7 Weeks And All Is Fine After 5 Mc

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redhead125 - July 13

Went to the dr yesterday expecting the worst after 5 mc's. Symptoms have been dropping and the only thing I have left is fatigue. Wouldn't you know it, the little guy is still in there, heart pumping away! What a gift from God! We've had 2 Trisomy 16 (fatal at 6.5 weeks). I asked my dr 1,000 times, "You're sure we're past 6.5 weeks!?" I have another appointment scheduled in 4 weeks but have a standing invitation to go in and see the baby anytime I need reassurance. I love my dr! Keep the prayers and postive thoughts coming!


Kristine - July 14

Hi redhead125, I myself have had 3 m/c's to date. We are ttc again and your story gives me hope for te future. I wish you all the best!


ashanti - August 9

that is wonderful news. i am 6w3d after 4 m/c's i have no idea what's going on with my baby my symptoms are pretty much faded away i have no bleedin no spotting no cramping no nothing basically just diminished symptoms. my last u/s was @5w5d the heart rate was 116 then is that normal? anyway my dr. is not as inviting so i have to wait for another three weeks. i hope i am a succsess story too. good luck to you and your little one.


SaraH - August 9

redhead125, I have had 2 m/c and am 6 weeks tomorrow. It so good to hear that all seems okay for you, it really gives me hope to hear things like this. ---------------ashanti, I'm sorry you feel like your symptoms are fading. As far as heart rates go, I think they say normally between 120 and 160. Did your doc. say anything about the fact that it was 116? I hope all is well with you. I'll be praying that all goes okay. Hugs and PRAYERS.


SaraH - August 9

ashanti, your question got me curious about fetal hear rates so I did a bit of looking on the web and I found a site that is actually really interesting. You might want to take a look at it as it gives approximate rates for each weeks 5-8. According to it your babies heart rate is good and dandy. Anyways if you want to look, the sight is http://www.fetalsure.com/fetal-heart.html.


ashanti - August 10

thanks for the prayers the only person that said anything to me about the u/s was the tech that took the photos...she said that at that stage they expect up to 120 so i'm 4 beats behind. she didn't explain what that means for the future of my pregnancy though. i don't get to see my dr. until the 31st of aug. that's so far away considering the circ_mstances. i will definitely check out that web site thanks for the info and the rea__surance redhead i'll keep you ladies posted.


mani30 - August 10

vow..thats a good news redahead. This is encouraging for me too, since I have had 5 m/c myself and due to start ttc mid aug with FSH SHots.lets c what happens..good luck


SaraH - August 10

ashanti, I just had an u/s today. At 6w exact (baby measured 5w 6d) and the rate was 116. The doc. said it was all good and the tech said it was all good too so...try not to worry to much.


ashanti - August 10

wow the same heart rate well thank you for keeping me informed i'll try to just not worry so much it's hard when you've suffered like we have. i just want my baby to be here already. prayers to all, i'll keep yall posted.


SaraH - August 10

Hey, I'm not sure if you tried to look up the site I mentioned or not. But I realized that the address I have listed doesn't work (although it is what the address is when you get to it :) ). So if you go to www.fetalsure.com on the right hand side of the page is a link that says Facts on Fetal Heartbeat. If you click on that it will get you to all the info. Good luck.


ashanti - August 11

I checked out the site yesterday and was very comforted by what i read. according to the site my baby's heart rate is fine, better than fine. i posted that same information on another page of this forum. there are alot of ladies that can benefit from reading that chart. we wory so much about the little things early in pregnancy and i think most of the times it's the stuff we read or see on t.v that has us scared. i'm gonna do me and my baby a favor and stop stressing. i thought if i go out and buy my baby's first rattle and buy my first maternity outfit that would give me some much needed positive energy. Do you think i will jinx myself? i know people say thats bad karma.


katycali - August 14

redhead, that's great news! i wish you the best. your post gives me encouragement. i am currently 5 weeks and have had 4 m/c. i am spotting and it doesn't look positive. but like i said, you're post gives me hope and i truely wish you the best.



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