6 Miscarriages Including 2 Ectopics

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andrea - July 24

im at my wits ends on wednesday i was told my six week old foetus was ok, i seen its heartbeat etc.. though i was spotting before the scan.. after the scan it got worse and fri i lost what i think was my baby again! Why am i so unlucky when it comes to carrying? I havent been back the hospital so it isnt confirmed as lost though im sure it is! I feel so sunken!


mandy - July 24

hi andrea.. so sorry for what you have been through ive lost one baby and had one eptopic. can i ask you did you have two eptopics down the same tube?? you must go to the doctors and have a scan. its not you carrying just somtimes thease things happen ive spoke to a lady who have had 15 misscarriages! and then had two babys. so its just life.. dont give up!! all the best to you...


Alison - July 25

Andrea I am so sorry-I have been through 3 miscarriages and I thought that was horrrfic enough. I can't tell you how much my heart goes out to you going through 8 losses including 2 ectopics. Have they done any tests to look for a cause for the miscarriages? Here in the UK after a third loss in a row they refer you to a recurrent miscarriage clinic so my dh and I are now being seen there and are waiting for test results (although apparently most women they see they don't find the cause which is discouraging) I am so sorry to hear what you are going through-are you not able to face going back to the hospital? I would think it would be a strain to have to go back there to have things confirmed but it would probably be a good idea so they can check you over and see how you are physically. I wish I knew what to say. I did see a woman on TV who had had 11 miscarriages before having her baby. It turned out she had a blood clotting disorder (one of the things we are being tested for) and needed aspirin and heparin during pregnancy to thin her blood. My thoughts and prayers are with you Andrea xxx


kea - July 28

alison, its kea here in edinburgh. my doc wont refer me because i am not "in a stable relationship and been trying for months". i have had one D&C, 3 confirmed m/c and a couple of suspected. i'm 35, if i meet a man who wants to have kids, i have to get into a long situation with him only to find out maybe that i cant carry, its not fair on him or me. i'm disgusted with our system right now!


To kea - July 28

that doesn't seem fair, Ithink any woman who has an issue concieving and m/cing should be able to be senn no matter what her relationship status is. Good luck to you!!


Heather - July 29

Andrea, had your doctor mentioned you taking progestorone? I had 2 miscarriages, both early on so my doctor thought I maybe wasn't producing progestorone. If you body doesn't produce enough of it, you will miscarry. I am pregnant again, 10 weeks with no bleeding. I take the medicine 3 times a day. Just a thought. I am sorry for your losses.


Jennifer - July 31

Same thing with me. 2 miscarriages and a freind told me about "Progesterone" it help for when women don't produce enough placenta to carry the baby past the 1st Trimester. No harm to baby, no side effects, and some say no proff that_t works. Well I wanted to take it anyway and I had a beautiful baby boy Oct. 2003. Now, we're trying again and I will ask for Progesterone prescription again! It's not cheap ($90 per 30-day supply) and insurance does NOT cover it either.


Heather - July 31

Jennifer, I have to disagree with a few things you said. First off, there can be some side effects from Progestorone. Male babies can be born with a condition with their p___s' that cause the pee hole to be a slit instead of a normal hole. Easily fixed but a side effect all the same. Also, I am on Progestorone, take it 3 X daily and my insuarance covers it completely. I just pay a 10 dollar co pay.


Jennifer - July 31

Heather, Apparently I was not informed about that side effect. I was told that there is no "real proof" that Progesterone works or not but could hurt to use it, according to the medical articles. Anybody else hear anything differnt out there? Also, I was on PacifiCare HMO plan and they would not cover it for me according to Walgreen Pharmacy.



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