase. I don't know if it helped or not I guess no one can know. I was blessed to have my healthy baby girl so either way I am glad I took it as who knows it might have helped. I took 75mg of aspirin each day by the way. I am so sorry for your losses, I wish you a healthy pregnancy soon and a baby in your arms, I know it is so hard when they can't give you an explanation we went through the same thing after my losses, but please know there is hope-God bless xxx


anjali.pap - January 13

thanks alison!



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