5th Time Suggestions

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cr - October 1

1st was D&C @14wks 2nd natural 6wks 3rd blighted ovum 11wks assisted with Cytotec pills 4th not viable at 7.5 assisted with Cytotec 5th no symptoms and know what's coming. I lost the last one July 30th, so I've only had 1 normal period. Problem is I had a ton of tests run the 19th b/c they said I needed to have a normal period to make certain there was no pregnancy b/c it affects the tests. Well, if I'm pregnant now, I would've been the 19th. They found nothing of concern. I was supposed to wait 3 days after my next cycle to have a histogram and more test, but can't do that if I'm pregnant! We spent thousands with an RE and were about to use donor sperm when immaculate conception occurred! Now, they say that if I'm getting pregnant (no matter how long it takes) that it's not an infertiility issue it's a recurrent m/c issue, yet they can't tell me why it happens and how to keep it from happening. For those that have had multiple m/c and gone on to have a successful pregnancy PRAY TELL WHAT YOU'VE DONE!


=( - October 1

that be my lovely wife. im going to bump to the top and hopefully someone will be able to answer us.


TO CR - October 1

have you tested yet to see if your preg? I have had 3 back to back MC's myself and when i became preg with my 4th i like you thought the worst. But I am glad to say I am now 6 1/2 months and everything looks great so far. as far as an answer to your other questions. I myself cannot give you an answer. I suggest you find a diff doctor and get what ever test they can run. GOOD LUCK!


Alison - October 2

Cr I am so so sorry for your losses :( I have had 3 miscarriages (no children) at 9 wks-scan showed baby had died over a week earlier, 8 1/2 wks-scan showed blighted ovum, 10 wks-scan showed sac was correct size but baby had died 2 weeks earlier. Every time I had pregnancy symptoms and because my body was not starting to miscarry itself I also took pills like yourself to bring on contractions as they said each time it could take weeks. We were referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic at our local maternity hospital after our 3rd loss. We've had tests done but we have not found a cause/reason. The specialist has put me on baby aspirin daily but don't know if it will make any difference-he said it would help the blood and wouldn't hurt to try. We avoided pregnancy while the tests were being done and now are TTC again now that they are finished. Are you 100% sure you are pregnant again? Are they going to keep a close eye on you to try and rea__sure you? The miscarriage clinic we have been being seen at believes TLC in early weeks is vital after multiple losses and so when I do conceive again they will see me every 2 weeks until I reach 12 weeks-scanning me each time if I want. What are they saying about your new pregnancy? I sympathise with how awful it is when you want answers and can't seem to find any. The specialist we see says alot is still unkown about recurrent miscarriage and is still being researched. He also said although 3 or more in a row is quite rare it could still be we have been very unfortunate and he still has hope for us-we're praying he is right. I have read of women who have multiple losses then go on to have a healthy pregnancy the next time without ever knowing why. It must be so hard for you after 5 losses my heart goes out to you and your husband. It is disappointing for you that some of the tests cannot be done just now-I pray this pregnancy will be successful and you will not need the donor sperm. I wish I knew what to say to help I really do. All I can do is pray for you that this time you will have a healthy pregnancy-Take care xx "To CR" I want to thank you for your story of hope-I pray like you my 4th pregnancy will be successful your story gives me hope thank you and congratulations on your pregnancy! 6 1/2 months that is wonderful bless you!!! xxx


hi - October 2

CR, if you know for a fact you are pregnant again, i really do suggest you try bed rest for a while. get off your feet. stay in bed as much as possible and if you work, see if you can take a little time off and stay away from stress and ANY physical activity. do not even clean house if you can help it.


Christine - October 2

I have a friend who had 5 back to back miscariages and now is 7 months pregnant and everything is looking fine. She believes that the reason it worked out this time is that she started to see an acupuncturist as soon as she found out that she was pregnant again. She went there for weekly treatments. At one point she felt that her pregnancy symptoms were going away and the acupuncturist gave her a chinese herbal tea and the symptoms came back. My friend really believes that this saved her pregnancy. If you ever consider doing this just make sure that the acupuncturist is registered. Acupuncture also gets mentioned in a book called "Natural Solutions to Infertility" by Marilyn Glenville. And one more thing: I think Alison has a good point about the TLC. I just finished reading a book called "Coming to term" where the author talks about this. Apparently there has been some research done and the women who received TLC during their first trimester had a much higher percentage of carrying their pregnancies to term. All the best to you!


js - October 3

I am on pregnancy #6. 1 child. I am currently 14 weeks, and I agree with the one that said to stay off your feet and get rid of stress as much as possible. I know you are going to worry about the pregnancy as anyone would, but try not to. What happens, happens. I lost 4, it dosn't get easier, but sometimes there are no answers. Good luck to you!


Teri - October 4

A friend of mine from a clinic support group had 9 m/c in a row. The doctor suggested a full chromosomal testing be done on her. She had a deliniated chromosome which didn't allow her to carry a pregnancy past four months. I know this isn't uplifting or encouraging but she always said she wish she would have known about her condition earlier. It is extremely rare (1:1,000,000). I have had two myself and sometimes wonder what my future holds.


Cyndi - October 4

I had 2 m/c in a row (blighted ovums) but the good news is I have a 23 month old son so Iknow I can carry a baby. I just dont know when or if God is saying NO more. I had my second m/c a week ago and I am ttc already. Waiting for a few cycles DOESNT WORK I waited 5 months from my last m/c only to m/c again. Keep trying and see a doc that will test you for everything Baby Dust to you..


Alycia - October 14

Hi, you should have a maternal and paternal karotying done. This will look for chromosome translocations, deletions, etc. Good Luck!!



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