6 Days Late Got A Positive Pt Yesterday Now I Am Spotting

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Bethany - April 27

I don't understand yesterday I got a positive pregnancy test and today I am spotting? (Brown) Normally when I start my cycle it is red, red. I have been posting lately and learning about others during my "waiting period". I was just waiting for more signs of a healthy pregnancy. Has anyone ever had this happen and then gone on full term?


kiya - June 23

Hi bethany i took a pregnancy test early before my period and it came out neg. im now 6 days late and i havent taken another yet but im also spotting .


n - June 23

my period is 3 weeks late. I haven't taken a pregnancy test. I spotted twice since my period was due (both momentary). I still feel really nauseated and etc. My mother spotted a lot during one pregnancy and was fine.


val - June 23

Usually they say unless the spotting is bright read and accompanied by cramps, you are fine....have you called your dr yet? If you do start spotting red or start af, it could have been a chemical pregnancy, where something goes wrong and the embryo dissolves(basically a really early miscarraige). Sometimes women still spot around the time of their period, even though they are pregnant... I know a lady who spotted red throughout her whole pregnancy, and had a healthy full term baby, who is now 10 years old and healthy as could be. Good luck


val - June 23

bright red, not bright read, sorry


kc - June 23

I have heard of people spotting up until their 6 month (my gram did) and delivered full term. If your spotting is brown to pink and does not last for more than 3 days do not worry. If it gets heavier and darker then contact a doctor asap. I would schedule an appointment with your doctor for an initial pg exam. Take your vitamines, don't smoke, drink and eat healthy. Chances are its just early spotting from the baby attaching to the uterus. I hope this helps. Good Luck to you.


To Bethany - June 24

Spotting happens to me for each of my 4 pregnancies. I'ts a signal to me to tke a pg test since my cycles can be irregular. My spotting is because I don't make enough progesterone to sustain a pregnancy. As soon as I start taking the progesterone suppliments, the spotting stops and have no further problems. I would ask your OB to check your progesterone level. I miscarried my first pregnancy because I was unaware about progesterone levels and was never started on the suppositores. Good Luck to you!!!!


Stephanie - June 28

It could be implantation bleeding. I had this during my early pregnancy and an ultrasound confirmed. Any bleeding should be reported to your DR, immediatly.


Eza - June 28

My sister in law had spotting with her baby at the beginning and everything ended up fine.


Carrie - June 29

Hi- I had a recent m/c. It started with spotting, 1st brown, light pink and then red. Your pregnancy is fine as long a you not bright red- this is new blood (and a bad sign). You should call your Dr. They can usually tell by checking you if it seems to be normal. It could be implantation bleeding. Your to add a little hope, I have a friend that routinely bleeds for the 1st 12-15 weeks. She said its brown or pink and very light and off and on, not constant. And, she had baby Audrey in June, happy & healthy. So, good luck-- call your Dr.



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