4 Weeks Pregnant And Brown Spotting

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Tara S - October 14

I havent been on this site in two years, but I used to come on here all the time. Ive had two losses one missed miscarriage at 13 weeks and then I lost a baby girl at 18 weeks 5 days. I am blessed with three healthy children one after my two losses. Hubby and I wanted to try for four and yesterday I got a very clear BFP. I tested again today and BFP and then light brown spotting. Its not a lot but I do have very mild cramps with it .Im hoping this is normal, but after already having two losses any blood scares me. Anyone else go through this or currently going through it.


buffy2297 - October 16

Hi, not sure if you'll remember me but I used to use the site two years ago as well. Like you I have had two miscarriages 1 at 13 wks and the 2nd at 5 wks. I then got pregnant a 3rd time with my daugther, and when I was 4 weeks pregnant with her I had brown spotting and mild cramps. So I wouldn't worry too much. Nothing as we both know is written in stone but I'm sure you will be fine. I am on my first month of trying for number 2 and am waiting to test tomorrow!! I'll only be 10 dpo but I've been having mild cramps, which i don't normally get this early on I normally only get them on the day that I come on. Anyway congratulations on your BFP!! Babydust to you lets hope it sticks. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Tara S - October 18

Thanks Buffy for responding. My bleeding subsided and no more cramps, but Im got my Hcg levels tested wed and today and Ill get results Monday.Ill let you know what happens as far as my levels go. Praying for a Bfp for you and healthy babies for us both we deserve it.


buffy2297 - October 19

Well I got my BFP very very faint on 10dpo got slightly darker on 11 dpo and then this morning 12 dpo it was adefinate line. I can't believe I'm pregnant!! I new I was before I tested but needed that line to confirm it. WOW I'm really pregnant!! I don't think it has sunk in yet. My Af is not due on til Wednesday so my first hurdle is to get past then. How are you feeling any symptoms yet?


Tara S - October 20

Congrats Buffy Im so happy for you!!! I just got my Hcg levels back and they are doubling 704 on Wednesday and 1439 on Friday so far my pregnancy is headed in a good direction. I only slightly spotted for two days around the time my period was due so im hoping it didn't mean anything, blood really scares me even though I bled with my last baby first trimester and she ended up healthy.Do you have any symptoms yet? Mine are really sore b___bs and ligament pains when I move too quickly or cough, No nausea but I don't feel great, I also find most foods I used to enjoy taste yucky. Im so tierd and struggling to keep up with my 1 and half year old..Lots of prayers for healthy babies for us. Keep in touch and let me know how your pregnancy is going.


buffy2297 - October 21

Morning, well I was having mild cramps but they've gone, feel exhausted and my little 20 month old keeps me on my toes, hoping that'll help keep the weight off!! Had headaches for last couple of days, no nausea yet but didn't really get it with last PG's only mildly. Breast's shooting pains have stopped but they do feel lumpy. Getting creamy discharge, got mild constipation, felt shakey when I woke up and think I would of felt nausea if I hadn't eaten felt fine once I'd had breakfast. We don't get HCG levels done here in England I won't get to see a midwife until I'm at least 8 weeks. Still can't believe it maybe when I miss my AF which is due tomorrow it will seem more real. As for the spotting don't worry about it I had it with my daughter and she arrived safe and well. Anyway take care. Keeps us upto date.


buffy2297 - October 25

Tara- How are you feeling? Any symptoms? Has the spotting gone? I feel crazy for saying this but I'm worried because I haven't had any spotting. With the first baby I miscarried I didn't have any spotting went for my scan to be told it had died at 7 to 8 weeks. But with my successful pregnancy I had spotting, which I took to be implantation bleeding. I know each pregnancy is different but can't help but feel this one is not to be. I really wish I could tell somebody but hubby is adament we keep it to ourselves. Hope you're okay.


orim88 - October 25

hi ladies i really need some answers i keep posting but no luck , heres whats going on with me i tested + on the 10th with 3 first responces then a clearblue dig, on the 17th i had pink athen brown spottin only wheni wiped, then on the 21st dark blood again spoty though, well cramped mildly then it was like a light period only filled one pad and not FILLED but took all night to morn then it tapered off (while all this bleeding has gone on no clots or tissue ,Im 6wks today) yesterday i didnt do a thing all day today nuthing then really dark red like looks black its so dark, i took a $tree brand test and i could barely see the line, i dont get it, i ve read it takes a bit for a neg test and whats even funnier is that my b___bs keep growing since the first spot and now i have increased nausea in the morning, i think im going to go to the ER i hate not knowing anything


buffy2297 - October 26

I'd have any bleeding checked out, just to be on the safe side. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


keshia - November 6

i just had that and i went to the doctor and it turns out that i had a blighted ovum so i would go to the dr to check it out!! just make sure


smmom2 - November 10

Tara, i am sorry for your losses. I had a missed m/c at 12 1/2 weeks and the baby died at 12 weeks. That would have been my 3rd child. I had absolutely NO bleeding or spotting or cramping. Then I got pg again...and had the bleeding...red blood everyday for 2 weeks. It was when I wiped and on the liner a bit...of course I freaked out. I had an u/s ( I think I was abou 10-12 weeks along.. Turned out it was my cervix....blood vessels breaking and causing the red blood. Dr said it was due to stress, over lifting ( heavy things) and that I needed to just take it easy. Drink lots of water. I think if you have a history of m/c and have blood that you need to call your dr and go get checked. ORIM.... you need to go see a dr to be sure of anything. But...it sounds liek you could be having what they call a chemical pregnancy. That is where you lose the baby early on, and the build up of hcg is not enough in your body to keep the tests positive. With a chemical pg, dr.s generally wont even tell you that you have to wait to ttc again, because it is kind of considered a very late very heavy period. Tha doesnt make the loss any less significant to us, but explains the difference in a chemical pg and a m/c. Basically the baby doesnt develope and your body just expels it. I think most women that have a chemical pg dont even know they have had one or that they were pg. Anyways...hope this helped you ladies.


orim88 - November 11

ya im sure somthing happened but i didnt even bleed heavely, i had a chem pg in feb and test pos at like 1 day b4 my af and then 3 days after af was to start had ma__sive cramps and heavy af, this time my af was due 10-11, and i didnt actually bleed till the 21 of oct to the 24 and it was not crampy and not heavy , but now im wondering when i can ttc again were trying now just whenever , but do you know when it should go back to normal,? all this is so darn confusing


smmom2 - November 11

Orim...with a chemical pg...dr.s usually tell you ( sory to say this ) that it doesnt really count and that you can ttc again the next month when you 'o' . I consider every pg a baby and that you have had a loss.....but because It doesnt create enough hcg in your body to mess it up( for lack of better words) then you can try again now. So go ahead...bd all you want..it will not harm you or the baby you are trying to make. Have you gone to the dr at all yet?? If not...maybe you should...just to make sure.


orim88 - November 11

nope i havent i still dont have insurance and i refuse to pay the money, but ya i know all about this its jsut weird i didnt have a heavy period, im just wondering when i should have a period , if it was a lite one or whatever the 21st then idunno like 27 days later??? a period? i use the your days dot com and its all weird now


smmom2 - November 11

most women will get af 28-30 days after their m/c. Sometimes it will be light and then the next cycle it will be heavy. I got my 1st af 1 week after my D&C..it was light. Then 28 days later I got a very heavy one. Next cycle I conceived my son. It truly is different for every woman...so give your bosy atleasy 28-30 days. Also, some women bleed during pg and dont m/c. That is why I suggested your dr. Try testing again and see what it says. if it is still negative, then wait for your next af.



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