7 Wks After D Amp C 12 Wks Still No Period Normal

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mustangcassie - July 28

Has anyone else gone this long without having a period? I was 12 wks. I have a dr app in 3 days to check. My hcg was low enough to get a neg on preg test 2 wks after D&C. It's now been 7 wks. I normally have a 35 day cycle but this is getting ridiculous....


Tory1980 - August 2

Hello mustangca__sie. I am sorry to ehar about your loss. After my m/c's I was told that if AF hadn't shown after 6 weeks to go and see the doctor and discuss options on trying to start them again or to see if ovulation was occuring. Have you been to the Doctor yet? If so was he/she any help?


mustangca__sie - August 2

I went to the dr and she said there was really nothing you can do. She sent me for bloods to check hormone levels to see if it was going to be another week or 3 months. After having bloods I went home and did my ovulation urine test, which I have been doing twice daily since week one, and i WAS OVULATING!! So we did the deed and hopefully withing 10 - 14 days I won't have my period! How many M/C have you had and how far along were you? Do you have any babies yet? Thanks for repsonding.


Tory1980 - August 3

Wow that was good luck! LOL! Congrats on the BD'ing too! I have four children, three boys aged 5(6 in 3 weeks),3 and 2 and one girl aged 8months. i have had two m/c's. One at 6weeks in June 2005 between my 2nd and 3rd baby and one at 14w4d in January 2007 between my 3rd and 4th baby. Here they can give you trigger shots to start AF if she doesn't show but you obviously won't need it! Fingers crossed you get your BFP again soon and it is a nice sticky one!


mustangca__sie - August 4

Tory, You have heaps of kids!!! Busy girl. We are trying for our first. Are you trying for more? Or do you like just using your knowledge to support others like myself? It's helpful to know that you have suffered M/c but also have sucessfully had a herd of kids. It's great!


CaliTrish - August 5

Hi Mustangca__sie - Hope you caught that O on time. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that it took exactly 9 weeks for AF to come visit me. She was particularly ornery - heavy flow for the first day and strong cramps (which I don't usually get), but her visit only lasted 3 days. Good luck. Lots of sticky baby dust to you.


mustangca__sie - August 12

Well we missed the O. I got AF about 8.5 weeks after DC. Am feeling goood cos it means we are not in limbo anymore and can start trying again. This AF is different. Is it because of the DC. It's really thin and light and started showing before cramps which never happens to me. My hubby said that it might be because everything is so clean now and easier. True or silly?


HeavenisMine - August 12

Hey, my first period post d&c was virtually painless! It can happen. If only they were all that lovely.


CaliTrish - August 19

Mustangca__sie - Well, my second cycle just started 3 days later than my usual 28-days, so we're getting back on track. Just wanted to comment that these two AFs are completely different than they have been in the past, even after my first MC and D&C. I'm getting strong cramps (which I never did before) and heavy flow right from the get-go. AF only lasted 3 days last time. We're on cd2 this time, so we'll see if that's a pattern, too. After my first D&C in January, AF showed up right on time, light, painless, and lasted 5 days. So, I dunno what's up now. I just hope the cramps go away. I feel for all the women who have had to deal with them from the start. Anyway, hope all is well with you.


mustangca__sie - August 30

Cali trish. Af came to town 9 weeks after DC. Am ovulating in about 4 days so are starting to get in the swing of things. I just want to be pregnant again. EVERYONE I KNOW IS NOW PREGNANT! Man! Hopefully it will happen this time. Are you tring yet or are you wiating for 3 cycles? What method do you use to check your ovulation, if you don't mind me asking...(although, we have shared more info than that! hehehe. Hope all is well with you. Ca__s.


CaliTrish - August 31

Hi Ca__s- Our cycles aren't too far off, I should be ovulating any day now. I've never officially "checked" when I ovulate. Except for post D&C and this latest cycle, I've had regular 28-day cycles for eons. Pretty much a__sumed I ovulate mid-cycle. We've more-or-less followed my OB's low tech method of bd'ing every other day starting with cd10 for a week. It took 3 months, but it seemed to work with my ds. And since we've been TTC #2, it's worked the first month out twice. We haven't had trouble *getting* pregnant, we've just recently had trouble *staying* pregnant. Hoping the third time is the charm. We did decide to go ahead and give this month a low-stress try. So far, we've bd'd cd10 & cd12. Happy bd'ing to you and good luck. Lots of baby dust your way.


mustangca__sie - September 1

Hello Trish. I've been trying to bd(? meaning please???) every 2nd day. I normally Ov day 24 and this time we have done more planning than ever and we've gotten into theswing of things earlier than usual on days 17, 19 and yesterday being day 20. So we'll do tomorrow, 22 and maybe the day or two after. Is it feeling like a chore? My husband says he's getting a little tired of the whole trying thing and that he's not enjoying it as much as he thought. WELL ME NEITHER BUDDY! Is this normal? We've been trying since july 2007 and only fell once, this year in march and lost it in June. It is stressful isn't it? My dr says it's very hard on a relationship. Have you experienced this? maybe we will bith get a BFP in about 2 weeks. How lovely!!!


CaliTrish - September 4

Hi Ca__sie - Well, I'm not too optimistic about this month. We only baby danced on cd10 & cd12. Weekend plans with family kind of put a damper on our every other day routine. So, looks like I'll be waiting those 3 cycles my OB recommended after all. TTC to conceive can be very stressful - the doubts, the frustrations, the expectations, the disappointment. All those highs and lows can really wear a person down. Add a miscarriage or two to mix and it only makes it worse. The key is to stay positive, don't blame yourself or dh. It will happen when it happens. In the meantime, enjoy all the practice. I will warn you that as wonderful and rewarding being a parent is, it's hard work, especially those first few months. It was very difficult on our relationship. Hopefully, your dh will get so bored of bd'ing, he won't mind the lack of it once the baby is born. Lots of baby dust to you!!!


mustangca__sie - September 6

Hey Trish. i've been using ovulation pred kits and I haven't had a surge yet. We've bd every 2nd day etc but i've been doing the tests in the morning which they recommend NOT to do, (derr!) can it take more than one cycle for ovulation to fall in place, because calender wise i should have OV 4 days ago and it hasn't happened yet, or it did and we missed it for testing. After your 1st cycle after m/c did you go back to normal or as good as, straight away? You always have such good info. and you explain it well... i appreciate your advice and experience.



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