5th Time Pregnant Discharge

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mani - October 13

hi, i have been thru 4 early miscarriages ( bleeding starts just in the week i hear im pregnant) . and pregnant again...All the tests so far show there is no problem whatsoever with me and its just plain bad luck, in the last preg and this one the doc put me on progesterone suppository since ovulation time. this time on OCT 3 the doc ( I goto fertiility specialist clinic) confirmed pregnancy , oct 7 i had a bit of blood discharge and since then i have been having dark brown discharge with a trace of blood whenever i wipe and just on and off. today i even saw a small small clot,. the brown discharge is alot especially in the morning after i use progesterone gel. on wed my HCG level was 5000 , which was just perfect for the time i was in.. the doc has asked me to come back again on OCT 24 for an ultra sound and not before, ..i am so scared , especially since its the 5th time around, any suggestions??please help...


serena - October 14

Hi! I'm soo sorry for your losses.Ihad a stillbirth sept 2 this year.Honestly, i would call your dr. and demand an appointment right away.Better safe then sorry and they should understand considering what you have all ready been through!!!Good luck!!


MANI - October 17

though i didnot receive alot of help here, but i thought i should share the pain, i had lot of bleeding this friday and today the doc confirmed dropping HCG and hence 5th m/c


Erin - October 19

Mani - my story is similar to yours. I"ve been pregnant 5x, for mc's.. This last time I was on progesterone, but miscarried anyway at 10 weeks, even after seeing heartbeat. My HCG was 5000 at 5 weeks, I thought, wow, this is going well finally... I was sick as a dog and heard the heartbeat and everything... but still no luck. ALl the other times I miscarried before 6 weeks. I think the progesterone just prolonged it... I hope you have better luck than I did... I would insist on ultrasound at least every two weeks. I had no bleeding on the progesterone and still miscarried.


Erin/serena - October 20

Hi.. thanx both of u for ur replies. Erin, i too, really think that the Progesterone actually prolonged my agony, i am still having bleeding and cramping which is a constant reminder of the pain, there has never been a day since i dont cry @ bedtime,i am very unhappy with the doc as well. 5th m/c and the next appt i get is NOV 10. i see a specialist in Toronto downtown, anyone heard of that clinic Quest. i may request to be transfered to another doc there who treats recurrent m/c


Erin - October 20

Thanks for your kind words. I went to my Dr's today to find out the results of the chromosomal a___lysis on the fetus, and it was inconclusive... The tissue didn't culture. Apparantly this happens 50% of the time. I also gave literally 24 vials of blood for karyotyping and other testing, homonal, immunilogical, etc.... Doctor said he's been practicing for 15 years and only 3 times has he seen definite answers from these tests... He feels strongly that my 4 mc's have been some chromosomal translocation or trisomy or something... My little girl was a good hand in a deck that is chromosomally loaded against me... I can either have in vitro with embryo chromosomally a___lyses before implantation, or keep throwing the dice and maybe get lucky again. I get pregnant very easily, so could be pregnant (unsuccessfully) 5 or 6 times a year!


erin - October 21

hi Erin.. it definitely helps to talk. as for the tissue, i have never had it tested and the doc never mentioned it but we did have chromosomes test which came negative for any abnormality. i checked a website for a doc in toro specializing in repeated m/c , perhaps u can also visit the website. i 'll ask the doc for referral, normally they take ppl after 2 m/c , i have had 5.do u think IVF can help us .??every time i took fertility pill , i got preg right off each time. yesterday i said to myself no more grieving.. we deserve more and the best think to do is to make the most of what we have'-))


Alison - October 21

Mani I am so so sorry to read what you have gone through that is so awful my heart really does go out to you. I have had 3 miscarriages (still trying desperately for our first child) and have had all the tests at the recurrent miscarriage clinic but have found no explanation. So we are trying again and just praying next time will be different. You have been through so much I pray you will be blessed again. My dr said he feels it may be "bad luck" that we have had 3 in a row though my Dh thinks he only said that to make us feel better and that something is wrong they just can't diagnose what. I have to beleive it will happen for us though as I want it so much. All I want is to be a mother. Dh says he's willing to keep trying as long as I am able to, I don't think I could ever give up trying. I have heard doctors say they feel the progesterone just delays an inevitable miscarriage as often is is the symptom of a failing pregnancy not the cause of it. you hear so many things it ca be hard to know what to think sometimes can't it. My babies died at 7 1/2 weeks except the 2nd pregnancy which was a blighted ovum. I found out at 9wks the first time, 8 1/2 wks the second time and at 10 wks the third time. I think it was terrible they made you wait so long for your next ultrasound when things were concerning you-they shouldn't make people wait like that. When I conceive again I will be scanned every 2 weeks at the RM Clinic. I find that rea__suring and terrifying at the same time! Anyway I am blabbering on I'm sorry. I'm not sure if IVF would be a benefit or not? Might be worth asking about I suppose as things seem to go wrong at the beginning. I am just so sorry to hear you have been through so much-I really do pray you will be blessed with another child and that the doctors will be really helpful and do all they can to help you and support you. Bless you xxx


mani fro Erin /Allison - October 24

hey both of u thanx a million for ur posts. u dont know how much that talk has helped me. for me its really hard to talk about this to anyone , my sis is a doc herself and loves me dearly but i have told her not to talk to me about this one topic. despite the pain i believe God tries us to our limit and then when u c people suffering around u , you learn to be happy for what y have. i m thinking for adopting a child from one of those earthquake sites, but well still thinking.



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