7 Weeks No Heartbeat Enlarged Sac

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sfemme24 - July 1

I am 7 weeks pregnant had appt for my first ultrasound next week but today started slightly bleeding a tiny bit and slight cramps so they had me come in today, he did a va___al ultrasound said my sac is enlarged usually a sign of miscarry and the baby looks to be 6 weeks and i know the exact date of mylast period was may 9 so i shoudl be 7 weeks. he then said he couldnt hear a heartbeat and had me go do bloodtests and have to go in 2 days to do more blood tests to see if pregnancy is progressing. I am so scared. he talked about having a d&c and i go back not for another WEEK for another ultrasound.i am so sick and scared, i still feel pregnant my b((bs still are sore so if it was dead or dying wouldnt i not have any symptoms? i am also starving all the time and tired all the time..please reply if anyone else has been through this and tell me what the outcome was PLEASE!


Andrewjames - July 21

Hi sfemme24, my girlfriend just had an ultrasound today and has been told the very same thing, we now have to wait another week for a scan to confirm a heartbeat, we were told not to get our hopes up but I am trying to find some hope for my girlfriend who is devastated, the scan is next wednesday, it is going to be an agonising wait for us both. How has your pregnancy developed?


sfemme24 - July 21

Hi, unfortunately 3 days after my ultrasound the bleeding got worse and the 3rd and 4th day i miscarried. It was so gross and i was completely alone through it all. My ex even told me to F off when i was begging him to give me some kind of comfort as he abandon me weeks before this happened. i went for the 2nd ultrasound to find it was all GONE i was freaking out and beenon xanax since then, i cant watch tv or movies anymore..i hope your situation turns out better than mine did.


sfemme24 - July 21

i was reading online about all of these success stories and trying to be hopeful but i knew once the cramps started getting worse it was overwith. This was probably my last chance at having a 2nd child too..good luck to you.


Andrewjames - July 22

Hi,thank you for the well wishes, im so sorry to hear of your bad news and hope you are doing ok.My girlfriend hasnt had any cramps or spotting today but had a bit of nautia, hopefully this is a good sign. Wednesday cant come soon enough.



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