7 To 8 Weeks And Blood

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Chris - December 11

My wife is 7 to 8 weeks and yesterday started bleeding, she had bad stomach cramps and now is resigned to the fact she is having a miscarriage. i advised her to go to the hospital and get herself checked, but she says "what is the point" !! IF she is miscarrying, what is your advise ??? Please help because i feel useless and want to DO at least something !!


Kristen - December 12

She should go to the Hospital to get her self checked out so that she can check and see if she is really miscarring or not. if she is they may have to do a d & c if everything don't come out clean on its own so she wont get any infections. i just went through this just before thinks giving. please make her go to the hospital


r - December 13

Yes, you need to get her to a doctor or a hospital. If she is having a miscarriage she needs to be looked after to make sure everything is coming out to minimize the risk of an infection. You should also know that this happens more often than peopel think and it is nothing that she did worng. In most cases there is something wrong with the pregnancy and the body knows so that is why it's expelling it. Do not worry, as this has nothing to do whith what you guys did at all! If this is a miscarriage she will be fine with in a week or 2 and you guys should be able to try again after her first period. But go to the hospital to figure out what's going on first - good luck.


ko - December 15

chris, it's best for you to take your wife to the hospital and have it checked by a doctor at least you both know what is happening and if it's series or not. hope both your wife and the baby is ok


Karen - January 2

Yes, take her to the hospital and get a v____al ultrasound done. But if the baby is still alive, do NOT let the hospital staff coerce you into having an abortion - even if they call it a D&C, or dilation and suction etc. Your wife will never forgive herself if that happens, and she won't forgive you for encouraging it. If it is a miscarriage it should be over after 2 weeks, and if the bleeding continues after that, or if the discharge starts to smell foul, it is time for medical intervention. But for now, just use the hospital trip as a way of preparing yourselves. And remember, not every 'threatened miscarriage' becomes an 'inevitable miscarriage'! (And it's surprising how much discomfort constipation can cause!) Good luck.


CATHY - January 3

At 7-8 weeks, if she is indeed having a miscarriage, do not let her go through that without a doctor. I just went through it 4 days ago at 8 weeks, I thought I could just let is pa__s on it's own. The pain was unbearable, and I ended up in the emergancy room and had to have a d & c. I had lost a tremendous amount of blood, and was in actual labor, dialated and all. Please, take her to the hospital at the very least call her doctor. I pray that it is not a miscarriage, I wouldn't want anyone to suffer the pain physical and emotional that I have been through. Good luck and God bless.



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