7wks But No Baby

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vaneesa - September 29

hi I am pretty much depressed and sad I hope u will help me my periods were irregular so I went to doctor she said If I want to get pregannat I would ned totake clomid I took it for two cycles but nothing happened then i decided to try aftr a while my last period was in january which I had after taing provera clomid infact messed up with my cycles when I didnt get any period till july I went to dr she did pregnancy test which was ngative and give me progesterone I finished taking progesterone on 12th of sepember after that I just did pregancy test withou t any reason and it was positive we were hapy I went to my first prenatal visit she confirmed pregany did all test like blood and pap then schedule an ultrasound as we were ot sure of dates when I had u/s sh esaid it is 7wk sac size but it is blighted ovum and asked me to schedule dnc I told her I want to repeat an ultrasound so she schedule one for next friday now I am really scared and terrified do u know if something happened like that to some one who have found baby lateron? I am thinking may be it is my dates which are mistaken I am not 7wks pregannat may be is 5 or 6 wks so they cant see anything other than sac?? plz help me


vaneesa - October 2

any one???


sa__sychick - October 3

I'm sorry you are going through this Vaneesa. I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 8 weeks. My situation was a little different as I went to the ER when I was approx. 6.5 weeks because of heavy bleeding, cramping and bad pain. At that point they could detect a slight heartbeat so I was diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage and sent home to follow-up with my OB. I had hope when I went to see my doc but that was soon diminished when they did the ultrasound and found that my sac was empty. My doctor was really good at showing me what everything looked like for me and what it should have looked like at 8 weeks with a viable pregnancy. I could clearly see that my sac was empty. I had to have a D&C because I did not pa__s the products of conception naturally. It was a tough thing to go through so I know how you must be feeling right now. Have the second ultrasound to ease your mind and have them clearly explain to you what is happening. Also, have they taken your HGC levels? They usually start dropping gradually if the baby has pa__sed. Again I’m very sorry that this is happening to you and I wish you the best of luck!


vaneesa - October 3

thanks alot sa__sychick for ur help and support what Iam praying is may be my dates are wrong may be Iam only 4 or5 wks pregnant but she said my sac size was good Iam very sad,confused but sometimes hopeful when I see that sometimes baby showed up on 8th or 9th wk I dontknow what to do rite now It is very bad feeling u have all sign and symptoms of prenancy but u r having no baby


vaneesa - October 6

I had a repeat ultrasound yesterday which confirm bighted ovum so just waiting to pa__s it naturally



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