7 Weeks Low Hcg And Empty Sac

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beth - October 25

i am supposed to be 7 weeks but i went to the dr last week and had an ultrasound and there was nothing. i got my hcg levels and they were 2000. then two days later they were at 3500. now a week later i got anouther ultrasound and now there is just an empty sac. this is my second pregnancy, but i lost my first at 5 months and had to have a d&e. any advice? please


Julie - October 25

Hi Beth, Are you sure your dates are right. The fact your hcg count is rising and you went from nothing to a sac, may still be a viable pregnancy, just to early to tell.


liz - October 25

they should keep testing your hcg levels but it seems there should be something more if your dates are right. i am sure my embryo stopped developing around 5-6 weeks when i had intuition/lost my symptoms, and a scan at 7 weeks basically confirmed an embryo of that size with no heartbeat. my hcg levels were still rising the day i started miscarrying at 8 weeks, and just down a nudge after most of the bleeding. other people have happier stories though, good luck.


Julie - October 27

If your dates are correct, then it's possible you have a blighted ovum. You hcg levels also seem a little low, so it could be a miscalculation of dates.


beth - October 27

well, heres the end of the story. my hcg levels are still low and still nothing. so next week i have to go for a d&c. im very bummed since this is the second pregnancy in a row and i really want to have a baby. thanks for all the advice.


Jenn - November 5

I recently miscarried. The dr. told me my hcg level was 6550 at 11 weeks and 5 days, but told me this was a bit low.Does anyone know what the normal level is at this many weeks? He did a v____al u.s and said he could see the yolk sac. I had another u.s. the next day but another dr. told me that there was just an empty sac with fluid. I had a D &C that evening but now I am second guessing the results and am feeling as though I should have had another dr. look at the u.s. for a diagnosis. Has anyone been in the same situation? Anyone info would be so great right now. I am feeling so lost and confused.


Cabbie - November 5

Well, this is what I found for you, Jenn. I estimate 11 weeks at being 77 days pregnant (give or take). 57-78 days pregnant: 25,700 to 288,000 99 - 100 days pregnant: 13,300 to 253,000 I had a blighted ovum in June. My sac was growing also but was empty. At the points that we were at, we should have seen a baby, not just an embryo and would have been hard not to spot. I was about 10 weeks. It was still putting off hcg as well. I had a d&c. Please let me know how you do. It sounds to me like you made the correct choice.


Jenn - November 5

HI Cabbie,thanks for your info. I see my ob/gyn on Tuesday and I am hoping he can fill in some blanks. Have you tried again. I want to as soon as possible but in the same I am scared about not giving my body enough time and having another mc. I think we will wait at least 1-2 periods. I will go by the dr. advice. I just wish I could have some concrete answers, but I know that that is probably not going to happen. It is such a mystery and they just say bad luck or chance.At the level I was at 6550, would that have meant i lost the baby around 5 or 6 weeks? I had all my blood work done at 6 weeks at the dr's office so I want to see what that reading was.


Cabbie - November 5

Jenn, if you had a blighted ovum, those usually occur soon after conception and at least by the 5-6 week mark. The embryo may develop for a short time and then reabsorb into the sac or it may just never form leaving only the sac. The sac may continue to grow but if it does it is usually at a slower pace than a normal pregnancy. Since the sac is still growing, you can still have all the pregnancy signs: sore b___sts, nausea, fatigue, heartburn....I had the full list. At my 9 1/2 wk scan, it was found. I am about 8 weeks pregnant right now, but this is my fourth pregnancy since Aug 04 (obviously three miscarriages). We have seen a heartbeat, but I am still not to the point where I have let go and felt the joy. I am too scared. I wish you the best. Keep me informed. I'll check back on you.



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