6 M C S 36 Old And Still Trying

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anns - January 17

Hi, I was wondering if there are women out there who had 6+m/c-s and over 36 years old and still trying. I am not sure what I have to do....should I keep trying or just give up. I also have MHTFR and I gave a birth to a boy when I was 32. Now I am 37. I did the same treatment with my last two pregnancies(2 years apart) but it did not work. My husband and my son wont a baby but my body feels so tired. I am trying since I was 25 years old. So far I had 7 m/c. My doctors are confused since we know what is the problem and doing the treatment but it is not working.....Any advice, any hope or any similar stories....


LindaF - January 17

Hi Anns - I feel for you. I have had 3 m/cs and one health boy after the first one. I have had 2 this past year and I am 39. My body is so tired of being pregnant and having m/cs. I suggest you rest for awhile. Your body has been though so much... maybe you need a break physically and mentally. Take 6 mos to a year to relax, enjoy time with your son and husband and leave all the worries of pregnancy for a while. Goodluck!


Can - January 17

Would you and your family consider adoption? I know that it is such a difficult road and some don't even want to consider it. Sometimes it might be a road the Lord is leading us towards because we have such a strong desire for a child and all other doors just keep closing. Just a thought.


Erin - January 18

Hi Anns - I am currently pregnant for the sixth time and I am 37 years old. I have had four miscarriages. I have one living child (8 years) and am currently about nine weeks pregnant. I have MTHFR as well (compound heterzygous), but my homocysteine levels are in the normal range, so my doctors don' t think that's the problem. In fact, they don't think there is a problem - just bad luck. I am taking FOLTX and baby aspirin this time. I have an appointment with the specialist this Friday.


anna - January 18

Linda, thanks for the advice. I am going to rest that is for sure. But I did rest a while (2 years) after I had an m/c after my son was born. Where your m/c early? Looks like you need rest too, but I think we are getting old. Older you get harder it will be I think. Thanks a lot again. Good luck to you too.


anna - January 18

Can, Thanks for responding. You know maybe I should consider adopting. You know why? When I had 4 m/c-s and doctors at that point found that noting is wrong with me I just gave up hope and start thinking about adapting. Guess what , I got pregnant 5th time and had a healthy boy. Maybe if I give up hope again and think about adapting it will happen again :-)


anna - January 18

Erin, I think I did read you emails in MHTFR site. Actually I have learned about Foltx from those emails. None of my doctors have mentioned that to me. They said I have to be on heparin-blood thinner (I was on that with last pregnancy), baby aspirin, progesterone and just regular multivitamins. Heparin shots were very painful I am glad you are not doing it. I will cross my fingers for you. Did you start foltx before getting pregnant? I am thinking because I did not start before, that may have been the problem. I started as soon as I found I am pregnant (2 days after my period was supposed to start). I started Heparin shots and vitamin, progesterone and aspirin right away...... Good luck to you. Keep updating me....


Erin - January 19

I've been taking FOLTX and baby aspirin since two weeks before conception. My homocystine levels are normal, so they said I didn't need heperin. I am going to the high risk doctor for the first time tomorrow. I am terrified because I am 9 weeks and that's about when I learned that I lost my last pregnancy (via ultraound, no other symptoms). I am on progesterone too, although my levels were very good without it. Before I was given FOLTX, I self medicated with double folic acid, b6 and b12. My progesterone levels rose dramatically while doing that.


ANNA - January 19

Erin, have you been seeing an infertility specialist? Good luck tomorrow. Keep me posted. I am seeing high risk specialist now but he seems does not know much about my problems. I need to start somevere else before going to High risk specialist.


anna - January 23

Erin. I was wondering.....Let me know. I hope it is good news.


Mm - March 3

Is anyone still around? I have some questions and would like to talk to someone in a similar situation (repeat m/c's). Thanks



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